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Pet Psychic Reading: Best Dog & Pet Psychics

Find animal psychics to resolve pet-related issues. The most reliable spiritual platforms for affordable pet psychic reading experience.

Pet Psychic Reading

In today's digital age, the realm of psychic readings lets us learn more about our beloved animal companions.

Pet owners seek deeper connections and understanding with their furry friends. If you are one of them, try the convenience of online platforms we will discuss today, accessing the services of skilled pet psychics who offer a unique opportunity to tap into the minds and emotions of your animal friend.

Best Pet Psychic Reading Sites

  1. Keen. A top platform for chat & phone pet spiritual readings at a discounted price.
  2. California Psychics. A top platform for pet psychic readings via low-cost text & voice price packages.
  3. Kasamba. A top platform for free readings on pet issues via email, phone, and chat.
  4. Nebula. A top platform for free credits to spend on chat consultations with exclusive pet psychics.
  5. Mysticsense. A top platform for cheap psychic readings with text, voice, and video pet consultants.

Let's discover more details about each of these leading pet and animal psychic reading platforms.

  • In the business: since 1999
  • Pet psychics on the site: 500+
  • Delivery methods: chat and phone
  • Regular pricing: $3–$10/min.
  • Other advantages: horoscopes & articles, mobile applications, professional filters
  • 🔥 Introductory bonus: 10 minutes for $1.99

How the Process Works:

Keen offers an easy sign-up process, where you only need to mention some personal details and your billing info to pay for a session. Then, you should select a psychic and initiate the consultation.

Prices & Promo Codes:

The first ten minutes of your first consultation will cost only $1.99, as it is the welcome offer that the Keen platform provides. Then, you will be charged according to the fee rating of a chosen advisor. Usually, pet psychic readings here cost $3–$10/min.


Whether you wish to find your lost dog or want to speak to the spirit of your passed-away cat, you should try the Keen spiritual platform. This site ensures a welcome deal, fair pricing, a pleasant website structure, and a wide spectrum of pet psychics.

  • In the business: since 2001
  • Pet psychics on the site: 200+
  • Delivery methods: chat and phone
  • Regular pricing: $5–$9/min.
  • Other advantages: a guaranteed refund, a mobile app, and free horoscopes & articles
  • 🔥 Introductory bonus: three discounted 20-minute packages

How the Process Works:

To communicate directly with the California animal psychics, you should register on the site, entering your full name, birth date, and email address in a sign-up form. Afterward, you need to choose a psychic who you think will help you figure out the answer to your pet-related question, select one of the existing discounted packages, and start a session.

Prices & Promo Codes:

There are three special packages on the California psychics: $1/min with affordable readers, $2/min with popular advisors, and $4/min with premium pet psychics. If you wish to continue the conversation once the discounted time expires, you will pay $5–$9 for one regular minute.


If you are a skeptical inquirer and doubt the effectiveness of pet readings, you should consider the California Psychics platform because here you will find gifted advisors and reasonable pricing to test the service at a lower cost.

  • In the business: since 1999
  • Pet psychics on the site: 300+
  • Delivery methods: chat, email, and phone
  • Regular pricing: $4–$19/min.
  • Other advantages: a satisfaction guarantee of up to $50, blog posts and horoscopes for free, and a mobile application
  • 🔥 Introductory bonus: 3 free minutes

How the Process Works:

Kasamba is known not only for providing love psychic readings but also for offering honest divinations about pets for free! The sign-up process is very simple, by the way: your name and email address are the only details you need to create the Kasamba account. Next, search for an advisor, enter your banking info when initiating a session, and press the "Get my three free minutes" button.

Prices & Promo Codes:

The first three minutes of your consultation will be free since it's part of a Kasamba welcome offer. Once they expire, you pay according to the minute rate of a selected psychic. That's why you should learn about the pricing rate before ordering a session at Kasamba since the advisors here can charge from $4 to $19.


