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13 Best Hair Oils For Men In 2023

This is a generalization, but we think that by making a list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023, we can help to introduce a new tool into your arsenal so you can feel the best about your hair.


Hair Oils for Men

Hair oils are something that not a lot of people use on a regular basis. In fact, for the majority of people, shampoo and conditioner are enough. And for a fairly large portion of men, even that may be conjoined into a two-in-one or even a three-in-one product. 

So, why do we need to add another product to our hair routines? Well, hair oils are a great product for particular purposes and are a fantastic tool to help control your hair. But the fact is men are less likely to use additional hair products. 

However, men are some of the people who can benefit most from hair oil. This is because men are less likely than women to put a large amount of time into characterizing their hair and making a routine or choosing products that specially suit their hair. 


Men also are more likely to have issues with hair loss, hair breakage, and overall less healthy hair than women. This is by and large because of genetics, but in some cases can also be caused by a lack of nutrition or care for their hair. 

Obviously, this is a generalization, but we think that by making a list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023, we can help to introduce a new tool into your arsenal so you can feel the best about your hair.

Blu Atlas

This hair and body oil from Blu Atlas is great for starting off our list. This is because Blu Atlas is a male-focused skincare brand, and each product is reviewed by a panel of dermatologists. 


All Blu Atlas products are unisex, but unlike most brands, the products are specifically developed with a focus on men's grooming needs. . All products are vegan, cruelty-free, and crafted with scientifically-proven, high-quality ingredients.

Saw palmetto, a natural oil that is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, is one of the ingredients in this oil. It has been shown to combat the hair loss hormone DHT, as well as improve volume and provide your hair with much-needed moisture.

The next star ingredient in this blend is argan oil. Argan oil is one of the most versatile oils and is a key ingredient in several skin and hair health products. This is because it is packed full of vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids, and other nutrients, which help it to tame frizz, repair damage, and smooth the hair. It is also very lightweight and won't cause the hair to appear greasy. 

The final star ingredient in this hair oil is sweet almond oil. This ingredient is one of the most important, as it helps protect the skin and hair from UV damage. This is because it contains vitamins E and D, as well as antioxidants. It also helps to strengthen hair and moisturize the skin and hair while reducing irritation. 

With all these fantastic ingredients and dermatologist approval, we have to put this hair oil from Blu Atlas at the top of our list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023.

2. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

Kate Blanc


Next on our list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023 is a plain and simple organic castor oil. This cold-pressed oil is certified organic by the USDA.

This product is effective in promoting hair regrowth and can be applied to the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows. It has also been shown to stimulate nail growth. While the scientific evidence behind this is limited, many individuals have reported personal experiences of increased regrowth and stronger hair.

In addition to its hair growth benefits, castor oil has been shown to provide strength and moisture and reduce irritation to the scalp, skin, and hair. This is potentially how it strengthens the hair and encourages regrowth.


Castor oil is effective in treating dry scalp, dandruff, and other scalp issues that can cause irritation. It achieves this by moisturizing the skin and replenishing necessary oils to prevent skin flaking and promote healing.

In addition to being used as a hair oil, pure castor oil can be a great addition to a skincare routine, so this is perfect for a man who wants versatility in his health and beauty products. 

3. Handcraft Fractionated Coconut Oil


Another pure oil on our list is pure fractionated coconut oil. This versatile oil can be used as a carrier oil that can be mixed with essential oils for use in various products, including massage oils and skin moisturizers. Its versatility makes it a great addition to our list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023.


It's also great for hair since it's packed with antioxidants that fight against free radicals, which are harmful molecules that cause oxidation within cells and can ultimately lead to cell death.

Therefore, antioxidants can stop the cells from dying too early and prevent premature aging. They can also reverse the damage that has been caused by free radicals from things like chemical treatments. 

Coconut oil is full of antioxidants, which means that it can help improve the scalp and hair. It can also promote faster and better hair growth by reducing damage to the scalp. 

This product is free from added chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. This means it is suitable for skin of all types and will not trigger a reaction on sensitive skin. Additionally, if you prefer supporting small businesses over large corporations, this product is a great choice as it's made by a small business.


4. NOW Solutions Organic Jojoba Oil

NOW Solutions

This pure jojoba oil is suitable for skin, hair, or face use. It is a really well-known oil and is, in fact, one of the most popular oils used in cosmetic products today. 

So why is jojoba oil so popular? Well, in short, jojoba oil is very chemically similar to sebum. Sebum is a naturally expressed oil that is common on the skin of the face. Because jojoba oil is similar, it can be absorbed further into the skin than other products.

