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8 Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges

Here are most sought after crypto exchanges for margin trading that we have found through our research and analysis.

Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchanges

With Crypto margin trading as a trader, you borrow funds (known as margin trading) to trade cryptocurrencies on an exchange and grow your capital. 

However, only a few crypto exchanges offer an easy, smooth margin trading experience. 

So, if you are looking for some of the best crypto margin trading exchanges, these names can be a great pick:

Best Crypto Exchanges for Margin Trading

  1. BingX - Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchange Overall
  2. Bybit - Most Popular Crypto Margin Trading Platform
  3. StormGain - Best for Bitcoin Margin Trading
  4. Phemex - Best for 100X Margin
  5. Binance - Highest Margin Trading Exchange
  6. Kraken - Crypto Margin Trading Platform for USA
  7. MEXC - NO KYC Trading Platform
  8. Bit.com - Best For Perpetuals

Best Crypto Margin Trading Platforms

Here are most sought after crypto exchanges for margin trading that we have found through our research and analysis:

1. BingX - Best Crypto Margin Trading Exchange Overall


BingX exchange was launched in 2018, and it is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. 

The exchange is known for offering various trading services. This includes spot and derivatives trading in perpetual swaps and crypto options.

As far as derivatives trading is concerned, It you a maximum leverage of up to 125x. Also, you get a wide selection of crypto asset. 

On BingX, you can trade in 527+ tokens, and the number of supported crypto coins is regularly increasing.

Now, talking about the trading fees, when it comes to BingX spot trading fees, the maker and taker fee varies from currency pair to currency pair. 

For certain currency pairs, the fee can be as high as 0.17%, while for the majority of the trading pairs, the fee stands at 0.1%.

On the other side, the future trading fee stands at 0.0200% for the maker and 0.0500% for taker fees.

The good part of BingX is that it doesn’t require you to complete KYC to start trading. Without a verified account, you will get a 24-hour maximum withdrawal limit of 50,000 USD. However, your leverage will be limited to 5x only.

Apart from these trading options, you will also get access to other things, such as grid trading and copy trading features.

Overall, the exchange is pretty well-known and widely trusted. It holds several licenses in different regions and has head offices in countries like North America, Canada, the EU, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

BingX Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.00035 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


    • A wide range of cryptocurrencies is supported
    • Up to 125x leverage for derivatives trading
  • It doesn’t require KYC
  • Supports P2P Trading
  • Mobile App


  • Withdrawal limits can vary
  • Trading fee depends on currency pairs
  • Not for US traders

2. Bybit - Most Popular Crypto Margin Trading Platform


If we talk about Bybit’s history, the exchange was established back in 2018, and it is headquartered in Dubai. 

It is a well-known crypto trading platform allowing you to trade in both spot and derivatives markets. It is also one of the best margin trading platforms for cryptos that you can use as of now

That’s why up next on list of the best exchanges we have Bybit. 

Also, as per CoinMarketCap, the exchange comes under 10 best crypto platforms worldwide in terms of trading volume.


Starting with the product offerings, Bybit is known as the best derivatives trading platform. 

As a result, it allows you to trade in the crypto margin, crypto futures, and options trading markets.

If we talk about Bybit’s spot margin trading, then you can borrow and use leverage funds to grow your margin. For margin trade crypto, Bybit offers you a maximum margin trading leverage of up to 10x.

Along with that, you get access to plenty of cryptocurrencies for margin trading. Some of the key trading pairs include BTC, ETH, XRP, APT, and more.

Overall, the exchange supports around 432+ cryptocurrencies for leverage trading crypto. 

Also, Bybit is known for adding new and unique coins from time to time. So you can always stay on your toes when it comes to investing in market-hyped coins.

The exchange is also pretty economical when it comes to trading margins or derivatives. Talking about margin trading specifically, the fee is based on the spot trading fee, interest, and liquidation fee. 

The liquidation fee and interest vary depending on your trade. Also, to avoid liquidating your position, make sure to maintain the margin requirements.

However, for spot trading, Bybit charges you a fee of 0.1000% for both maker and taker fees. But by increasing your trading volume, you can lower your trading volume.

As far as KYC is concerned, Bybit does require you to complete user verification. The exchange has multiple levels of verification that impact your daily and monthly deposit and withdrawal limit, along with some other features.


Overall, with Bybit, you will access plenty of other features apart from spot, margin, and derivatives trading. 

