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Best Phentermine Over The Counter Alternatives Top 5 Natural Alternatives To Adipex Weight Loss Pills

Prescription phentermine pills may help you lose weight fast but being hard to get and putting you at risk of various side effects mean they just aren't worth it, especially with how many over the counter phentermine substitutes there are.

Best Phentermine Over The Counter Alternatives

Phentermine is a schedule iv-controlled substance that may be the most popular prescription weight loss medication in the United States. A substance that interacts with the monoamine neurotransmitters in the human brain, it is an effective treatment for obesity as it can promote weight loss in more than one way.

Its main function is as an appetite suppressant, as it causes the brain to boost its production of dopamine and serotonin, two hormones that will control the central nervous system to make you feel happy and satiated and help to prevent food cravings.

However, it also increases the production of the fat burning hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine as well, which allow it to double as a fat burner and promote weight loss directly. The combination of these two effects makes phentermine diet pills extremely desirable to many people trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, while in some places you may be able to buy phentermine online, in most countries it is a heavily controlled prescription drug that you can only get from a doctor, due to the long list of severe side effects it can cause. This means many people either want or need to find other weight loss supplements.

Luckily, the huge demand for phentermine substitutes has seen a large variety of natural phentermine over the counter alternatives start to be made, with the idea being that they can aid the weight loss process as effectively as a prescription weight loss medication, without causing all of the unpleasant side effects.

The only issue is, natural otc phentermine alternatives all have their own levels of efficacy and safety, so to choose which one to use can be tough. That is why we have made our list of the very best over the counter alternatives to phentermine diet pills, to ensure that everyone can find the weight loss supplement for them.

The Best Natural Appetite Suppressants in OTC Diet Pills


Glucomannan is a soluble fibre extracted from the roots of plants native to east Asia known called konjacs and elephant yams. It has long been an ingredient in local foods like noodles and tofu, and it is also one of the most potent appetite suppressants you will find, making it ideal to help you stamp out food cravings.

The fibre expanding when it comes in contact with water in your gut means you will quickly feel full, even after eating very little. When you combine this with the fact that it contains virtually no calories, it is a great way to suppress appetite and prevent food cravings, without putting yourself at risk of weight gain.

It can then also cause food to be released from your gut much slower. This will not only cause your body to burn fat for fuel when energy is needed, but it will also ensure effective digestion and breakdown of the foods that you eat, to further prevent any accumulation of stored fat.

Admittedly, many types of fiber can serve these functions, but what makes glucomannan special is the fact that studies show it is far better at performing them than any other options (1).


White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract, also called phase 2, is produced using white kidney beans and is capable of suppressing appetite as it stops your body from absorbing all of the carbs out of the food that you eat by inhibiting the digestion of dietary starches.

As a result, when you do eat meals which contain starch, a percentage of them will remain undigested. Instead, these simple carbs will simply sit in your stomach until either they are excreted out in your waste or fermented by the bacteria in your colon (2).

This prevents the starch from entering your blood stream, reducing food and sugar cravings and blood sugar spikes, all of which can lead to weight gain.


5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid that can cross the blood brain barrier far more easily than most chemicals. It is useful in natural appetite suppressants as it can increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, for which it is one of the primary precursors.

Research has shown a clear correlation between heightened serotonin levels and improvements in mood, satiety, and food cravings. As a result, the high level of appetite suppression that 5-htp can provide will make both eating less and losing weight considerably easier.

What's more, its effect on the central nervous system can also improve your sleep quality, focus, exercise performance, and the release of fat burning enzymes, help you to relax, and combat anxiety and depression, all of which will help you lose weight (3).

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is used around the globe and is immensely popular thanks to the relaxation and varied range of other health benefits that it can provide, such as reducing high blood pressure.

Green tea extract can suppress appetite largely because it contains natural caffeine, which can release chemicals like cortisol and insulin to suppress hunger, without causing the cravings that accompany pure caffeine.

Green tea extract is then also full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants called catechins, such as EGCG. Not only do these provide appetite suppression and help you control cravings, but they will also boost metabolism and your rate of lipolysis as well (5).

This will accelerate stored fat burning and prevent new body fat stores from being created, both of which will help to accelerate weight loss directly.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek is a plant in the fabaceae family native to Asia that has been used as a spice in cooking, as well as for suppressing appetite in ayurvedic medicine and some dietary supplements.

Fenugreek seed extract can function as an appetite suppressant in a similar way to glucomannan, as it contains a fibre that slows the emptying of the stomach to prevent cravings and overeating, while ensuring everything you do eat is properly digested, to prevent any new body fat stores from being created (6).

There are even studies that show fenugreek extract can increase testosterone production, which will boost metabolism and muscle growth, further preventing body fat storage and aiding weight loss.


