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Are Binoid Reviews Accurate – Is BionidCBD The Best Place To Buy Alternative Cannabinoids?

BinoidCBD one of the first names mentioned when people talk about great Delta 8, 9, and other alternative cannabinoid products. But are Binoid reviews accurate? Is it the biggest and best?

Are Binoid Reviews Accurate

I’m going to cover everything you need right now in this complete review. I’ll tell you who they are, where they are based, and if BinoidCBD are legit.

I’ll cover the product range in detail, including the different cannabinoids they sell , and what the differences are.

Then, I’ll talk about how a beginner can get started with their products, as it can be absolutely overwhelming to see hundreds of different products infused with so many different cannabinoids.

Finally, I’ll tell you about a genuine working Binoid discount code that you can use with every order you make.

Who Are BinoidCBD?

BinoidCBD have been around for several years and are now one of the biggest and most trusted suppliers of cannabinoid infused products.

What we mean by that is that they extract cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp plants, and infuse them into a huge variety of products.

There can be many benefits to doing this, and there are also combo products which enhance the benefits through being infused with two or more different cannabinoids.

I’ll go through all that in detail later, but they definitely have the largest range of infused products you will find and have some specialist cannabinoids that are little known and not widely available.

They are based in the USA, and here’s a snapshot of the company:

  •  Based in California
  •  Huge product range
  •  Independent third-party lab test analysis reports available
  •  Industrial domestic hemp plants use
  •  GMP certified facilities
  •  Completely legal cannabis and hemp extracts

There’s only one downside to mention right up front here. They only really ship affordably domestically within the USA.

Sure, you can order from outside the USA, but they have a flat rate international shipping price of $82 per order. Now, that might not be a problem if you’re ordering a huge amount from them, in fact you could save money on normal shipping prices, but for most people, that’s expensive global shipping.

Is BinoidCBD Legit Or A Scam?

So BinoidCBD are big company and sell a lot of products, but are they good and reliable?

People want to know is Binoid legitimate company, or is it another scam company that sells poor quality products that contain little or no cannabinoids at all.

I can tell you that they are definitely a legitimate company and the products they sell are high quality. The strengths are good, and I’m telling you, if you use them, you will feel the difference, it will be noticeable and you will benefit.

BinoidCBD Product Range Reviews

It can be confusing to understand what all the different cannabinoids are, and what they can do. Worse than that, each different cannabinoid is infused into a huge range of products, everything from disposable and cartridge vapes, through Gummies, softgels, cookies, wax dabs, syrups, tincture oils, and even dried fruit chunks infused with cannabinoids.

Note that the products are also even more confusing and very because some are infused with just one cannabinoid, for example Delta 8, while others are infused with a combo to give a blended experience.

It’s truly huge and confusing for the beginner. But don’t worry, once I’ve explained the main cannabinoids they sell, I’ll quickly tell you how get started as a beginner.


Delta 8

Delta 8 is the most popular alternative cannabinoid. It’s only found trace element in hemp and cannabis plants. In fact, the majority is made by converting CBD oil into it through a lab process to get enough to use for infused products.

BinoidCBD sell incredible range of Delta 8 infused products. Everything I’ve just mentioned, on its own, and in combos with pretty much all of the other extracted cannabinoids available.

If you really want to get an intense experience, go for the vape cartridges and disposables, and look for the high milligram’s dosages.

You could also go for the pure D8 tinctures, which have a really high dose, and are easy to administer under the tongue to get a highly concentrated dose fast.

Delta 9

Delta 9 is the main THC component in cannabis. It’s the cannabinoid that gets you high by hammering your CB1 receptor sites.

Legally, nothing can be sold with more than 0.3% Delta 9 in it, under something called the 2018 Farm Bill (USA).

So you’re not getting much strength here, and you’d have to take an awful lot to get seriously high. Therefore, that’s not why these products are infused with it.

They are infused with it on its own, but more usually in combo, because they can help to give a more balanced range of effects. They can calm you down, and they can chill you out.

At higher doses, in conjunction with Delta 8 and others, they can produce a minor buzz, a minor relaxing detachment.


BinoidCBD sell dozens of Delta 9 products . Just note that the doses in milligrams may look high, but please look at the detail, because you’ll find that the majority of the dose is taken up by other cannabinoids, to keep the Delta 9 dose under 0.3%.


This is an inactive form of Delta 9. It’s little known, despite the fact that the US military has known about it for decades.

However, even though it’s non-psychoactive normally, when it’s exposed to high heat, which you would obviously do when vaping or baking it, it converts into Delta 9 THC. Therefore, it converts into the exact thing in cannabis that gets you high.

BinoidCBD sell a lot of great products for you to experiment with this alternative to cannabis. For example, a full 1 g disposable vape that contains a ton of THCA, costs just $35 right now.

If you want to experiment with something which could get you high, and offers some of the benefits of cannabis, but is completely legal right now, then this is what you should be looking at.

Other Extracted Cannabinoids

These are the other extracted cannabinoids which are infused into a huge variety of products that BinoidCBD sell:

  •  HHC-P: this works on the CB1 receptor in a similar way to Delta 9
  •  THCV: this has similar benefits and properties to Delta 8 (but also suppresses appetite)
  •  THC-P: very similar to Delta 8 but reportedly slightly more calming
  •  THC-B: strong pain relief and calming properties

All of these are available in a wide range of infused products, everything I’ve mentioned before including tinctures and a variety of flavored disposable and cartridge vape options.


How Do I Get Started With BinoidCBD Products?

Once you factor in the different types of cannabinoids, the combos, and the range of different products that are infused, you are looking at literally hundreds of options to purchase.

This can be absolutely mind blowing if you’ve never done this before. So I’d recommend you keep it simple.

Start with a single cannabinoid whose effects interest you. For example, Delta 8 is a great starting point.

Pick a couple of very different consumables that only contain it. Experiment with them and see how you feel.

Do this for a couple of other cannabinoids the interest you, and then look at combo products. So, you’re building up your knowledge as you experiment with the individual cannabinoids, to see how they feel. Then, you can’t be confused by combos and will know how each individual thing feels.

For the purest experience, go for the tinctures and Vapes, as this will get into your bloodstream fastest, and give you the highest dose.

But you could always top up with other softer options like Gummies, softgels, dried fruit chunks, and even a potent syrups to create ice crush drinks and milkshakes with. Just be aware these have to be absorbed by the stomach and processed by the body before they will be felt.

Can I Get High? How Do They Feel?

Don’t look at getting high using any of these cannabinoids. Sure, at higher doses you can feel a buzz, happiness and confidence, positivity, and yes, even feeling slightly high.


But you’re not going to get whacked off your face like you do on a big bong of cannabis, unless you take an incredible dose of THCA.

Look at this as a therapeutic aid in your everyday life. Giving you calmness and relief from anxiety. It will make you happier, more confident, and relieve pain and inflammation.

This Is A Working Binoid Discount Code

BinoidCBD have an incredible range of products, and it’s overwhelming to get started. But prices are affordable, so just by a few bits and pieces and experiment.

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