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Best CBD Oil: Top 5 CBD Stores For Hemp Oil In 2023

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Best CBD Oil: Top 5 CBD Stores For Hemp Oil In 2023

Everyone and their grandma is trying CBD these days, and for good reason. If you're looking for the best CBD oil, we found the top five for you.

Best CBD Oil
Best CBD Oil

Discover the power of nature with CBD Oil! Our high-quality, full-spectrum hemp extract is proven to reduce cravings, ease anxiety and provide natural relief from chronic pain. Unlike other solutions that can have unwanted side effects, CBD Oil is safe and all-natural, providing you with powerful health benefits without any worry of adverse reactions. Try it today and see why CBD Oil is the top choice for natural pain relief!

In this article, however, we explore the best CBD oil options. Besides helping users to manage pain, CBD has various other potential health benefits. Many people use CBD oils to reduce their symptoms of anxiety & some users take it to aid sleep, while some use it for stress relief and calming effects.

There's a lot of buzz about CBD right now, and thus many CBD products are flooding the market. From young people to seniors, many are looking to try CBD for the benefits widely advertised. Many companies have made big claims about their CBD products to give them an edge over their competitors. We researched dozens of CBD oils and picked the best five. We'll even show you how we made our list.

Top 5 CBD Oil Brands Online

1.    Exhale Wellness - Overall Best CBD Oil; Editor’s Choice
2.    BudPop - Strongest CBD Hemp Oil; Non-GMO
3.    Hollyweed - High Quality CBD Tincture For Sale 
4.    Cheef Botanicals - Recommended Brand To Buy CBD Tincture 
5.    Fab CBD - Popular CBD Company For CBD Drops and Oil

1. Exhale Wellness - Overall Best CBD Oil; Editor’s Choice

Exhale Wellness
Exhale Wellness

Many hemp and CBD enthusiasts consider Exhale Wellness to be royalty. To this brand, quality is supreme. Thus, they put so much effort into ensuring that their CBD oil is of the highest quality.

At the core of Exhale Wellness' vision is a desire to make its consumers achieve wholeness and wellness through naturally existing medicine. Exhale Wellness CBD oil is the most highly regarded in the market. These CBD oils are full-spectrum, which means that users experience the entourage effect with this oil.

Review sites are filled with testimonials about the effectiveness and potency of this CBD oil. This CBD oil may boost users' moods and may relieve users of physical aches and discomfort. This full-spectrum oil may also help users get relief from upset stomach and inflammation. This CBD oil does all of these without getting the user "high," as it contains only a negligible amount of delta-9 THC.

This CBD oil comes in a glass dropper bottle that makes dosing the product hassle-free. It also comes in two sizes which users can purchase and receive free of shipping charges.


Potent CBD Oil: There are 20mg of full-spectrum CBD and hemp seed oil in one serving of Exhale Wellness CBD oil. This means that for every serving the user takes, they will ingest 20mg of this potent blend.

Fragrant Oil: The natural terpenes and flavonoids present in this CBD oil give it a natural musky fragrance that many users love.

Two Sizes Available: This premium CBD oil is available in two sizes- 600mg and 1200mg bottles. These bottles are glass dropper bottles and are super convenient for accurate dosing. Users get up to $5 extra value when they purchase one unit of the 1200mg bottle.

Hemp Seed Carrier Oil: CBD oil products are usually made up of CBD extract with a carrier oil. The carrier oil is there to dilute the potency of the CBD oil to less potent levels, and it also provides added benefits to the product.

Exhale Wellness uses hemp seed oil as its carrier oil. The benefits of hemp seed oil are extensive. Not only does it aid the CBD oil to achieve the entourage effect, but it also could be potentially beneficial to heart health. 

It may also help lower blood pressure and act as a pain reliever. Furthermore, hemp seed oil is known to be beneficial to the skin.

Rewards system: Exhale Wellness has a rewards program on its website that lets customers earn points when they take certain actions. Buying products on the website and subscribing to plans earn users points. Users can cash in on exciting discounts when they redeem cumulated points.

