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Blinkist VS Headway - Compare The Two Book Summary Apps

Check out our in-depth comparison of Blinkist vs Headway. Find out which one is the best book summary app. Discover key differences and pricing.

Blinkist VS Headway

Blinkist and Headway are top book summary apps for quick learning. They specialize in non-fiction, giving brief insights on many subjects.

If you have little time or want to learn more, these apps quickly give you the main points from well-known books.

Let’s look into the unique aspects of Blinkist and Headway, setting the stage for a detailed comparison.

Blinkist vs Headway - Which App Is The Best?

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When comparing Blinkist and Headway, several key differences become apparent, each catering to different user preferences.

Blinkist and Headway are two of the most popular book summary apps. They help you learn more in less time. Both are available on mobile and easy to use.

Blinkist's strength lies in its vast library and straightforward approach. It's ideal for those who want quick, direct access to a large number of book summaries across various genres.




Library Size

Over 4,500 books

Over 1,200 books

Content Type

Non-fiction book summaries

Non-fiction book summaries with personal growth focus


Text and Audio

Text and Interactive Learning Tools

Learning Techniques

Standard Summaries

Spaced Repetition, Quizzes

User Interface

Simple, Professional

Engaging, Gamified

Key Strength

Vast Selection, Versatility

Interactive Learning, Personal Development

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The availability of both text and audio formats adds to its versatility.

On the other hand, Headway focuses more on the learning process, integrating techniques like spaced repetition and interactive quizzes.

This makes it more suited for users who are not just looking for summaries but also ways to better retain and apply the information.

Headway's library, while smaller, is carefully curated to align with personal and professional development themes.

I think that the choice between Blinkist and Headway depends on what the user values more:

  • volume and variety of content (Blinkist)
  • or an interactive, learning-focused experience (Headway).

Both apps excel in their respective areas, making them valuable tools for different types of readers and learners.

Overview of Blinkist

This feature helps those who want to quickly understand major ideas from many books.

Overview of Blinkist

Blinkist stands out with over 4,500 books in business, psychology, history, and more.

This variety means most readers find something interesting.

Blinkist offers not just text summaries but also audio versions. This is great for listening on the go.

The Blinkist app is simple and easy to use. Users can choose a summary to read or listen to easily.

The app is clean and user-friendly, for a smooth reading or listening experience.

Blinkist also regularly adds new titles. This keeps the content fresh and relevant.

Their updates mean users get the latest popular non-fiction books.

Overview of Headway

Headway, a newer book summary app, is gaining popularity for its unique learning style.

Overview of Headway

Like Blinkist, it summarizes non-fiction books. But, it focuses on personal growth and learning efficiently.

The app doesn't just offer summaries. It helps users remember and use what they learn.


A key feature of Headway is spaced repetition. This helps memorize and understand key concepts from books.

This method reviews summaries at set times. This helps them remember the information better.

Headway also has quizzes and challenges. These make learning more fun and effective.

Headway's library is smaller than Blinkist's but still has many titles. It focuses on self-improvement and professional growth.

This is good for people wanting to improve skills or for personal growth.

Headway's user interface is attractive and fun. It makes learning more interactive compared to other reading apps.

This approach, plus spaced repetition and interactive learning, makes Headway a strong choice in the market. It's especially good for those who want a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

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Library Size: How Do They Stack Up?

  • Blinkist's Library: Over 4,500 book summaries spanning a wide array of genres. Its extensive range caters to a diverse audience, offering everything from contemporary bestsellers to classic non-fiction works.
  • Headway's Library: Features over 1,200 titles, with a sharp focus on personal development and professional growth. While smaller in volume, Headway's collection is highly curated, targeting those seeking knowledge in these specific areas.

User Experience: Navigating Both Platforms

  • Blinkist's Interface: Known for its simplicity and professionalism. The app's layout is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to quickly find and engage with the content. Ideal for users who prefer a straightforward, efficient reading experience.
  • Headway's Interface: Offers a more interactive and visually engaging experience. With its gamified approach, including learning cards and challenges, Headway's design not only entertains but also aids in better information retention. It's suited for those who enjoy a playful and dynamic learning environment.

Content Quality (Depth of Summaries)

Blinkist's summaries are concise and clear.

They effectively cover key concepts and ideas. They balance brevity with depth, giving a good understanding in a short time.

Headway's summaries are also concise.

They focus on actionable insights and practical uses, especially for personal and professional growth.

They include interactive parts for better understanding and memory.

Features and Functionality

Blinkist and Headway serve different needs in the book summary market. Blinkist offers a wide range of content and easy access.

Headway has deeper and more interactive learning.

Users can choose which suits them by trying both.

Both offer free and premium options. They provide key points from books, saving a lot of reading time.