The 5 Best Over the Counter Alternatives to Phentermine Weight Loss Pills

Instant Knockout Cut: Best OTC phentermine alternative overall

Hourglass Fit: Best adipex alternative for women

PhenQ : Great metabolism booster for 24-hour fat burning

Hunter Burn: Good men’s diet pills for burning fat

PhenGold: Best alternative to anti-obesity medication

Instant Knockout Cut - The Best Natural Phentermine Alternative Overall

Instant Knockout Cut

Instant Knockout Cut is the best over the counter phentermine alternative as it is both a potent appetite suppressant and thermogenic fat burner, meaning it perfectly recreates all the beneficial effects of the prescription drug.

Created to help elite combat sport athletes like boxers and MMA fighters burn fat and lose weight while maintaining lean muscle mass and not using any controlled substances or prescription medication, it has been carefully formulated to help you lose weight as safely yet effectively as possible.

The Instant Knockout Cut formula contains only high quality, optimally dosed, scientifically proven ingredients and consists of glucomannan, green tea extract, black pepper extract, caffeine, cayenne pepper, l-theanine, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, and vitamin d3.

Glucomannan absorbs water in your stomach to make you feel full, prevent hunger cravings, and reduce your calorie intake. The green tea extract then further aids hunger control, while boosting digestion to help prevent the bloating which can occur when using an appetite suppressant that contains fibre.

Caffeine is a thermogenic fat burner that will raise your internal body temperature to boost metabolism and stored fat burning directly, while also raising your energy levels to help you train harder and lose weight even faster (7).


Cayenne pepper extract and black pepper extract are both thermogenic fat burner ingredients too, so will help you burn fat directly. However, the main reason for their use is that they are bioavailability enhancers, meaning they will aid the absorption and efficacy of all the other ingredients in the diet pills (9)(10).

The three vitamins then round out the formula by burning fat, suppressing appetite, improving the efficacy of the other ingredients present in the diet pills, and providing a huge number of health benefits that will assist you at every turn along your weight loss journey (11)(12)(13).

By functioning as an appetite suppressant that negates the side effects often associated with them and aids fat burning directly, Instant Knockout Cut is one of the closest natural alternatives to phentermine over the counter and the best weight loss pill in general.

You throw in its very reasonable price tag and the 14- or 30-day money back guarantee that covers all purchases, and it is also comfortably one of the very top phentermine alternatives for people who prioritise losing weight quickly but safely.


  • Completely gluten free, vegan friendly, and FDA approved

  • Can aid weight loss from all angles

  • Contain no ingredients that could make you fail a drug test

  • Perfectly balanced to prevent side effects

  • A 14 or 30 day money back guarantee covers all purchases

  • Positively reviewed by both pro athletes and regular users


Hourglass Fit - The Best Faux Phentermine Diet Pills For Women

Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit is specifically designed as a weight loss supplement for women, to promote weight loss while taking all the needs of a female body into account. Like most natural phentermine alternatives it helps you burn fat and control your hunger, although unlike Instant Knockout Cut it prioritises hunger control.

The Hourglass Fit formula consists of glucomannan, 5-HTP, chromium, black pepper extract, cayenne pepper extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and zinc.

Glucomannan suppresses your appetite physically by taking up space in your gut. 5-HTP and chromium then work by increasing the production of serotonin, to keep you happy and satiated, so you don't over eat.

The black and cayenne pepper extracts both improve the bioavailability of all the other ingredients in the diet pills, to make them easier to absorb and more effective. They then also both raise your internal body temperature, to burn fat and help you lose weight directly.

The vitamins and minerals then add their own hunger control and bioavailability enhancement, while providing various health benefits to make sure you stay fit, well, and exercising throughout your weight loss journey (14)(15).

Put all this together and combine it with the 14-to-30-day money back guarantee that covers all purchases, and Hourglass Fit is easily one of the best phentermine alternatives for women wanting to enjoy the kind of fat burning and weight loss the prescription drug is known for, while staying as safe as possible.


  • Can help you control hunger both physically and mentally

  • Contains only optimal doses of scientifically proven natural ingredients

  • Suitable for vegans and available worldwide

  • A 14 or 30 day money back guarantee covers all purchases


  • More geared to controlling hunger than burning fat than some phentermine alternative supplements

PhenQ - The Best Phentermine Alternative To Prevent Body Fat Storage


As its name suggests, PhenQ is specifically designed as an over-the-counter phentermine alternative supplement. It aims to safely promote the kind of fat burning and weight loss the prescription medication is capable of, without causing any of its notorious side effects.

The PhenQ formula consists of capsimax, caffeine, chromium picolinate, l-carnitine fumarate, nopal cactus, iodine, innoslim, and vitamins b3, b6, and b12.

Chromium picolinate can suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar levels to stop you feeling hungry and prevent overeating. The fibre in nopal cactus then keeps you feeling full while binding to the fats in your diet to stop them being digested and causing fat storage and weight gain (16).

Caffeine, capsimax, and l-carnitine all boost metabolism and burn fat directly (17). Caffeine will then boost your energy levels to help you train harder and accelerate body weight loss naturally, while capsimax cayenne pepper extract makes everything else in the dietary supplement more effective.