Free shipping: Exhale Wellness offers free shipping on every product through its official website.


•    Potent CBD oil
•    Vegan-friendly
•    Full-spectrum CBD oil
•    Two sizes available
•    Contains terpenes
•    CO2 extraction process
•    Third-party lab tested
•    Free shipping
•    30-day money-back guarantee

•    Only available online

2. BudPop - Strongest CBD Hemp Oil; Non-GMO 


The BudPop brand has won the hearts of many hemp enthusiasts since it entered the industry. BudPop has sold thousands of products, including CBD oils and other hemp-derived goods.

Many of BudPop's CBD oil users have written positive reviews online about the product. The testimonials tell it all, and that's why this CBD oil has earned the second spot on our list. The CBD oil comes in a 1500mg dropper bottle, with each serving containing roughly 50mg of pure CBD extract.

BudPop's CBD tinctures are full-spectrum and thus contain other essential cannabinoids. Delta-9 THC is also present in this premium CBD oil within legal limits (<0.3%). Users get to choose between the two available flavors of BudPop's CBD oil: natural and peppermint flavors. These and many other factors have earned

BudPop's CBD oil this spot on the list. There are many ways in which this CBD oil brand stands out.


Coconut Oil Carrier: BudPop uses coconut oil as its chosen carrier oil for its CBD tinctures. Coconut oil comes with many benefits, and it also does not affect the taste of both the natural and peppermint-flavored oils. Coconut oil is a cleaner option of MCT oil to use as a carrier oil, and it also aids quick absorption of the CBD oil into the bloodstream.

Available in Two Flavors:BudPop's CBD Tinctures have both natural and peppermint-flavored variants. Both oils are entirely natural without any additives or preservatives. Some users who take CBD oils with meals will have options with BudPop's flavor variants.

Potent CBD Oil: Each serving of this CBD oil contains about 50mg of full-spectrum CBD, and not many CBD oils have that much in one serving. Customer reviews are also full of users attesting to the effectiveness of this CBD oil in lifting their mood and aiding sleep.

Independently Tested: BudPop's CBD tinctures undergo tests at a third-party lab to verify the product. The lab tests for the presence of pesticides and other unwanted substances in the oil. It also confirms the cannabinoids present in the oil and their quantities, and the results of the test are available on the company's official website.


•    Effective sleep aid
•    Mood booster
•    Potent CBD extract
•    Natural ingredients
•    Hemp grown in the U.S.
•    Third-party lab tested
•    Vegan-friendly
•    30-day money-back guarantee
•    Free shipping

•    Only available online

 3.  Hollyweed - High Quality CBD Tincture For Sale


This hemp brand produces a wide range of hemp products. From CBD oils to delta-8 oils and cartridges to HHC products, Hollyweed doesn't seem to be slowing down soon. Their quality products are a result of their mission to improve human wellness with naturally existing superfoods.

Hollyweed CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil that offers a variety of health benefits. Several users have attested to its mood-enhancing effects.

With Hollyweed, you're sure to get the best quality every time. They source their hemp from government-approved farms in the United States. Hollyweed monitors the entire process of production to ensure that the end product is gold standard. Hollyweed uses pure and clean CO2 extraction methods to extract its CBD from hemp. Afterwards, the pure CBD extract is mixed with hemp seed oil to give you a highly potent CBD oil product.

The user reviews of this product are mostly positive, and the user ratings are high on external sites. The Hollyweed brand and products have been featured in several international publications like Time magazine. At Hollyweed, the mission is to continue educating the public about hemp's vast benefits. Also, they seek to always put their best foot forward when it concerns their products. Their CBD oil, which comes in four different sizes, is so potent that some users claim to start feeling the effects in just a few minutes after ingesting it.

Hollyweed delivers products to all states in the U.S. They also offer free shipping for select offers and purchases. Here are a couple of qualities that make this brand pop:


High Quality Ingredients: Hollyweed sources its hemp from trusted farms in the U.S., and it also derives its carrier oil from these ethically grown plants. With Hollyweed, users can rest assured that Hollyweed’s CBD oil is gotten from the highest quality sources. Also, users can be assured of quality control in the production process and thus expect each tincture bottle to be as potent as the next.