Is my lost cat still alive? Why has my dog lost the joy and playfulness? If you want to take a closer look into the heart of your animal friend, try the Kasamba talented advisors. Moreover, it's a great source because of some other reasons, such as all-budget prices, extensive experience in the field, convenient website & mobile app, and advanced filter options.

  • In the business: since 2019
  • Pet psychics on the site: 300+
  • Delivery methods: chat
  • Regular pricing: $6–$10/min.
  • Other advantages: 100% compensation, customized biorhythm checkers, beauty & health calendars, daily affirmations and horoscopes, free blog articles, and a mobile app
  • 🔥 Introductory bonus: $14 in free credits

How the Process Works:

Although you can read the blog articles for free at the site, to get access to the list of advisors, you should first create a Nebula account. You need to enter your email and answer questions about yourself, like your name, birthdate, and sex, to help the company create personalized checkers and horoscopes for you. Once you register, you get free credits to your account, which you can spend on a chat pet psychic consultation. To continue the experience, you should buy the credits by entering your debit/credit card information.

Prices & Promo Codes:

The Nebula spiritual company has a credit system which means you purchase chat minutes with pet psychics in credits. When you sign up, you receive $14 in free credits, equal to a 100-credit package. Meanwhile, regular chat consultations at this site cost 40 credits per minute.


Nebula is an excellent spiritual website to get the assistance of the Universe in resolving pet-related problems. This psychic source fits those who like consultations via chat and appreciate free minutes & different perks, like horoscopes, articles, checkers, and affirmations. Moreover, this website has a varied mix of other exotic readings. So, if you seek assistance in shamanism, spell casting, or Reiki, you will find support at Nebula.

  • In the business: since 2020
  • Pet psychics on the site: 700+
  • Delivery methods: chat, phone, and video
  • Regular pricing: $2–$17/min.
  • Other advantages: professional psychic reader search engine, horoscopes and blog articles, and advanced website interface
  • 🔥 Introductory bonus: 5 free minutes

How the Process Works:

If you got interested in the Mysticsense platform, you should register there first. Answer several questions in the sign-up form, and mention your nickname and email address to create an account. Next, deposit $10 to your wallet and initiate the consultation with a chosen psychic. Once you finish the reading, you will get the money equal to those 5 minutes to your account back.

Prices & Promo Codes:

Mysticsense is one of the best astrology websites because it provides five free minutes for the first pet psychic readings. Regular consultations, on the contrary, cost $2–$17 per minute. In some cases, the cost for chat, phone, and video consultations may vary, depending on the fee requirements of a potential advisor.



If you seek affordable spiritual pet psychic assistance, you will get it at Mysticsense. Although it's a newbie in the spiritual business, it has already gained a lot of "points" for its services: a wide selection of advisors, advanced filters, a professional interface, free consultations, and many others.

What is Pet Psychic Reading?

If you wish to send a message to your deceased pet or want to understand what is going on in the soul of your current animal friend and help it recover from traumas it might have — you can do it at pet psychic readings.

"Are these consultations like therapy with a vet?", you ask. Well, partially, yes. Pet psychics analyze the animal behavior and energy they radiate to understand the pet's experiences. However, such consultations also mean that an expert communicates with animals using telepathy, intuition, and other psychic abilities. Moreover, a fortune teller can relay messages to the spirits of deceased pets, bringing a sense of peace.

Most pet psychics also possess tools that help find missing animals. Often, to define the location of lost pets, an animal communicator may request a photograph or description of the animal to establish a connection.

How are these consultations conducted? First of all, many pet psychics offer not only on-the-spot readings but also sessions online which helps you save time and money spent on getting to the office of the advisor. Besides, there are different communication methods available for this type of divination experience: online chat, email, phone readings, or video consultations. So, you can choose whatever way you like!


What Should I Expect from Online Pet Psychic Reading?

