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Best Research Paper Writing Services: The Most Reliable Companies in the USA

To provide you with a quick answer to your search query, PaperHelp is considered the best research paper writing service due to the quality of their research papers, the complete absence of plagiarism in their writing, and quick turnaround times.

Best Research Paper Writing Services

It is no surprise that most students feel overwhelmed, as academic stress is a normal part of college life. However, research paper writing services can help alleviate some of this stress for students and save them time when writing their papers. 

To provide you with a quick answer to your search query, PaperHelp is considered the best research paper writing service due to the quality of their research papers, the complete absence of plagiarism in their writing, and quick turnaround times. 

This article will also uncover other popular websites on the market that are worthy of your attention. Read on to find out more! 

Best Research Paper Writing Service Options: 

  • PaperHelp: Best Overall Research Paper Service 

  • BBQPapers: The Most Professional, Best for Term Papers 

  • GradeMiners: The Fastest Service Available 

  • 99Papers: The Most Affordable and Feature-Packed Service 

  • EssayPro: Best for Communicating With Your Writer Directly 

  • EssayBox: The Most Efficient Customer Service 

For many students, academic life frequently revolves around writing research papers. The writing process can broaden your knowledge across various subjects and topics. However, this process can be pretty demanding, requiring you to demonstrate expertise while writing clearly and concisely. 

  • PaperHelp: The Best Research Paper Writing Service Overall 

PaperHelp has an extensive hiring process for its writers, including difficult writing and grammar tests. This helps ensure that the company only hires the best writers for students' assignments. 

PaperHelp offers three categories of professional research paper writers for hire, each with its price. Basic writers provide basic services without any additional fees. Advanced research paper writers are the highest-rated professionals on the platform, and top writers are native English speakers who are the top performers in their fields of study. These writers have received the highest ratings from previous customers. 

PaperHelp offers completely original, Turnitin-proof, and written-to-order papers. For an additional fee, customers can get a plagiarism report to confirm the authenticity of their paper. 

PaperHelp can deliver your paper quickly if you are willing to pay extra for rush delivery. Your paper will be prioritized if you sign up for VIP Customer Support. This means you will get frequent order updates and immediate responses from the customer support team. 

Overall, PaperHelp is an affordable research paper service that provides high-quality output. Some additional services may increase the price, but if you continue using the service after your first order, you will receive regular discounts and bonuses to reduce the cost of future orders. 


  • Extremely affordable 

  • All papers come with a 100% originality guarantee 

  • PaperHelp uses professional paper writers experienced with complicated research papers & term papers 


  • PaperHelp requires you to purchase additional services if you want to get a paper of genuinely exceptional quality. 

Who Shouldn’t Pick PaperHelp?  

Unlike other research and term paper writing services, PaperHelp does not offer free bonus features. For example, BBQPapers provides a free editorial check and a complimentary plagiarism report with every order, while PaperHelp charges about $20 extra for these services. 

Quality - 5/5  

PaperHelp produces top-quality custom research papers written by professional writers who hold advanced degrees and use their hard-earned knowledge to create plagiarism-free papers. 

Turnaround Time - 4.9/5  

PaperHelp offers quick delivery with turnaround times of 3, 6, and 24 hours. You can save money by choosing a more extended deadline of 20+ days. As with other companies, the price depends on how quickly you need your paper written. 


Customer Reviews - 4.7/5  

Based on 2,318 reviews on SiteJabber, customers have rated PaperHelp services at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many customers are impressed with the high quality of PaperHelp's writing services, the smooth and efficient order process, and the user-friendly approach. 

Cost - 4.9/5  

The cost of PaperHelp's writing services can range from $10 to $21 per page for the standard 20-day return period. Papers written in 3 hours can cost anywhere from $40 to $57 per page, depending on your required academic level. 


PaperHelp is the best paper writing service because of its affordability, the high quality of writing, and experienced academic writers knowledgeable in many subjects. 