The mineral iodine will aid the production of fat burning hormones and boost metabolism and mood (18).

Innoslim is a patented blend of astragalus and ginseng that further accelerates the production of these hormones, while also inhibiting carbohydrate absorption, to minimise the calories you take out of carbs (19).

Finally, the b vitamins will keep you healthy and energetic while boosting metabolism and preventing fatigue, to keep your weight loss journey on track (20).

By facilitating body weight loss through multiple pathways and preventing fat storage, PhenQ makes itself one of the best phentermine alternatives for people seeking safe substitutes to the drug.

The only issue that must be pointed out, however, is that some of its ingredients still need to be studied a little closer, so it can't be guaranteed to produce quite such significant body weight loss as some of the other otc phentermine substitutes we've looked at.


  • Helps you with losing weight in a variety of ways

  • Can promote fat burning and prevent fat storage

  • A 60 day money back guarantee covers all purchases


  • Quite pricey

  • Some of the ingredients need more research, while others are present in doses that are a bit low

Hunter Burn - The Best Phentermine Alternative For Appetite Suppression

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is not just one of the best phentermine alternatives but it's also the very best appetite suppressant in general. It provides almost total appetite suppression to completely curb hunger and prevent overeating, while doubling as a potent fat burner to help you lose weight from every angle.

Its formula consists of glucomannan, white kidney bean 20:1 extract, vitamin d3, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, and l-theanine. Each of these natural ingredients have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective and are included in their optimal dosages.

Glucomannan, white kidney bean extract, and green tea combine to suppress appetite both mentally and physically and take away all thoughts of food, aiding weight loss and preventing overeating and weight gain.

Green tea, vitamin D3, and cayenne pepper then all boost the absorption and efficacy of all the other ingredients in the diet pills.

The amino acid l-theanine then improves your ability to focus, sleep, and relax, boosts your energy and immunity, and reduces anxiety and stress, to make it as easy as possible to lose weight.

By adding the effects of a fat burner and energy booster to a potent appetite suppressant, Hunter Burn has created a perfect natural phentermine alternative for people who want to lose weight quickly but struggle to follow a diet and exercise regimen.

A 14-to-30-day money back guarantee on all purchases makes it ideal for people who are unsure about using otc phentermine alternatives too.


  • Promotes both fat burning and appetite suppression

  • All its natural ingredients are safe, scientifically proven, and optimally dosed

  • Comes with a 14 to 30 day money back guarantee

  • Highly reviewed by customers

  • The best appetite suppressant dietary supplement on the market


  • It can suppress appetite so much you forget to eat for an unhealthy length of time

PhenGold - The Best Phentermine Alternative for People New To Appetite Suppressants


PhenGold is another weight loss supplement designed specifically as a natural phentermine alternative that can suppress appetite, boost metabolism, energy, and mood, and promote fat burning.

The PhenGold weight loss formula contains only natural ingredients, including caffeine, cayenne pepper, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), green coffee bean extract, green tea, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, rhodiola rosea, and vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

Most of these have been repeatedly used in the other otc alternatives to phentermine diet pills that we've looked at, but rhodiola rosea, dmae, l-tyrosine, and green coffee bean extract are new.

All four are said to promote fat burning and boost energy levels. DMAE and l-tyrosine are then claimed to improve your focus, mood, and motivation, while green coffee bean extract can boost metabolism and reduce inflammation (21)(22)(23)(24)

It must be noted that some of the ingredients are present in lower doses than in many of the best phentermine alternatives, while others need more study to prove how potent they are.

However, this gentler yet still effective formula makes PhenGold one of the better natural phentermine alternatives for people who haven't used these types of natural diet pills before and are still a little worried.


  • The gentler formula is ideal for people new to otc diet pills that work as natural phentermine alternatives

  • Very good at controlling hunger

  • Comes with a 100 day money back guarantee

  • Made using only natural ingredients


  • Won't help you lose weight as fast as some other natural otc phentermine alternatives

  • Quite pricey

  • Some of the ingredients need to be researched more, while others are present in lower doses than you usually find in otc phentermine alternatives

Final Thoughts on The Top OTC Phentermine Alternatives

Prescription phentermine pills may help you lose weight fast but being hard to get and putting you at risk of various side effects mean they just aren't worth it, especially with how many over the counter phentermine substitutes there are. As far as the top phentermine alternatives go, none compare to Instant Knockout Cut.

Not only will Instant Knockout Cut help you lose weight, burn fat, and control your food cravings, but it will do so while being both safe and great value. This makes it an ideal phentermine alternative supplement, as it mimics all the selling points of phentermine weight loss pills, while getting rid of all the downsides.

If for any reason you feel it isn't a good substitute to prescription phentermine pills for you, one of the four other entries on our list of the 5 best phentermine alternatives certainly will be. For everyone else though, we highly suggest you give Instant Knockout Cut a try and see how it can aid your own weight loss journey.


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