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7 Best Crypto on Reddit to Invest in 2022

Reddit is a genuine place to come and search for advice when in doubt about the coin that may be the right one to invest in. A faithful fanbase eager to share their opinion and find out something more about this exciting topic makes it an ideal address to turn to if you want to find out more about the best coins to invest in at this moment, so let's get into the details!

7 Best Crypto on Reddit to Invest in 2022
7 Best Crypto on Reddit to Invest in 2022

Reddit is a trusted forum and usually the first place that people turn to when they want to find out more about the topic they are interested in, including the crypto world. It is a genuine place to come and search for advice when in doubt about the coin that may be the right one to invest in. A faithful fanbase eager to share their opinion and find out something more about this exciting topic makes it an ideal address to turn to if you want to find out more about the best coins to invest in at this moment, so let's get into the details! 

Best Crypto on Reddit to Invest in 2022 

There is no better place to find out more about the crypto to invest in than Reddit, as we mentioned before. According to the opinions of the users who already have extensive experience and knowledge, these are the best crypto on Reddit to invest in 2022: 


  1. Battle Infinity  

  1. Tamadoge  

  1. Lucky Block 

  1. DeFi Coin 

  1. Bitcoin 

  1. Ripple 

  1. Ethereum  


Let's take a closer look at each one of these coins!  


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1. Battle Infinity 


Battle Infinity is a platform that will thrill all game lovers! It works on the play-to-earn principle, so if you like to play games, you will surely love this one. It is a great way to dive into the Metaverse world and enjoy all its advantages. This platform changes the way gaming is perceived since it integrates the blockchain and metaverse, blending all of the advantages and providing an excellent experience to the players. We are talking about this incredible platform first because Battle Infinity Coin is the best crypto on Reddit, according to their members. It is fully kyc'd on Coinsniper, which makes it anti-rug pull. It can be considered to be the next Axie Infinity.  


It is an amazing Indian-developed crypto project, and by looking at the success of other Indian crypto projects, especially Polygon Matic, we can surely say that Battle Infinity truly has a bright future ahead. Sports fans will surely love it because they can utilize their knowledge to get ahead in the game and cash in on their knowledge. Currently, there is a presale of IBAT tokens which means that it is a perfect moment for the early investors to join in and work towards high returns in the near future.  

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How to buy Battle Infinity (IBAT) in pre-sale? 

The process is slightly different from buying other cryptocurrencies. Finally, the pre-sale is handled directly by the publisher, on the pre-sale platform specially created for this purpose . Experience has shown that with the following steps you have IBAT tokens in your wallet in less than 10 minutes . 

1. Open the Battle Infinity pre-sale website 

First, the crypto investors visit the Battle Infinity pre-sale page. Here the crucial windows open immediately. 

2. Buy Binance Coin 

The IBAT Coin is designed as a BEP-20 token and runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that one must own Binance Coin in order to buy IBAT. If you have this in your wallet, you can proceed directly. On the other hand, one should first buy BNB – for example via the online broker eToro, which does not charge any commission and allows a crypto purchase in less than 10 minutes.  

3. Connect wallet to Battle Infinity 

The next step is to connect the wallet to Battle Infinity. This is possible with the Metamask Wallet or the Walletconnect function. It is important that the corresponding wallets have been switched to the Binance Smart Chain. 

4. Select the desired amount of IBAT and complete the purchase 

Now select the desired amount of IBAT. You can see directly how many Binance Coins are required. For example, if you want 250,000 IBAT tokens, you have to invest around 1.5 BNB. One last click on “Buy IBAT” and the purchase is complete. 


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2. Tamadoge 


There are a lot of us who still remember Tamagochi pets that we used to have as kids. Being all grown up now doesn't mean that we can't still have some fun! There is a new cryptocurrency called Tamadoge that will be launched by the end of this month, July 2022. It is a utility memecoin from the Tamaverse. The players get to battle other users and gather as many points as possible in order to claim the winnings from the monthly draws out of the Dogepool.  


The goal is to keep your Tamadoge alive, or you will be at serious risk of it becoming a Tamaghost. Your Tamadoge will be your pet that you will need to take care of and keep alive for as long as possible. All the proven standards concerning the tokens and NFTs will be blended together in this very interesting coin. There will be a pretty generous supply of Tamadige coins of the impressive 2 billion. Initially, one billion will circulate, while 400 million will be unminted and reserved for future exchanges. The rest will be available over the next decade.  


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3. Lucky Block 


One of the best crypto on Reddit is surely Lucky Block. It is a NFT competition platform. 


It is hosted on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), and the users get a chance to buy tickets which enables them to get access to the prizes that get drawn on a daily basis. It is the coin that gains new subscribers continually. The Lucky Block's native token is called LBLOCK, and it produced very lucrative returns in the initial period of trading. It is considered to be one of the most undervalued coins at the moment.  