  • BBQPapers: The Most Professional, Best for Term Papers 

BBQPapers is a writing service that claims to deliver 97% of assignments on time. In addition, the company offers authentic research papers tailored to the customer's specific requirements and includes a free plagiarism report with every order. 

The company writes papers across more than 50 subjects and disciplines, which means it has enough professional writers in each discipline. Customer support is always quick to respond and is available 24/7 through live chat, email, or the toll-free hotline. 


  • BBQPapers’ academic writing services are time-efficient and consistent.  

  • Plagiarism reports are available for free and come in great detail.  

  • Numerous topics can be covered. 

  • Good customer service.  

  • Completely anonymous service.  


  • The price is above average. 

  • There’s no way to get a quick price quote, you have to sign up to access the order form. 

Who Shouldn’t Pick BBQPapers? 

If you're on a budget, this site may not be the right choice. Other sites, such as PaperHelp or 99Papers, offer similar services at a lower price. However, if you want premium quality and the best writers to work on your paper, BBQPapers is the best option. 


Quality - 4.5/5 

By default, every order at BBQPapers is written by a native English speaker. However, if you are an ESL student in need of an ESL writer, BBQPapers can also accommodate your request. 

Turnaround Time - 4.5/5  

The turnaround time at BBQPapers is relatively quick, with 3, 6, and 24-hour delivery options available. 

Customer Reviews - 4.5/5  

Based on 234 reviews on TrustPilot and SiteJabber, BBQPapers has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, with clients praising the company's on-time delivery and good customer service. 

Cost - 4.5/5  

Regarding cost, BBQPapers charges between $16.06 and $26.42 for standard orders with a 20-day turnaround. However, for faster results, you can opt for delivery within one hour at between $43.60 and $54.25. 

New clients can also take advantage of a welcome discount of 10% by using the code HELLOBBQ. If you are unsatisfied with your paper, you can request a full refund. 


BBQPapers' dependability and professionalism set it above the companies mentioned above. This website provides premium research paper assistance. While others may offer more affordable papers, this company can guarantee timely delivery and a professional approach. 

GradeMiners can be used if you have a deadline due soon and need a paper written quickly. Basic orders usually take a few days to complete, but with a higher fee, papers can be delivered even in one hour. 

GradeMiners is a good fit if you need extra help improving your paper's research or general quality. Professionals can help you to enhance a badly-written paper in a short time. 


  • Quick service, 1-hour turnaround available for small orders. 

  • Regular discounts and bonuses for regular customers. 

  • Worry-free satisfaction guarantee. 



  • Customers cannot select specific writers.  

  • Customer reviews are somewhat mixed.  

Who Shouldn’t Pick GradeMiners?  

GradeMiners isn't the most affordable choice, so sites like PaperHelp or 99Papers may be better if you're on a budget. These also have better customer ratings, so you know you're using a safe and effective site. 

Quality - 4.4/5  

GradeMiners can produce good-quality, customized papers using professional and skilled writers. While no details of their English language skills are listed, the company claims to use writers who are versatile in most academic subjects and are capable of writing complicated papers. 

Turnaround Time - 4.9/5  

GradeMiners is the company with the quickest return time of all companies in this list. If you have a last-minute order, GradeMiners can write your paper in one hour. However, this turnaround time is not available for orders more than three pages long. 

Customer Reviews - 4/5  

Although the company is nearly ten years old, they have received minimal customer ratings. However, the available reviews illustrate that customers are happy with the quality of the papers written and the research paper help provided. 

Cost - 4.4/5 

GradeMiners is an expensive service in comparison to others listed. Prices start at approximately $15.24 per page for standard orders. However, the company also offers a money-back guarantee if clients aren't satisfied with the quality. 


GradeMiners is a great choice if you need a fast turnaround and looking for quality papers written by professionals. 

  • 99Papers: Affordable Research Paper Website  

99Papers is a good choice for affordable research paper writing services if you are on a tight budget. They offer a range of additional extras for free with all basic orders, including title pages, bibliographies, unlimited edits, outlines, and formatting. 