As you can imagine, one of the problems with topical products like oils is that they struggle to penetrate the many barriers the body uses to prevent outside environmental substances from entering the body. Jojoba oil overcomes this problem by being easily absorbable. 


It can also invigorate the skin and hair and helps promote moisture and damage healing. This means that jojoba oil is often used to facilitate softening of the hair or skin when it is in a damaged state. 

5. WOW Skin Science 10 in 1 Hair Oil

WOW Skin

This product has been specially designed to control breakage. That means it is suitable when your hair grows but seems to snap off at a certain length, creating the illusion that it hasn't been growing. 

Other common signs of breakage include hair looking dry or damaged, resembling straw, being difficult to manage, and having sections that are unevenly shorter or longer. The hair might also look noticeably thinner at the ends compared to the scalp.


This hair oil nourishes the scalp's skin and hair by utilizing a blend of oils, including sweet almond, rosemary, tea tree, argan, jojoba, saw palmetto, and safflower, each with its own unique benefits.

Working in harmony, these oils moisturize the skin, stimulate and rejuvenate hair follicles to promote hair growth, smooth and tame the hair, and prevent premature aging.

Furthermore, this formula is vegan and free from sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, and parabens, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin and curly hair. The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee and will provide a refund if any issues arise.


6. Focus Coconut Oil Hair Serum


Another coconut oil-based product, this hair serum, is specifically designed to serve as a detangler and breakage control for dry hair. Coconut oil, a hair-nourishing oil, is the primary ingredient in the blend.

Coconut oil is full of fatty acids, which help stimulate full and thick hair growth by being nutrient rich. The product also contains other oils, like olive oil, sweet almond oil, and another key ingredient, keratin. 

Keratin is an essential part of the strength of hair and nails. By adding keratin to the hair oil, this product helps to promote stronger hair which is less prone to breakage. It can also revitalize damaged hair by helping to repair the missing components of the hair.


This serum also contains other ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe vera. These products contain antioxidants for the hair's health and repair damage. It also allows the serum to act as a moisturizer and control frizz through the hydrating effects of aloe vera. 

Lastly, this serum is packed with nutrition since all the oils are extracted using a cold-press process, which maximizes nutrient retention by avoiding the breakdown of nutrients during extraction.

7. Farmasi Dr C Tuna Concentrated Hair Oil


This hair oil is full of nourishing ingredients and has been designed to help hair that is dry and damaged. It contains a wide variety of oils, like concentrated garlic oil, vitamin E oils, sunflower, and sweet almond oils. 


Together, these ingredients can give nourishment to the hair, as well as support hair growth. These oils are mixed together to make the hair silky smooth, and soft. It also helps to promote thicker ends by reducing breakage. 

This hair oil is safe for all hair types and has been specially formulated to restore softness to the hair. This makes it great for hair damaged through chemical or color treatments, as well as naturally dry hair types like coily, curly, or wavy hair. 

Altogether, this product helps to restore brightness and volume and lets you manage your hair more effectively. 


8. OshimaTsubaki Japanese Hair Oil


Another pure oil, this product is made of 100% camellia oil. This is an uncommon oil in the West but has been used in Japan throughout history. It is made with 100% pure camellia seed oils. 

This versatile oil is suitable for use on the skin, hair, and nails. Its moisturizing properties make it an excellent choice for dry and damaged hair, promoting hair shine and enhancing hair moisture.

In addition, this hair oil can aid in minimizing hair damage caused by heat or UV rays. Providing protection to hair is crucial, especially since sun damage is an unavoidable issue.


This product is particularly well suited for beards as it is safe for both the skin and hair. Additionally, a small business creates this product, so supporting them is a more responsible consumer choice.

9. VoilaVe USDA and ECOCERT Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 


Argan oil is one of the best products in the health and beauty world. This is because it is a highly useable oil and can be added to nearly any product to give it an extra bit of oomph. 

Argan oil is suitable for hair, skin, nails, and the face. It is also very fast-absorbing, so it won’t sit heavy on the skin or linger all day. This product also won’t cause a reaction in people with sensitive skin because it is pure argan oil. 


In addition, this argan oil has been certified as sustainably sourced from trees in Morocco, which means that it is an excellent choice for people concerned with where their products come from. 

When applied to hair, this oil aids in lengthening and thickening strands by acting as a moisturizer, promoting stronger, healthier, and fuller hair. You can even add it to your usual shampoo or conditioner to enhance its effectiveness and nourish your hair. 

In addition, this oil is unrefined, so it is full of natural nutrients like vitamin E. This helps nourish the strands of hair, promotes hair growth, and reduces damage. 