These include AI-powered trading, copy trading, trading bots, etc., so you can use advanced trading strategies.

Bybit Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.1000%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0005 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • Up to 10x leverage for margin trading
  • Offers you a pro trading interface
  • Top-notch security
  • Cheap trading fees
  • Supports trading via MetaTrader 4


  • Bybit is not available in the US
  • Only 100x leverage for futures trading

3. StormGain - Best for Bitcoin Margin Trading


StormGain is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there. 

Unlike other exchanges, StormGain is a unique crypto leverage platform as it combines CEX (Centralized cryptocurrency exchange) and DEX (Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange). 

The exchange aims to ease the process of both crypto investing and trading.

The exchange was founded in 2018, and it is based out of London, England, United Kingdom.

 Initially, the exchange was started as an exchange that offers high leverage pairs at a very low trading fee. But it has turned into an all-in-one crypto platform.

Using the exchange, you can trade in various markets, such as Cryptocurrency futures, Crypto options, tokenized assets, Indices, and commodities.

 Plus, the highlight of the exchange is that it offers you up to 500x leverage for crypto trading, which is one of the highest in the industry.

StormGain allows you to trade in 18 trading pairs. 

This includes all the popular and most traded pairs. So even though the list is limited, you will not lose your access to the most important pairs.


Also, if you are new to crypto leverage trading – StormGain offers you some unique features to help you get started with. One such feature is the crypto trading signals offered by the exchange.

Using these signals, you can easily make your trading decisions and plan your trades based on data from professional traders. Plus, it comes with built-in risk management tools to keep your losses in control.

Coming to StormGain trading fees, the exchange again made it quite unique. Unlike other exchanges, you don’t have to pay trading for each buy/sell order. Instead, on StormGain, you can trade commission free. It only takes a profit share of 10% from your profitable trades.

Coming to KYC, the exchange made it mandatory for you to go through KYC procedures. This is to enhance the exchange’s security. 

Even if you are using StormGain’s DEX, it still requires KYC. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time for you to complete the KYC.

StromGain Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 10% commission on profitable trades
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0007 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • Zero trading fees
  • Offers you crypto signals and risk management tools
  • Works as both CEX and DEX
  • Mobile App
  • Up to 500x leverage


  • StormGain is not available in the US
  • Limited currency pairs

4. Phemex - Best for 100X Margin


Next on our list of best margin account providers, we have Phemex.

It claims to be the most efficient Crypto exchange and one of the best platforms for Futures trading platform, and there is no doubt about it. The exchange was also established in 2019, and it is based out of Singapore.


Since its launch, Phemex become one of the fan-favorite exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. 

Using the exchange, you can easily trade in the spot, margin, and crypto contracts market.

Talking about margin trading specifically, it offers margin traders leverage of up to 5x, while for derivatives trading, you get leverage of up to 100x.

As far as the trading pairs are concerned, it offers you access to 216 trading pairs, including popular names like BTC, ETH, APE, XRP, SOL, and more. 

The exchange also does a pretty good job when it comes to adding new cryptocurrencies to the exchange from time to time.

Coming to trading fees, it charges you one of the lowest fees for spot trading. The maker and taker fees stand at 0.1%. 

But if you are a high-volume trader, you can enjoy a slight trading fee discount. Apart from the spot trading fee, crypto margin traders will be charged an interest fee for margin trading.

Furthermore, Phemex is also an ideal choice if you are looking for a margin platform that requires no KYC. 

Without verifying your account on the exchange, you can enjoy unlimited crypto deposits and trading. However, your crypto withdrawal limit would be restricted to $50.00K daily.

Overall, Phemex is one of the top crypto margin trading platforms. It is a good choice for both margin and leverage trading. 

Also, it offers you some additional crypto features like copy trading and bot trading and a savings account to help you grow your crypto portfolio.

Phemex Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.00005 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • No-KYC Crypto margin trading platform
  • Offers you 5x leverage for margin trading
  • 24/7 customer support via chat
  • Supports demo trading (mock trading)


  • Phemex is not available in the US
  • Limited currency pairs

5. Binance - Highest Margin Trading Exchange


Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange for day trading in terms of 24-hour trading volume. Even CoinMarketCap ranks the exchange as #1 for various factors.

Binance Futures was launched in 2017 in Shanghai, China. However, later it moved its headquarters to Tokyo and Malta. However, as of now, the exchange is based in the Cayman Islands.