Different Strength Options: Unlike many other brands, Hollyweed gives users the option to purchase smaller CBD oil bottles or larger ones. Users can choose between the 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 3000mg strengths.

CO2 Extraction Process: There are several methods that manufacturers can use to extract CBD from hemp. However, many of these products are not environmentally friendly or clean. The CO2 method is a costly extraction method but will give you pure and high quality CBD. Hollyweed uses this method to extract its full-spectrum CBD oil from hemp.

Hemp Seed Carrier Oil: As we established earlier, hemp seed oil has several health benefits. The hemp seed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids at an ideal ratio to promote overall wellness. This choice of carrier oil for Hollyweed's full-spectrum CBD oil makes it even better quality.


•     Potent CBD oil
•    Attractive glass dropper bottle
•    Safely extracted oil
•    U.S.-grown hemp
•    Variety of strength options
•    Farm Bill compliant
•    Discounts for first-time buyers
•    Free shipping
•    Non-GMO and vegan-friendly
•    Third-party lab tested
•    30-day money-back guarantee

●     No reviews yet on official website

 4. Cheef Botanicals - Recommended Brand To Buy CBD Tincture

 Cheef Botanicals
Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanicals is one CBD brand that has mastered the craft of making high-quality hemp-derived goods. This company was established nearly three decades ago to provide a healthier alternative to popular medicine.

Cheef Botanicals has a wide range of CBD products. Cheef Botanicals CBD tinctures, however, are one of their more popular hemp-derived products. This oil is trusted by thousands of users for pain management and sleep aid, and it also has several other potential health benefits.

Cheef Botanicals CBD oil comes in different sized bottles and potencies for users to choose from. Their CBD oil is full-spectrum and is thus super potent. Additionally, this oil is also almost entirely tasteless, and this is what so many people love about the product. This product is derived from quality hemp farms in Colorado with legally compliant hemp.

Several qualities make Cheef Botanicals stand out from the rest of CBD oil brands.


Several Sizes and Potencies Available: Cheef Botanicals’ CBD oil is available in four different sizes. These options make it convenient for first-time buyers who want to purchase only a small quantity and experienced users who want to make bigger purchases. This CBD oil is available in 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 3000mg.

Free and Fast Shipping: Cheef Botanicals provides free shipping for orders made on its website. Unlike other brands, this free shipping offer does not have a minimum purchase caveat, and any item users buy on the website will be shipped to them at no extra cost.

Tasteless Oil: This high quality CBD oil has a very peculiar attribute- it has no taste. Cheef Botanicals works on this oil to remove its natural, earthy taste without taking away any terpenes. They also do not add any artificial flavors, making it convenient to mix in your meals without changing the taste.

Thousands of Positive Reviews: Cheef Botanicals’ CBD tinctures have dozens of positive reviews on its website. This premium CBD oil is also highly reviewed on third-party sites like TrustPilot.

Clean Extraction Process: This brand uses a supercritical CO2 method to extract CBD from the hemp plant. This process ensures that the purity of the CBD oil is over 90% and free of solvents.


•    Hemp seed carrier oil
•    Therapeutic benefits
•    GMO-free
•    Available in four sizes
•    Free shipping
•    Vegan-friendly
•    Third-party lab tested
•    Farm Bill compliant
•    CO2 extraction method
•    Positive customer reviews
•    Informative blog
•    30-day money-back guarantee


•    No flavor variants

5. FAB CBD - Popular CBD Company For CBD Drops and Oil

FAB CBD as a brand is all about the end-user. This customer-centric brand prioritizes user benefits from the beginning to the end of the production process. Like many high-end CBD companies, it sources its hemp from U.S.-based farms. These farms work with strict guidelines to ensure that the final product is potent and free from harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

The reviews of FAB CBD oil on its official website are mostly positive, with verified users praising the oil for its role in bettering their daily lives. Some users hail its effectiveness in pain relief, while others swear by this CBD oil for anxiety relief. Many other users claim that the product helped them relax and increase their focus and productivity.