The ordering process at 99Papers is also user-friendly. Simply provide all the necessary information for the task, including the type of content needed, the academic level, the deadline, the word count or a number of required pages. The site will then calculate the cost of the order, which can be completed with a few simple clicks. 

Additionally, all orders at 99Papers are written and edited by fluent English speakers with ENL or ESL language qualifications. The team also uses licensed software to ensure the paper is free from plagiarism. 


  • Inexpensive research paper writing help, free bonus features. 

  • 99Papers offer unlimited modifications with no additional charge.  

  • User-friendly and smooth order process. 

  • 99Papers offers a range of writers, including both native English speakers and those who use English as a second language. 


  • You cannot choose what level of English your research paper helper uses. 

Who Shouldn’t Pick 99Papers?  

If you are particular about the level of English used in your paper, it may be beneficial to consider using other companies, such as PaperHelp. These companies offer options to select the writer's standard for completing your work, allowing you to choose between basic, advanced, and top-level writers. 

In contrast, 99Papers does not disclose the qualifications of the professional research paper writer assigned to your paper, so you may end up with a writer who only has ESL language skills. 

Therefore, if you want to be sure that a professional writer with specific language qualifications writes your paper, it may be worth considering other companies. 

Quality - 4.8/5  

99Papers produces academic papers of great quality at an affordable price. However, most writers on this platform are ESL, so this website might not be suitable for those who are looking to purchase papers written by American writers. 

Turnaround Time - 4.9/5  

The shortest turnaround time offered by 99Papers is 3 hours, so the website is suitable for those in a crunch. 

Customer Reviews - 4.6/5  

SiteJabber reveals that 99Papers has received an impressive 4.6/5 rating with 129 reviews. These reviews illustrate that customers are generally satisfied with the quality of writing produced by 99Papers and rate their customer service highly. 

Cost - 4.8/5  

Standard research paper services cost between $9.95 and $27.20 for the basic 15-day turnaround, while quicker services can cost anything between $30.32 and $55.50, depending on your requests. In addition, 99Papers offers free inquiries and a money-back guarantee in case anything goes wrong. 


99Papers is the company that offers the most affordable extras, as all orders are guaranteed add-ons at no charge. The company also produces high-quality research papers with the help of experienced writers and editors.  

  • EssayPro: Best for Direct Communication With a Research Paper Writer 

EssayPro is a good option for affordable research paper and essay services. The work provided includes proof of authenticity and a free plagiarism report to certify that the paper is completely original. 

In addition to the written paper, EssayPro offers a range of free additional extras, such as title pages, formatting, reference pages, and outlines. You can also request unlimited revisions for improved quality if desired. 

EssayPro is suitable for various papers, including admission essays, reflective essays, topical essays, research papers, creative writing, reports, case studies, theses, and book reviews. If you need assistance with any of these types of papers, EssayPro can provide the necessary support. 


  • Accurate plagiarism report included for free.  

  • Cheap essay writing service. 

  • Free editing services with no limit. 

  • Anonymous orders. 


  • Information about writers’ language skills is hidden.  

  • Standard orders take a while to complete.  

Who Shouldn’t Pick EssayPro?  

For papers written in perfect English, BBQPapers is a good choice. However, if you are looking for high-quality custom research paper writing services at an affordable price by a non-native English speaker, EssayPro may be a good option. 

Quality - 4.7/5  

EssayPro tests each writer's writing and language skills, so you can expect good-quality papers. However, the quality of your paper may vary depending on the chosen writer. 

Turnaround Time - 4.7/5  

If you need to speed up the turnaround time, you can pay extra and receive your paper in a shorter time, anywhere between six hours and one day.  

Customer Reviews - 4.7/5  

EssayPro received 4.75 stars out of 5, according to the 14,787 reviews on SiteJabber. Customers appeared satisfied with the research paper writing service and mentioned the available helpful support and easy ordering process. 

Cost - 4.7/5  

This company is much cheaper than other research paper writing services, but you must allow more time for results to come back. 