With more than 45,000 members on the official Lucky Block Telegram Group discussing the price predictions in the future, it becomes clear that its popularity won't drop in the near future for sure. The generous prize pool of the incredible $2 million is surely one of the reasons why people turn to it and why the community keeps expanding. There is also a chance of winning one more million dollars through the NFT draws of prizes. The team behind this project keeps expanding their plans onto the education platforms regarding crypto and even charity events, so we should just keep our eyes close to this very interesting project. 


Lucky block is now being listed on several exchanges, and Lbank is the first one to be a part of the new revolution. You can join by using the link below, and earn a $255 bonus to buy Lucky Block on Lbank. 


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4. DeFi Coin 


The native token of the decentralized exchange called DeFi Swap, known as DeFi Coin, is one of the best crypto on Reddit that we can also recommend. Its launch wasn't exactly smooth since it was initially delayed. However, ever since it showed up on the market, it became clear that it is very promising because its value increased by 300% within a day which is pretty incredible by all means.  


DeFi Swap enables the users to stake, swap, and also earn interest via yield farming. Since the exchange and the coin are closely connected, the popularity of each one impacts the other one as well. When the exchange grows, it impacts the value of the coin. The benefits that the owners get by simply owning the coin translate into passive income, which is why people get interested in it initially. There is a tax of 10% on each buy and sell order, which means that the coin owners can expect to get regular income because of this tax that accumulates over time. The Telegram Group for this coin has 5,000 members already, but it is growing as we speak, so its future seems pretty bright.  


5. Bitcoin 


The coin that revolutionized the word we knew surely still keeps our eyes glued to the crypto market. Despite the price change in the near past and the changes in the market that made most people nervous, it is the coin that should not be overlooked when looking to invest. With more than 10 000 companies that accept Bitcoin as a way of payment and numerous ATMs for Bitcoin, it becomes clear why it is still worth everyone's attention. According to the opinions of the majority of Reddit members, Bitcoin is here to stay. The community that gathers around Bitcoin on Reddit counts an incredible four million members!  


Even when the market started changing recently, the comments on the Reddit forum remained positive, and it seemed that most people managed to see the positive side of it - getting it while the price was reduced. No one can deny the fact that the crypto market changes over time and that some changes may be pretty drastic, but what we have seen so far is that the same way the market goes downhill, it goes back up pretty fast. There is no reason to believe that Bitcoin will lose its value completely any time soon, so it is always a good option when looking for a coin to invest in.  


6. Ripple  


When looking for the best crypto on Reddit to invest in 2022, the coin that is very appreciated is certainly Ripple (XRP). It has a huge potential, and the fact that it makes the cross -border transactions easier make it highly valued. The payments that companies and individuals make are made very swiftly, which is very important in a world when every minute counts. When compared to the transactions that take up to five business days, it becomes clear why Ripple holds such an important place on our list. It is something like a bridge between the parties who wish to speed up their transactions. Financial institutions are already largely using it and seeing it as a good alternative that can resolve the issues with transactions that people usually have - the cost and the time.  


Not only does it make transactions cheaper and faster, but it also uses very little energy for it, which also makes it environmentally friendly. With the whole world going in this direction, it is certainly a huge plus. Buying XRP is a way to support the Ripple and exchange currencies at a lower price and for less time than usual. It is a good coin to invest in, especially if you trust Reddit users and their opinions as much as we do.  


7. Ethereum  


Last but not least - our list for the best crypto on Reddit gets finished with Ethereum. According to the Reddit members, the strong suits of Ethereum are:  


  • Security,  

  • Scalability, 

  • Decentralization. 


Even though the recent changes hit Ethereum too, and its price dropped by 13% which cannot be overlooked, the strong community that supports it and the team of developers that constantly work on improving it acts as a sort of a guarantee that it will stay and survive.  


The fact that the upgrade of the Ethereum algorithm called Ethereum 2.0 is expected to occur next year, investing now might mean that it will pay off in the near future. Of course, everything should be taken with a grain of salt since the launch was planned for 2019, and then every year after that, we shouldn't hold our breath. However, there are strong indications that it will happen soon. When it actually happens, it will increase the price of Ethereum significantly. According to everything we have seen so far, it makes sense to count on the return of investment in the long run. The fact that it has changed the transactions as we knew them by removing the middleman says a lot about its significance and utility that the investors can take advantage of.  




These were the best crypto on Reddit to invest in 2022, according to the faithful members that give their best to share their knowledge and help each other out. Reading reviews and asking questions is always a way to go, and Reddit members have proven that it is possible to share and grow with others. Having support from other members comes pretty handy, especially during times of change that we have seen recently. We hope our guide and review of each one of these coins will help you decide which coin would be the best option for you at the moment. We can all agree that each one of these coins has huge potential and something that sets it apart from the other coins on the market. Take a closer look at each one, and we are sure that the next step will be much easier, so make your decision and dive in!