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Best VPNs For PUBG Mobile In 2023 (Play Anywhere Safely)

Play PUBG Mobile using a VPN in Korea, India, and elsewhere. Discover the leading PUBG VPNs and what to do if a VPN service fails.

VPNs for PUBG Mobile

In a hurry? The best VPN to play for all types of pubg mobile today, as found in our extensive independent testing is ExtremeVPN !

In the world of gaming, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has established itself as a dominant force captivating players with its thrilling battle royale experience. When it comes to chasing victory, having a stable and secure connection can greatly impact your gameplay.

That's where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in – they are tools that can take your PUBG Mobile experience to heights. This article explores the realm of VPNs specifically designed for PUBG Mobile delving into how they enhance gaming performance, reduce lag and even provide access to geo-blocked content.

Also, we'll uncover factors to consider when selecting a VPN for PUBG Mobile, such as server locations, speed optimization, security protocols, and compatibility with devices.

What is PUBG

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for you formal folk, has become an absolute phenomenon in gaming. This multiplayer battle royale shooter is pretty simple on paper, but crazy intense and unpredictable in action. Let me break it down.

The basics: You load into a map with 99 other players. Everyone jumps from the plane and parachutes down to scavenge for weapons, armor, and gear.

A deadly play zone forces players closer together as the match progresses. You gotta keep moving towards safety or you'll take damage.

The goal? Be the last player (or team) alive! Whether you go solo, duo, or squad up in teams of 4, it's 100 players entering and only 1 coming out on top.

There are currently 3 massive maps to battle across:

  1. Erangel: The classic map with forests, cities, and beaches. Where it all started.
  2. Sanhok: A smaller, denser jungle island for faster matches.
  3. Miramar: A scorching hot desert landscape. Bet you'll find some sick dune buggies here.

With so many players across sprawling maps, no two PUBG matches feel the same. You never know what wild stuff will take place down. Do you think you'll go stealth ninja or go with guns blazing? Grab a vehicle for a roadkill rampage or camp in a tower? Every match is different, presenting a strategic challenge.

That sweet tension of survival PUBG nails so well is why it's skyrocketing to fame. Now let's get to work and earn that chicken dinner.

The quick list of top-notch PUBG VPNs

When it comes to rocking PUBG Mobile with a VPN, these 5 services stand out from the pack:

1. ExtremeVPN: Our best choice for PUBG and gaming . These guys crush speed and security. Makes sense considering that's their whole focus!

2. ExpressVPN: A reliable VPN that's quick. ExpressVPN gets kudos for rock-solid privacy too . You really can't go wrong with this one.

3. NordVPN: An uber-popular VPN service slays geo-restrictions and makes PUBG scream. Nord has been killing it for years .

4. PIA: PIA keeps it simple and affordable, even for newbies. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but gets all the core stuff right.

5. ProtonVPN: Like a few others, proton geeks out on privacy, and split tunneling is excellent for gaming. If security is king, look no further.


The Best VPNs for PUBG Analyzed

There’s no denying that there are several VPNs in the market, but not all of them are the best option that you can use for PUBG. Therefore, to ensure that you’re on top of your game, here are the top options to go for:

1. ExtremeVPN

When it comes to online gaming, especially PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG), having a secure connection can make all the difference between winning and losing. The good news is that ExtremeVPN has got you back!

ExtremeVPN is a gamer's dream VPN. This contender has caught attention for its ability to enhance PUBG gameplay. We've thoroughly evaluated how ExtremeVPN caters to PUBG enthusiasts and the results are impressive . With ping rates below 20ms, ExtremeVPN ensures a smooth gaming experience even in regions where access to PUBG might be restricted.

Additionally, ExtremeVPN goes beyond that by bypassing geo-blocks allowing players to access the game's servers no matter where they are located. This combination of optimized speed, security, and accessibility makes ExtremeVPN a potential game changer, for PUBG players who are looking for that edge.

It’s easy to say that it’s a no-brainer for gamers to go for ExtremeVPN - after all, it’s the best VPN in the market currently.

2. ExpressVPN

In the changing world of PUBG gaming having a secure and fast connection can truly transform your gameplay. ExpressVPN stands out as a choice, known for its ability to enhance the PUBG experience.

With an average ping of 109 ms, ExpressVPN is undoubtedly top drawer, especially over a distance of more than 3000 km. ExpressVPN ensures smooth and uninterrupted gaming, the fact that it helps to encrypt your data, you’ll even access the games from regions that are restricted; that way, you can access game servers from around the globe.


This combination of optimized speed, robust security features as well as unrestricted accessibility makes ExpressVPN a potential game changer for PUBG enthusiasts looking to dominate the battlegrounds with skills.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is an impressive VPN for PUBG Mobile, especially on iPhones. In fact, NordVPN's iOS app integrates easily into the Apple ecosystem and hence offers immense fast speeds as well as robust security features.