Since its launch, Binance didn’t take much time to become the favorite choice of crypto traders. Thanks to its wide range of features, high leverage, and cheap trading cost. The exchange is the biggest name in the industry.

If we talk about the product offerings, Binance allows you to trade in the spot and margin market. Trading is also supported in the derivatives markets, such as perpetual futures and crypto options.

Talking about margin trading on Binance, it offers you leverage ranging between 3x to 5x. The maximum leverage varies from trading pairs to trading pairs.

A unique feature that Binance has introduced is called insurance funds. It protects your account when your equity (assets-liabilities) is lower than 0, or the assets of the pledged currency borrowing orders are insolvent.

Apart from this, you can trade more than 600+ cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Also, Binance has a daily trading volume of more than $3B. 

As a result, you will enjoy deep liquidity, which will ensure a smooth trading experience.

Talking about the crypto margin trading fees, Binance Futures charges you a daily interest fee. 

The fee varies from one crypto coin to another one. So, the longer time you hold your positions, the higher the interest fee you will have to pay.

Also, the regular users get charged a spot trading maker and a taker fee of 0.1000%. However, you can enjoy an additional 25% discount by paying your trading fees in BNB.

Coming to KYC, Binance Futures has made it mandatory to complete KYC. Without completing your user verification, you are not allowed to deposit, withdraw, or place trades. 

Overall, Binance Futures is an ideal platform for crypto margin trading that is filled with multiple crypto products and comes with cheap trading costs.

Binance Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.1000%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0000039 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • One of the lowest trading fees in the market
  • Offers margin trading leverage between 3x to 5x
  • Deep liquidity
  • Multiple crypto products and services
  • Pro trading interface


  • Binance is not available in the US
  • Regulatory concerns

6. Kraken - Crypto Margin Trading Platform for USA

Kraken is a leading platform for margin trading.

It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency margin trading exchanges as it was established in 2011, and it is based out of the United States. 

Also, it is one of the few crypto exchanges that made margin trading available for US residents.

The best part of Kraken is that it offers you complete crypto investment and trading solutions, and as per Kraken, it comes under the top 10 exchanges list in terms of daily trading volume.

But if we talk about margin trading on Kraken specifically, for Bitcoin margin trading you get up to 5x leverage for opening long and short trades. 

Also, it supports more than 233 crypto leverage trading pairs for both margin and futures trading. 

On Kraken, you will find cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, ETH, SOL, and many others.

Talking about the crypto margin trading (also known as leverage) fees, the exchange will charge you the usual trade fee between 0.01 and 0.02%. 

Along with that, it will also charge you a rollover fee of the same amount every 4 hours the position remains open. 

So, the longer you keep your trades open, the higher rollover fees you will have to pay.

But the good part is that Kraken offers you stable fees on margin positions, letting you accurately calculate and predict trading costs.

As far as KYC is concerned, the exchange also made it mandatory to complete your user verification. But the overall process was pretty smooth and quick.

Overall, Kraken is one of the longest-running crypto exchanges that holds several regulatory licenses under multiple jurisdictions and is known for offering a safe trading experience to its users. 

It has one of the largest userbase, and the exchange offers its services in 100+ countries.

Kraken Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.01% - 0.02%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.0001 BTC
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • Kraken margin trading is available in the US
  • Deep liquidity
  • 5x leverage for margin trading
  • Pro trading interface


  • Limited crypto trading products and services
  • Limited currency pairs

7. MEXC - No KYC Trading Platform

MEXC offers one of the best crypto trading experiences. The exchange can be labeled as one of the best crypto margin trading platforms for various reasons.

First of all, the exchange has one of the lowest trading fees in the market. 

Plus, it is known for listing newly launched margin platform on a regular basis before most other crypto exchanges.

The exchange was launched back in 2018, and it is a centralized margin exchange registered in Seychelles. 

If we talk about its features, the exchange spot and futures trading.

The exchange also has one of the highest daily trading volumes of more than 400 Million, as per CoinMarketCap. So, liquidity isn't really an issue when trading with MEXC.

If we talk about the supported currency pairs, MEXC has more than 1660 listed crypto tokens. So you can trade or invest in different cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects. 

Plus, there is a dedicated section to find out about newer crypto tokens to be eligible to get some airdrops.

As far as the trading fees are concerned, MEXC doesn't really charge you anything. It offers you 0% spot maker and taker fees. 

