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7 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views (Real & Non-Drop)

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7 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views (Real & Non-Drop)

we tested hundreds of websites and found out the top 7 best sites to buy YouTube views in 2023. All these websites are 100% safe and genuine and offer non-drop views that will also eliminate any kind of risk to your channel.

7 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views
7 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Views

Quick Answer: According to reviews, ratings, features, plans, and pricing, the best site to buy YouTube views is

As a content creator, you give all your time and money into creating content, but it's hard to get YoutTube views. You work day and night, giving your all to get a few thousand views on your channel, and in the end, you feel like quitting Youtube. But that's not the solution. 

Well, there is a way! You can buy YouTube Views. Yes, there are several websites available on the internet that offers YouTube views. But not all of them offer genuine YouTube video views.  

Last time we mentioned 7 best websites to buy facebook followers . And today, we tested hundreds of websites and found out the top 7 best sites to buy YouTube views in 2023. All these websites are 100% safe and genuine and offer non-drop views that will also eliminate any kind of risk to your channel. 

Here are the top 7 best sites to buy YouTube views:  

Score: 9.5/10 

Firezup is one of the best websites to buy YouTube views in 2023. This website offers 100% genuine views. The users will interact with your YouTube content and will even share it with their family and friends, which will improve the engagement and organic reach of your YouTube channel. has multiple plans and payment options which makes buying Youtube views a breeze of an experience. This website is well-known for providing quick delivery while prioritizing quality. 

The best part about Firezup, which makes it stand out from the competition, is the customer support that is available 24/7 in your service.  

Another great feature of is the customization plan option that helps you to get a customized plan according to your budget and needs. 


  • 100% Real Views 
  • Users with active accounts 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • 24/7 Customer Support 


  • No free trial 

For more details, please visit:  

Score: 9.3/10 

Next on our list is which offers real YouTube video views from active YouTube accounts. Similar toFirezup, is known for offering quality video views. 

Adflee has a similar user interface to the previous website, which, obviously, is user-friendly and easy to use. Apart from that, Adflee's service is also fast and secure, which you will understand after buying the YouTube video views from the website. 

Adflee offers multiple plans to buy Youtube views, and the basic plan costs $7.6 and offers 500 YouTube video views.  

Buying YouTube views from Adflee is a very simple and straightforward process; you just need to enter the link of your YouTube channel, Your Name, and your email address. That's it! You will then start receiving views on your channel soon. 


  • Authentic YouTube video views 
  • Instant delivery 
  • Multiple plan choices 
  • Cons: 
  • Slightly expensive plans 
  • For more details, please visit: 

Score: 9.0/10 

Ookfy is another website that offers quality YouTube views at affordable prices. Many well-renowned social media marketing agencies have used this website to buy YouTube views. offers a total of 7 plans for buying Youtube video views, and the basic plan starts from $7.6, which offers 500 quality views within a few minutes. 

Ookfy delivers fast views while maintaining authenticity. The website is also known for offering large discounts on larger plans. The larger the plan, the more discount you will get. 

The basic plan to buy Youtube views offers a 5% discount, while the largest plan costs a 35% discount, which makes it a steal deal, especially if you want to buy Youtube views in a large amount. 


  • Heavily discounted plans 
  • Safe & Real Views 
  • Fast delivery 


  • Only 7 plans to buy Youtube views 

For more details, please visit: 

Score: 7.9/10 is one of the best sites to buy Youtube views in 2023. This website offers not just YouTube views but also various other social media marketing services, whether it be Youtube subscribers, Youtube Video likes, Instagram followers, and so on. can help you grow your Youtube channel in a quick and effective manner, as you can quickly gain subscribers and boost your organic reach on Youtube. 

The website provides organic and real views that are genuine and 100% non-drop, which means that Youtube will treat these views as organic and will show your videos in the Youtube recommendation and feeds tab. 

And since these views will be genuine and organic, your channel engagement will be higher than ever before. These viewers will not only interact with your content but may also comment on and like your Youtube videos. 


  • Fast delivery of views 
  • Professional services 
  • No bot views 


  • No option to select the targeted country 

For more details, please visit: 

Score: 7.5/10 is a top-rated website that is known for offering high-quality, genuine Youtube views. The website is known for providing real and engaging viewers, which is considered ideal for any YouTube channel. is designed to improve your channel's organic reach and visibility, which will eventually increase the credibility of your channel.  

If you are struggling to get brand deals on your YouTube channel due to fewer views, then could be an ideal website to buy Youtube views and collab with big brands. offers a number of packages to cater needs of different YouTubers. Whether you want 500 views or 50,000 views, this platform is capable of delivering the desired results.  


  • Customizable packages 
  • Commitment to fast delivery 
  • Ideal for channel growth 


  • No free trial 

For more details, please visit: 

Score: 7.1/10 is one of the best sites to buy Youtube views as it prioritizes quality over quantity. The website has the best customer support as per our testing. 

Furthermore, offers the best value for money on Youtube views which gives an initial boost to your channel as, in the beginning, you don't want to spend too much.  

While is not a popular website to buy Youtube views like other websites on the list, it is certainly worth the mention due to its quality of service.  