The VPN has several physical servers across the world. It integrates Apple automation, such as Shortcuts for an easier, simpler-to-navigate user interface.

Moreover, it’s one of the fastest VPNs that you can use for PUBG – it averages a 2% loss in download speed whenever you connect to a local server. Interestingly, it records an average ping of about 112ms – an excellent result that you would be smiling about.


When talking about immersive PUBG gaming, having a stable and secure connection is all you need to make a difference. That's where Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN comes into play.

Private internet Access has gained attention thanks to its ability to enhance the PUBG gaming experience. So, how does PIA VPN cater to passionate PUBG players?

First, this features an advanced Android app that has been optimized for online gaming. In fact, it has the best Android app for PUBG Mobile. The good factor that most folks like about it is the fact that it’s cheaper on the long-term plan – at only about $2.1 per month for over two years.

5. ProtonVPN


ProtonVPN is arguably the best VPN when it comes to secure matchmaking. It offers an advanced suite of security features to ensure that your connection is safe in all your online matches.

It features secure core servers for enhanced security as well as serviceable ping times on all the servers.

How We Selected and Tested VPNs for PUBG

We considered these key factors when selecting and testing the top options:

Servers in Asia and the Middle East: Since PUBG is blocked in some Asian and Middle Eastern countries, you need a VPN with nearby servers where the game is accessible. Connecting to distant servers in the US or Europe would cause some lag.

Split tunneling: This allows you to route PUBG traffic through the VPN while other apps use your regular connection. So general browsing won't slow down.

Easy DNS Configuration: DNS settings can reduce latency issues. While not absolutely necessary, it's a useful bonus feature.

Speed: A faster VPN connection means a smoother gaming experience. We look for services that add minimal slowdowns.

Why Use a VPN for PUBG?

Not sure if you need a VPN for PUBG? Here are some of the top reasons to use one:

  • Unblock PUBG in restricted countries like China, India, and Nepal.
  • Get free skins, weapons, and other goodies restricted to specific servers.
  • Protect against DDoS attacks and doxxing by hiding your IP address.
  • Reduce ping times and lag by connecting to nearby fast servers.
  • ExtremeVPN can take your PUBG gameplay to the next level!

PUBG Mobile VPN Not Working? Troubleshooting Tips


Even the most reliable VPNs can occasionally malfunction and stop connecting properly. But there are some easy fixes to try when your PUBG Mobile VPN craps out:

  • Check your internet connection and restart your router if needed. An unstable connection can prevent VPN tunnel establishment.
  • Connect to another server location. Specific servers may be down, so switching to another IP address often helps.
  • Check for IP leaks revealing your real IP address instead of VPN's.
  • Temporarily disable firewalls/antiviruses that block the VPN.
  • Reinstall the VPN app to ensure you have the latest optimized version.
  • Contact customer support and provide details about the issue. They can troubleshoot further.
  • Try another VPN provider like ExpressVPN if problems persist. Different services may work better.

With some trial and error, you should be able to get your VPN back up and running for unblocking PUBG.

Does PUBG Lite Still Work in 2023?

No, unfortunately, PUBG Lite no longer works as of April 2021 when the game was officially discontinued.

PUBG Lite is a lightweight version of PUBG Mobile designed for less-powerful mobile devices. It has smaller maps and fewer maximum players per match.

The game downloads were temporarily suspended, but those who already had the game could play until April 29th, 2021. After that date, PUBG Lite became defunct. The game is no longer playable and customer support ended in May 2021.

What Devices Can I Use a VPN With for PUBG?

The good news is you can use a VPN to play PUBG on pretty much any device that supports the game and VPN apps. This includes:

  • Mobile devices like Android phones and iPhones
  • Computers running Windows, Mac iOS, or Linux
  • Gaming consoles like the PS4

For consoles, you'll need to set up VPN on your router since there are no direct VPN apps. Top providers like NordVPN have guides to help you configure your router model.

Does a VPN Increase Ping in PUBG?

Using a VPN can increase ping time since encryption adds overhead to your connection. However, with a fast VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark, slowdown should be minimal.

In some cases, a VPN can lower your ping if your ISP throttles your bandwidth. VPN encryption prevents throttle.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Unblock PUBG?

  • Technically yes, but free VPNs come with some big downsides for gaming:
  • Very limited servers, especially in Asia where PUBG is blocked.
  • Weak security and privacy protections. They log/sell data.
  • Slow speeds - expect up to 90% slower connections.

For these reasons, we don't recommend free VPNs for unblocking PUBG. Instead, try a free trial of a top-paid service like ExtremeVPN or Surfshark to get a better experience and performance.

How to Play PUBG Mobile with a VPN

Using a VPN with PUBG Mobile is easy just follow these steps:

  • Install a VPN App First, head to your device's app store and download a top VPN like ExtremeVPN. Create an account and log in.
  • Connect to a ExtremeVPN server location where PUBG Mobile isn't banned, like Singapore if you're in Asia.
  • Launch PUBG as normal once connected to the VPN, simply open PUBG Mobile and start matchmaking like normal. The VPN will encrypt your traffic in the background.