Standard orders with a 20-day waiting time range between $10.80 and $14.40, and those needing quick turnaround times can pay between $16.20 and $21.60, which is still great if you're on a budget. 


EssayPro provides high-quality, plagiarism-free papers and offers a variety of free extras. However, you must be willing to wait if you want to pay minimal fees.  

  • EssayBox: Research Paper Writing Company With Excellent Customer Service 

If you want a term paper writing service with consistent customer support, consider EssayBox. The support team is available to help with any technical difficulties you may encounter and can be contacted through email, live chat, or phone. 

The writers hired by EssayBox have academic qualifications, ensuring that you can expect high-quality papers. 

EssayBox also offers the flexibility to assign specific subject categories to specific writers, including law, math, medicine, literature, accounting, business, marketing, education, statistics, psychology, social sciences, and communications. This allows you to choose an online paper writer with expertise in your paper's specific subject area. 


  • Experienced academic writers.  

  • Both ENL and ESL writers are available for hire. 

  • Topic classifications offered. 


  • EssayBox isn’t really affordable. 

  • Bad customer service. 

Why Shouldn’t You Pick EssayBox? 

If you want a guaranteed English native to write your paper, you may want to consider other sites. While all writers at EssayBox are experienced in academia, the site mostly hires ESL writers, and there is no option to choose between basic, advanced, or top writers. 

Quality - 4.7/5  

The guarantee of academic backgrounds for all writers and the option to choose subject-specific writers ensures that you can expect high-quality papers. 

Turnaround Time - 4.8/5  

The turnaround time at EssayBox is relatively quick, and you can save money by having your order completed in 7 days for a moderate price. If you need your paper faster, you can pay an additional fee to speed up the turnaround time, with options ranging from three hours to a day. 

Customer Service - 4.5./5  

Based on 115 reviews on SiteJabber, EssayBox has decent customer support, with customers praising the writing quality and the customer service.  

Cost - 4.7/5  

The cost of standard orders at EssayBox ranges from $12 to $28 for a 15-day turnaround, while faster turnaround times range from $31 to $55. EssayBox also offers a money-back guarantee. 


In summary, EssayBox offers good quality research paper and essay writing services at a fairly low price, with the option of subject-specific writers and a customer support team available 24/7. 

How Did We Rate These Websites? 

The following five aspects were considered when ranking these research paper writing companies in order of overall quality: 

  1. Special features: the add-on features included by each company were emphasized.  

  2. Quality: based on the qualifications and skills of the writers hired by these companies, we determined the quality provided by each company.  

  1. Turnaround Time: we considered how long customers would wait for their papers to be returned, including basic and emergency orders.  

  2. Customer Reviews: based on reviews on SiteJabber, we assessed the overall satisfaction of previous customers.  

  3. Cost: We researched what each company charges for standard and rush orders. 

Research Paper Writing Service FAQs  

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about research paper writing services: 

How Do Essay and Research Writing Services Work?  

These companies write and/or edit academic papers for high school or college students. Hiring any of these companies or companies alike can ensure that the work you submit is of a high standard. 

Are Research Paper Writing Websites Safe and Legal?  

Yes, all the sites listed here and other top services are legal and legitimate. However, pick a site that produces plagiarism-free work and adheres to copyright laws. Any of the sites listed here are good choices. 

Will My Research Paper Be Plagiarism-Free?  

Yes, all work produced will be free of plagiarism if you use legitimate services. These companies use scanners and software to guarantee original work; some also provide plagiarism reports to certify this. 

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Buy Research Papers Online? 

Prices vary depending on your chosen site, but standard orders typically range from $9.95 to $28, and rush orders can cost anything between $16.20 and $57. EssayPro is an excellent, affordable site to use. 

Final Words  

All companies listed in this article are great choices to ensure students submit high-quality work. However, our favorite is PaperHelp, which incorporates both affordability and professionalism.  

We hope this round-up guided you in choosing the best research paper writing service. 

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