Blinkist's Features: Blinkist has audio summaries, personalized lists, and the option to save key points. It offers daily new content for fresh perspectives.

Headway's Features: Headway has quizzes and challenges, making learning fun. It also uses spaced repetition for better memory and understanding. This is great for long-term learning. Choose Blinkist for quick summary access or Headway for detailed, interactive learning.


Blinkist and Headway follow a subscription-based model, but their pricing structures have some notable differences.

Blinkist offers a monthly plan at $14.99 and an annual plan at $99.99, providing unlimited access to its entire library of book summaries.

They also offer a free trial, allowing new users to experience the service before committing financially.

This pricing model is straightforward and appeals to those who desire consistent access to a wide range of content.


Headway, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach to pricing.

Its monthly subscription is priced at $14.99, similar to Blinkist, but the annual subscription is offered at $89.99, slightly lower than Blinkist's yearly plan.

Additionally, Headway presents a unique lifetime deal for $59, a one-time payment for permanent access to their content.

This option can be particularly attractive for long-term users who prefer a one-and-done payment method.

The choice between the two pricing models depends on the user’s reading habits and how often they plan to use the app.

Who Should Choose Blinkist?

Blinkist is an excellent choice for a specific type of user. If you are someone who values having a wide range of topics and titles at your fingertips, Blinkist is the app for you.


Its vast library covering over 4,500 books ensures that you will rarely run out of content to explore.

I think this makes it particularly appealing for voracious readers, lifelong learners, and professionals who need to stay abreast of various subjects quickly.

Moreover, Blinkist is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. The app’s ability to condense the key points of a book into concise, 15-minute summaries fits perfectly into a hectic schedule.

Whether you’re commuting, taking a short break, or just have a few spare minutes, Blinkist allows you to absorb new knowledge efficiently.

Additionally, for users who prefer a mix of reading and listening, Blinkist’s audio summaries offer flexibility, making it easy to learn on the go.


How Blinkist Summarizes Books

  • Key Ideas Focus: Blinkist aims to pull out the most important ideas and insights from a book. It gives a clear, brief overview. This is great for those who want to quickly understand the main points of a book.
  • Consistent Quality: Summaries on Blinkist are always high-quality. They make even complex ideas easy to understand. This high standard is why many people like the app.
  • Various Formats: Blinkist provides summaries in both text and audio. This suits different tastes, whether you like to read or listen.

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Who Should Use Headway?

Headway is for those with different priorities.


If you want personal growth and like engaging learning, Headway is a good choice.

It focuses on practical insights and tools like quizzes and spaced repetition. This helps in learning and applying knowledge.

The app is great for people wanting to better skills like leadership or wellness.

Headway's fun and easy learning is less scary for those new to reading.

It offers lifetime access for ongoing learning, important for serious learners.

Headway is also fun, attracting younger people or those who find regular reading boring.

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How Headway Works with Summaries

Interactive Learning: Headway makes summaries interactive with quizzes. This makes learning more fun and helps remember information.

Spaced Repetition: Headway uses this technique to help remember book key points. It's good for keeping knowledge over time.

Focus on Growth: Its summaries are for personal and professional growth. They're perfect for improving skills or getting useful tips.


Which One Should I Pick?

Blinkist stands out in this comparison. It launched in 2013 and boasts a vast selection of titles. With a Blinkist subscription, you get access to summaries of nonfiction titles.

For $15.99 a month, Blinkist Premium gives you full access. You can read or listen to key takeaways from each book. This is great if you have less time to read an entire book.

Headway, launched in 2019, is also popular. Although smaller than Blinkist, Headway has its strengths. The Headway app focuses on personal growth.

Headway's pricing is $99.99 a year. This Headway subscription offers interactive features. You can browse a good selection of titles. It's perfect if you're looking to read an entire book's key points without extra cost.

Both apps offer a free account with limited access. This lets you try them before buying. Blinkist is the clear winner for those who want a wide range of non-fiction titles. Headway may appeal more if you prefer interactive learning.

In the end, whether you choose Blinkist or Headway depends on what you're looking for.

Do you want quick access to book summaries with Blinkist?

Or an interactive experience with Headway?

Both apps provide crucial details and key takeaways from each book. Download the app that provides what you need.

Blinkist vs Headway: Final Verdict

Choosing between Blinkist and Headway depends on your needs and preferences.

Blinkist is popular for its large collection of nonfiction book summaries. It offers many summaries with its premium subscription, ideal for those who want to learn quickly.

Blinkist is great for its extensive library and simple learning approach. It's a top choice for unlimited access to nonfiction titles.

Headway, started in 2019, is perfect for those who like interactive learning and personal growth. It has unique features like quizzes and spaced repetition.

Headway's premium membership provides lifetime access for a limited time. This is different from Blinkist, which has more choices but requires a monthly or yearly fee.

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