Fixing lag issues If you experience lag due to distance from the VPN server, you can tweak your PUBG region for better performance:

  • In the PUBG lobby go to Settings > Select Server
  • Choose a region matching your VPN server locatio.
  • This optimizes the network route and reduces latency.

Expert Tips:

  • You can only change PUBG Mobile region once every 60 days, so choose wisely!
  • Try connecting to VPN servers closer to your location to minimize lag.

With just a few quick steps, you'll be playing PUBG Mobile smoothly and safely via VPN. Just be mindful of latency issues, and have fun on the Battlegrounds!

Bypassing PUBG Mobile Bans with a VPN

If PUBG Mobile is banned in your country, you can't:

  1. Access the PUBG website and connect to ExtremeVPN
  2. Download the PUBG Mobile app
  3. Login and play the game

Using a VPN on Android

Fortunately, Android users can bypass all these restrictions using a VPN.

Simply connect to a VPN server in an unbanned region, and you can visit the PUBG website, download the .apk file, and play the game.

Bypassing PUBG Mobile Bans with a VPN

Using a VPN on an iPhone/iPad

IOS users can't download the app with a VPN. You'll need to switch your Apple Store region instead:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Your Name > Media & Purchases
  2. Tap View Account and sign in if needed
  3. Change your Country/Region to an unbanned area like the US
  4. Enter valid payment details and confirm the change
  5. Once the app is installed, an ExtremeVPN account is needed to login and play on both iOS and Android.

How to Bypass Bans and Play

  1. Connect to an ExtremeVPN server in an allowed region
  2. Open the PUBG Mobile app
  3. You can now play without restrictions!

Using the right VPN is the key to accessing PUBG Mobile in banned countries on any device. Just select an area where the game is available. Happy gaming!

Preventing Doxxing While Gaming

When you join a PUBG Mobile match, your real IP address is visible to all players. This opens up the risk of doxxing.

Doxxing is when someone uses your IP to dig up and publicly expose your personal information like your home address, etc. Very uncool.

A VPN prevents this by hiding your true IP address and assigning you an anonymous IP address from their server instead.

With a VPN, only your in-game username is visible, not anything tied to your real identity. Much safer!

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

PUBG Mobile's competitive scene also makes players vulnerable to DDoS attacks. These flood your IP address with traffic to slow you down or disconnect you.

Again, a VPN conceals your actual IP address, making DDoS attacks impossible. The attackers have nothing to target!

Xbox Live recommends using a VPN to guard against attacks when gaming online. Don't leave your connection exposed.

A quality VPN protects against doxxing and DDoS attacks in PUBG Mobile. Don't take unnecessary risks - stay safe on the battlefield!

DDoS Attacks

Stopping Internet Throttling

When you're crushing matches in a bandwidth-hungry game like PUBG Mobile, there's always a chance your internet service provider (ISP) will slow down your connection.

These companies intentionally throttle your speed to regulate how much data you're chomping through. Super lame for gamers!

This throttling causes lag, high ping, and crappy performance in multiplayer games. But there's a hack to stop it!

A VPN encrypts all your online activity, hiding what you're up to from your ISP's prying eyes. Since they can't see you're gaming, they have no reason to throttle your bandwidth. Genius!

With your ISP in the dark, that means:

  1. Lightning fast, lag-free connections for rookies.
  2. No more BS throttle when going ham
  3. Way better ping for silky smooth gaming
Laptop With Netflix + VPN

A high-quality VPN is like having a turbocharged internet connection for gaming. You've already paid for top tier internet - now take back control and max it out by blocking nasty throttling. Your K/D ratio and squadmates will thank you!

Will a VPN Get You Banned in PUBG Mobile?

After combing through PUBG Mobile's user agreement, we found some concerning clauses about third-party software.

PUBG's Stance on VPNs

Specifically, the player conduct section says you must agree not to:

"Use IP proxying or other methods to disguise your residence, whether to circumvent geographical restrictions on the Services or for another purpose."

They encourage reporting any violations of this rule. Clearly PUBG Mobile frowns on VPN use.

No Known Bans

However, despite their strict policy, there have been no known cases of players being banned for using a VPN.

We extensively tested various VPNs on both iOS and Android PUBG Mobile apps without warnings or suspensions.

While PUBG Mobile officially discourages VPN use, the actual risk of ban seems very low. Millions of players use VPNs regularly without issue. But proceed with caution and use reputable VPN providers to be safe.


There's no denying that in the current changing world of PUBG Mobile, having a smooth and secure connection can undoubtedly transform your gaming experience. ExtremeVPN is a top-notch VPN option that can take your gameplay to levels thanks to its capabilities in improving PUBG Mobile adventures.

Moreover, ExtremeVPN guarantees stability, maintaining low ping rates even in regions with limited access. This VPN stands out for providing an uninterrupted gaming session.

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