Similar to the websites listed above, this website is user-friendly and offers a wide range of packages to choose from.  

We recommend to content creators who are just starting out on their content creation journey on Youtube and want to have a strong online presence from the initial days. 

When you get the initial boost, you want to work more as the initial boost work as motivation for the YouTubers. The initial boost will not only motivates you to work harder but also inspires you to upload videos consistently for better organic reach. 


  • Excellent customer service 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Priority support 


  • Not a popular website 

For more details, please visit: 

Score: 7.0/10 

Last but not least, is there to satisfy all your social media marketing needs, including Youtube video views. The website will help you to grow your channel effortlessly with organic and 100% non-drop views.  

Similar to the previous website, is not so popular, but it deserves to be included because it provides quality views, fast delivery, and 24/7 support from targeted countries. doesn't only provide you with Youtube video views, but they ensure that the views are legitimate, which helps you to grow your channel with ease in less time. 

Qlizz is a team of experts that ensures you are getting what you have paid for. In case of any query or problem, you can contact the customer support team, and they will quickly resolve your query. 


  • Real Youtube Views 
  • Views from European countries 
  • Relaible customer support 


  • Not a well-renowned site 

For more details, please visit:  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why Should You Buy YouTube Views in 2023? 

There are multiple reasons which encourage a content creator to buy Youtube views. Buying Youtube video views will not only increase the relevancy of a channel's content but also help you to unlock monetization faster. 

Improve Channel's Visibility: Since Youtube is a highly competitive platform for content creators, it is important to have better visibility to gain an initial boost. 

Buying Youtube views will help your videos reach a new audience, and when the new audience engages with your content, it is more likely to be easily visible the searches and recommendations.  

On top of that, a high view count will also attract organic viewership to your channel. 

Boosts the Relevancy of Your Channel: Your Youtube channel becomes highly relevant when you have more audience engaging in your content.  

Buying Youtube views will increase the view count and the large view count. The more views a video will have, the more relevant it is likely to be for others. 

Unlock the Monetization: One of the toughest achievements for a small YouTuber or content creator is to unlock the monetization of their Youtube channel. 

But when you buy Youtube views, you will easily be able to unlock Youtube Monetization by complying with Youtube Partner Program, which will generate revenue from your channel. 

Meeting the Youtube Partner Program policies is important, and when you buy Youtube views from third-party websites, you are most likely to get banned from the platform. This is why you should buy Youtube video views from a reliable website like the above one. 

Are these websites safe to buy YouTube views? 

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to buy Youtube views from the websites listed above. All these websites are highly trusted and used by many big Youtubers, Content creators, Digital Marketing Agencies, and Influencers.  

Furthermore, we have personally tested all of these websites for buying YouTube views, which leads us to recommend them to you. 

How Buying YouTube Views Will Benefit My Channel? 

As mentioned above, there are multiple benefits to buying Youtube video views. Purchasing youtube video views will give you the following benefits: 

  • Improved Channel Visibility 
  • Instant Social Proof 
  • Organic Growth Potential 
  • Unlock Youtube Monetization Program 
  • Improved Ranking in Search Results 
  • Better Exposure and Engagement 
  • Increased View Count 

Can Buying YouTube Views Result in Ban of My Channel? 

Well, it depends. If you buy Youtube views from a reliable website or platform like we have listed above on this list, then your channel will be 100% safe and secure.  

However, if you buy cheap Youtube views from third-party sellers or websites, then your channel is most likely to get banned.  

The reason for this is that YouTube has a team of experts that reviews your channel manually. When they find out that your channel has bot views and views generated from illegal software, they will permanently disable or ban your Youtube channel. 

What Factors Should I Consider While Buying YouTube Views from a Website? 

When buying Youtube views from a website or any platform, you need to consider several factors to keep your channel safe from getting banned, penalized, or disabled.  

Site's Reputation and Reviews: You need to check the reputation of the site you are buying Youtube views from. If the site is not so popular and you haven't heard of it before, avoid the site.  

However, if the site is very popular and you have heard of it before, or there are good reviews of the website, then you can give it a try.  

But we still recommend buying small views plans for testing, and if you find out to be a legitimate website, then you can buy views in more quantity. 

Quality of Views: Make sure the website is offering genuine views. Bot views or drop views can harm your channel's growth and may even violate Youtube's Terms of Services (ToS). 

Delivery Speed: Check the delivery speed offered by the website. Some websites will complete the order within minutes which may be an indication of bot views. However, another website will deliver the views gradually, which are most likely to be real and organic. 

Customer Service: Before buying Youtube video views, check the customer support quality, and if the website has a reliable support team, then you can buy views from the website. 

Are There Any Alternatives to Buying YouTube Views? 

Yes, but it needs determination, hard work, patience, and time. You need to focus on creating high-quality content, optimize the video for better reach and retention, optimize the title, tags, and description, collab with other channels, and do a lot of stuff. 

Outlook India does not vouch, endorse, or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it liable for any claims arising thereof, Outlook India doesn't encourage/ promote such practices by any means. In case of any dispute or clarification please feel free to write to the content owner at [email protected]