However, for futures trading, it only charges you a taker fee of 0.01% while the maker fee remains at 0%. So, trading with MEXC would be much more economical compared to other margin exchanges in the market.

Now, coming to the KYC part, well, MEXC doesn't force you to complete your user verification. Without verifying your account, you will enjoy a daily withdrawal limit of 30 BTC, along with unlimited deposits. 

With MEXC, you also get access to some other cryptocurrency trading features, such as copy trading and demo trading.

Overall, MEXC is a well-trusted and well-regulated margin platform and comes with a pro trading engine. 

It has its presence over and across major continents and jurisdictions around the globe and is regulated, either directly or through affiliates, by some of the world's most renowned jurisdictions.

MEXC Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0%
  • Withdrawal fee: Free
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • Zero trading fees
  • No-KYC Crypto margin trading platform
  • Wide range of crypto tokens
  • Multiple security features
  • Offers you up to 200x leverage for derivatives trading


  • Regulatory concerns 
  • Doesn’t support MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5

8. Bit.com- Best For Perpetuals

Compared to other leverage exchanges, Bit.com is quite a new name as the exchange was only launched in 2020. The exchange is headquartered in the Republic of Seychelles, Mahe.

Since its launch, the exchange quickly became one of the top name in the cryptocurrency markets. 

However, unlike other margin exchange, Bit.com has its primary focus on perpetual and crypto options. But you can also use the exchange for spot trading and margin trading.

While the exchange doesn’t have anything dedicated to margin trading, but it offers you a currency borrowing mode that lets you sell a currency or trade derivatives with that currency as the settlement currency when the balance of a currency is insufficient.

As far as the number of crypto coins supported, on Bit.com, you will find around 70+ cryptocurrencies.

The list has a combination of both majorly traded crypto tokens and some newly launched ones. To name a few, you will find coins like BTC, ETH, ENS, MASK, OMG, and many others.

Talking about the trading fees, well, unlike other exchanges, Bit.com asks you to meet a minimum trading volume to place your trades. 

The minimum trading volume varies from one token to another. For instance, for BTC-USD pair, the minimum trading volume size is 10 USD.

Also, the same thing can be seen for USD-M perpetual contracts where a minimum BTCUSD PERP trading size should be 0.001 BTC.

Coming to the trading fees, spot traders are required to pay a trading fee of 0.0800% and 0.1000% as maker and taker fees, respectively. But you can also get up to 10.00% off by paying your fees in TON.

Also, there are some margin trading rules that you must take into account while trading on Bit.com. 

If your position size is between 0-25,000, you will get a maximum leverage of 50x, and your maintenance margin rate would be 1%.

Bit.com also made it mandatory to complete your KYC. By completing basic verification, you will get a withdrawal limit of 1,000,000 USD/day, along with unlimited deposits.

Bit.com Trading Fees

  • Trading fee: 0.0800% - 0.1000%
  • Withdrawal fee: Varies
  • Deposit fee: Free


  • Competitive trading fees
  • Supports multiple security features
  • Offers you a daily withdrawal limit of up to 200 BTC


  • Withdrawal fees can vary
  • Limited currency pairs


What is Crypto Margin Trading?

Crypto margin trading involves the act of trading with borrowed funds from a crypto trading platform in order to amplify your trading position. It allows cryptocurrency traders to increase their trading potential using leverage, which results in higher profit. But it also comes with higher risks.

Which crypto exchange gives the highest leverage?

Most crypto exchanges & margin platform, such as Binance and Bybit, offer you leverage up to 100x - 125x for derivatives trading. 

However, exchanges like MEXC offer you up to 200x leverage for derivatives trading, while StormGain takes the limit up to 500x. However, the higher leverage you use for your trades, the higher risk you will be exposed to.

Is crypto margin trading legal?

Crypto margin trading's legality is tricky as it varies from region to region and country's laws. In some countries, crypto margin trading is allowed; in others, there are unclear laws or a complete ban on leverage trading. So, depending on where you live, you must do your research to check what the local laws say about margin trading or trading futures.


So those were some of the best crypto margin trading exchanges compared above. 

Margin trading allows you to borrow funds to open up your position, making it one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency markets. 

However, your profitability depends on how good an exchange is. 

If it offers you low trading fees, high leverage, and many currency pairs, your trading experience will be smooth. 

So before you begin trading margin, check an exchange's features & its trading fees.

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