FAB CBD oil comes in several different strengths and sizes. With these options, users will find the CBD oil well suited to them. FAB CBD has a program on its official site where customers can earn points when they spend to purchase any product on the site. Users also earn points from carrying out other actions on and off their website.

These and many more attributes have earned FAB CBD a spot on this list.


Product's Freshness Guaranteed: FAB CBD makes fresh units of CBD oil available after orders. This ensures that customers always receive the freshest and most potent CBD products every time.

Exciting Flavors Available: FAB CBD focuses on ensuring that customers find the best products that suit their individual tastes. Thus, FAB CBD's full-spectrum CBD oil comes in different flavors, including mint, berry, citrus, and vanilla. For customers who prefer CBD with its natural, earthy taste, FAB CBD also offers a natural flavor option.

Responsive Customer Service: To establish itself as a "customers first" brand, FAB CBD has one of the most responsive and helpful customer service. Whether via phone or email, you are sure to promptly reach personnel to help you out however you need help.


•    Potent full-spectrum CBD oil
•    Fresh CBD product
•    Third-party lab tested
•    CO2 extraction
•    Different flavors available
•    Natural ingredients
•    30-day money-back guarantee

•    Free shipping on orders over $99

How We Made the List of Best CBD Oil?

In this section, we'll show you how we chose these particular brands as the five best CBD oil brands. We picked these brands after thorough research and careful selection.

As we stated before, several CBD oil products are on the market now, and many also have similar packaging and branding. Thus it may be hard to know which CBD oil is worth your coins.

Before we made this list, there were some necessary standards we held these products up against. Here's what we looked for.

What We Looked For in these Pure CBD Oil

The following are the features we considered before picking our top five.

•    Product's potency: CBD has to be consumed in certain quantities to have the desired effects on users. However, some substandard brands put only a tiny amount of CBD in their products and fill them with other unnecessary ingredients, making the CBD oil less potent in its effect.
Therefore, we went through several products, comparing the CBD content of one product to the next. In the end, we picked the products with the highest CBD content and proven potency.

•    Company's reputation: Knowing a brand's reputation should be a cheap and easy way to see if you can trust on the best CBD oil products. A brand can be very popular yet of a bad reputation. Also, lesser-known brands could be hidden gems only discovered by a few.

To make our list, we dug deep into the brands and the hemp community to find out what they are reputed for. This was one of the more essential criteria we used to decide the brands that would make our list.

•    Source of hemp: The hemp plant is the single most crucial ingredient in making CBD oil. The best CBD oil is one that the manufacturers make from finely sourced hemp. The hemp plant is known for quickly absorbing substances in its environment. It could soak up pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminating substances in its environment during its cultivation.

Also, hemp farming has to comply with certain stipulations in the law before its products can be considered legal. All of these factors made it really important for us to know from where the brands source their hemp. Therefore we ensured that these brands sourced only legally compliant hemp from reputable farms in the United States.

•    Company's certification: Some products on the market do not have any proof of the analysis of their products.

The products on our list are from brands with the necessary certifications to back up their product's claims.

•    Customer feedback: Customer reviews are valuable resources to know how customers really feel about a product. We extensively checked the customer feedback on the products on our list to ensure they were mostly positive.

Buying Guide for CBD Oil for Beginners

Before using any health-related supplement, there are several things to consider. CBD oils have become increasingly popular by the day, and thus a lot of products would not meet industry standards. Here are several things to factor into your buying process.

•    Your Specific Needs

Before purchasing any CBD oil, first, decide what your priorities are. Your goals and desires for CBD will help you determine which CBD oil brands to go for.
So, before you buy CBD oil, ask yourself essential questions about what you need, the value the product will provide for you, what you’re trying to achieve, etc. There are different types of CBD oil products available: broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. These are the options you must consider before buying any CBD oil.