Spiritual readings with pet psychics can bring you a lot of insights about your beloved animals. And when you face the question, “Are psychics real?”, the answer is yes, they are. HOWEVER, pet owners should NOT expect from such advisors the following:

  • They can't fool death. Animal psychic readings are not connected with mystical rituals of bringing dead beings, both humans and animals, back to life (P.S. Even if they could, that would probably look like the Pet Sematary horror movie).

  • They can't provide medical treatment. The specialization of pet psychics is in relaying messages, finding the traces of lost animals, and healing the pet spiritually. They can't provide medical assistance because they are not vets, although some pet medium advisors might have an educational background in this sphere. If you see your cat, dog, parrot, or any other animal have visible physical deterioration in health, you should talk to a certified doctor.

And what about the kind of insight and assistance you can get at pet psychic sessions?

  1. Potential predictions. Pet psychic advisors provide insights into your pet's well-being, future events, or potential developments in your relationship with your pet.

  2. Emotional support. Pet psychics may offer emotional reassurance to pet owners who lost their animal friends. Thus, it can include grief counseling or mediumship sessions to communicate with pets.

  3. Guidance on behavioral issues. If you have concerns about your pet's behavior, you can ask a pet psychic for advice on addressing behavioral challenges and improving well-being. Moreover, at such consultations, you can receive information about your pet's feelings, needs, and personality.

  4. Finding lost pets. Pet psychics also help animal lovers find their missing friends. However, such sessions may not always be successful — if your animal doesn't want you to find it, the pet spiritual advisor may not be able to trace its steps.



Can a Pet Psychic Communicate with All Types of Animals?

You should not be afraid of not finding a psychic who talks to the animals like the one you have because these advisors use their telepathy to communicate with a wide range of animals, including cats, dogs, birds, horses, and more. While they often specialize in domesticated pets, some pet psychics also assert the ability to connect with wild or exotic animals.

What Kind of Information Can a Pet Psychic Provide About My Pet?

Pet psychic advisors may provide insights about your pet's thoughts, emotions, needs, behavior, past experiences, and even past life. They can organize channeling sessions to help you talk to your deceased animal or ask higher forces to help you find a missing pet.

How Much Does a Pet Psychic Reading Cost?

The cost of a spiritual animal communication reading can vary depending on various factors such as the experience of the psychic, delivery method (online, phone, in-person), fee rates a chosen advisor sets, and the duration of the consultation. Usually, clients pay from around $50 to a few hundred dollars per session.

Can I Have an Animal Psychic Reading Done Remotely, or Does It Have to Be In Person?

Yes, professional spiritualists can establish a connection with your animal friend even miles away. Many pet psychics offer remote readings through online platforms, phone calls, or email exchanges. However, in some cases, the physical presence may be necessary, such as Reiki, when a psychic tries to send positive vibrations to your animal through touch to reduce the stress and pain the pet might feel.

How Do I Prepare My Pet for a Psychic Reading Session?

To prepare your pet for a psychic reading session, ensure they are in a comfortable and relaxed environment (but don't give them any sedatives!). For example, you can provide pets with familiar objects or favorite snacks. 

Share any relevant information about your pet with the psychic, such as their behavior, health concerns, or recent experiences. Also, you should state clearly the specific reason you turn for such spiritual assistance to help a reader understand a pet better.

Is There a Difference Between a Regular Psychic Reading and a Pet Psychic Reading?

Yes, there is a slight difference between a regular psychic reading and a pet psychic reading: while a regular psychic reading focuses on providing insights and guidance for an individual, psychic pet reading specifically aims to communicate with and understand the thoughts, emotions, and needs of animals. Also, not all divination tools are suitable for pet readings, such as astrology or tarot readings.


Today, thanks to online pet mediums, countless animal owners can change their relationship with their pets, find peace of mind after the loss of a beloved furry friend, and even get chances to find lost ones. 

If you seek a deeper bond with your pet, don't hesitate to give pet psychic readings a try — explore the best psychic apps we enlisted today and improve the relationship with your furry friend!

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