•    Independent Tests

Independent tests are essential to back up the claims of any manufacturer. A brand that is committed to quality would ensure that its products are as pure as possible. Thus, before deciding on which CBD oil to buy, ensure that you completely rule out the companies that have not done tests for their product in a third-party lab.

Also, ensure that the results of these tests are available on the company's website. It's crucial that you read through the analysis report to understand better the product you intend to use.

•    State Laws

It's essential to know the laws of your region concerning the product you intend to use. CBD is federally legal. However, some state laws may not be the same as federal law.

•    Company's Reputation

For the sake of your health and wellness, you must do thorough research before buying CBD oil. You'd come across hundreds of products in your search for the best CBD oil, and it's essential that you know about the companies that produce them. If you've made a list of products you're interested in, do some research into the company to understand what they stand for and what they are known for. Possibly search to see if industry experts have opinions about the brands. Most importantly, find out what users think about the brand.

If a brand has a good reputation, they have been offering great products and services. More importantly, because they have built that reputation, they will keep putting out better products to protect their reputation.

•    Hemp Source

It's important to know what farms companies get their hemp from. Hemp obtained from USA farms is more trustworthy than those obtained from abroad. The regulations guiding hemp cultivation in the US are strict, and therefore the hemp from such farms will be of a higher standard.

•    Guarantees

As an intending customer, you must find out the guarantees you have when purchasing a product. Highly regarded companies offer solid return policies and guarantees for users who buy their products.

Ensure that the product you intend to buy has a reasonable return policy. Also, check out what customers have to say about returns to know if the company keeps to its word concerning guarantees.

•    Customer reviews

This is how you can get the most honest information about a product. Before purchasing a CBD oil product, ensure that you go through customer reviews on every site you can find. Don't just check the ones on the official website; find out what customers also say about the product on third-party sites.

FAQs About CBD Oil

Q1. How does CBD really work?

Cannabidiol (known as CBD) is a compound available in high amounts in hemp. This compound has been used for several years for many purposes. Among the many benefits of CBD are sleep aid, anxiety relief, and pain relief. It also helps enhance your mood.

The way CBD works is that it interacts with specific receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system. This system is what regulates many of our body's functions, such as appetite, mood, pain, etc. When CBD interacts with these receptors, it can potentially lead to any of the several health benefits listed above.

Q2. How much CBD should I use, and how often?

There's no "one size fits all" dosage of CBD. People react differently to CBD. A dosage that has substantial effects on one person might not have much impact on another person. That is because our endocannabinoid systems do not all function the same way.

It's advised that you start out with only half or a quarter of the recommended serving of CBD to see how it affects you. Depending on the effect, you can either reduce or increase your dosage to an optimal level you're comfortable with.

Q3. Does CBD make users high?

No. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, and this plant only has about 0.3% of THC in it. THC is the phytocannabinoid that makes users feel high. Thus, even if you take CBD in very high quantities, there's almost no chance of getting high. 

Q4. Can CBD make me fail a drug test?

Legally compliant CBD oil only contains less than 0.3 percent of delta-9 THC, and this THC over a certain threshold is what can cause you to fail a drug test. Therefore, using CBD isolate or even full-spectrum CBD oil should not cause you to fail a drug test.

However, several biological factors can cause an accumulation of THC in your system after continual use of CBD. Thus, it is advised that you stay away from THC for a while if you have a drug test coming up.

Conclusion: Where to Buy CBD Oil?

The medical benefits of CBD are extensive. Many users ingest CBD to help them relieve symptoms of anxiety. Several people with PTSD or other anxiety disorders like panic disorders have claimed that best CBD hemp oil help them manage these symptoms. Besides its usefulness in helping persons with anxiety, it also has been proven to work in relieving chronic pain. 

While many people use CBD for these health-related issues, others use it for recreational purposes. CBD aids relaxation and helps calm the mind and muscles and is thus considered a potent stress reliever by many.

If you need to use CBD for any of these purposes, go through our roundup of the best CBD oils. We also gave some valuable tips for buying CBD oils.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.