10. Ancient Greek Remedy Oil


Oils as a skin and hair health product are nothing new. In fact, the ancient greeks were well established in using oils in a range of practices, including adding them to the skin or hair to help nourish the body. 

This product has been formulated using olive oils, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender oils. It is suitable for your face, body, hair, and nails. These oils work together to have an anti-aging effect on the body. 

They do so by fighting free radicals and hydrating the skin, making it look plumper, firmer, and younger. It is also great for the hair because these oils help to smooth the cuticle and cause the strands to slide smoothly past each other without catching. 


This product is suitable for all hair types, including natural hair. It can also help to prevent breakage from thin hair, as well as help to contain and tame frizzy hair. 

11. Life and Pursuits Alma Brahmi Hair Oil

Life and Pursuits

This hair oil is designed to stimulate hair growth in individuals with hair loss. It is formulated with three organic oils: coconut, castor, and sesame. These oils work together to promote hair growth.

As previously mentioned, coconut and castor oils are great for hair due to their nutrient-rich composition and hydrating properties that can reduce irritation on both hair and skin.


The inclusion of sesame oil helps reduce inflammation on the head to reduce flaking skin. It also helps to retain the shine of the hair. In addition to those three oils, this product also contains alma oil.

Alma extract is a rich source of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient that may be insufficient in the skin or hair due to the difficulty in effectively transporting nutrients outside the body, especially when they are lacking in other parts of the body.

Alma extract can nourish the hair follicles by adding moisture and vitamin C. This helps to increase hair growth and create smoother hair that has much less chance of falling out during brushing or manipulation of the hair.


12. Banyan Botanicals Herbal Hair Oil


Another product containing Amla oil, this one is designed to give hair a pick-me-up and promote strong and thick hair growth. It is a nourishing oil that promotes increased hair health from the roots to the tips. 

This product has been created using coconut and sesame oils as a carrier for Indian herbs like alma, bhringaraj, and gotu kola. These are great ingredients for hair health that are well-established in Indian culture. 

The absolute star ingredient in this blend is bhringaraj, which has long been renowned for its ability to create healthier hair. Specifically designed as a scalp massage oil, this product's effectiveness is enhanced by the increased blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles resulting from the massage.


Scalp massages are also an enjoyable experience, so we recommend trying them! They help to promote a calm and restful sleep by massaging out tension and helping you relax.

13. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair 10-in-1 Oil


As a well-known brand, L'Oreal is a fitting conclusion to our list of the 13 best hair oils for men in 2023. This product is designed as a leave-in treatment oil that can be added in small amounts to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, left in as the hair dries after a shower.

This leave-in oil treatment is designed specifically for damaged hair. Hair damage often results from exposure to certain factors, such as blow-drying, straightening, or chemical treatments like dyeing.


This oil treatment claims to offer ten benefits in a single product. It nourishes, conditions, and detangles hair while giving it a light, soft touch, adding shine and smoothness, resurfacing strands to maintain manageability, and protecting against damage caused by hair brushing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining hair comes with quite a few terms that you have to understand. This includes the difference between moisturizing and hydrating the hair, the different layers of hair, and how hair can be damaged. 

What Makes up a Strand of Hair?

This is a commonly asked question among those who are new to hair care or those who may not have been exposed to the particulars of hair care, especially men who didn't receive guidance on hair care while growing up.


Each strand of hair is made up of three layers. These layers begin as cells hardening and grouping together in the hair bulb, which is under the skin in the hair follicle. They then develop into particular layers. 

The first layer (innermost layer) is the medulla. This is the hair's core and often contains very little to no pigment. While not always present, the medulla layer can emerge a few months after birth and may be intermittent throughout the strand or replaced by large air pockets.

The cortex is the largest layer and makes up more than 90% of the hair strand's weight. It is responsible for the majority of the hair's characteristics.


This includes color, texture, thickness, and almost anything else you can think of. In the cells that make up the cortex, melatonin is deposited, the pigment that gives hair its characteristic color. 

The cortex is also full of microfibrils, composed of the parts of the hair that give hair its strength, including keratin. This layer seems the most important, but it is protected by one more layer. 

This layer is the cuticle and is a waxy envelope over the hair strand. It comprises a series of overlapping scales, which act like armor. These scales are usually all joined together, but when damage occurs, the scales can come apart, resulting in the hair being susceptible to damage. 


One thing that can damage the cuticle is too much water, which leads to the next thing we will discuss, the difference between hydration and moisturizing. 

What Is the Difference Between Hydrating the Hair and Moisturizing It?

The primary distinction between hydration and moisturization lies in the layer of the hair each process targets. While both procedures are somewhat comparable, hydration adds moisture to the cortex, the innermost layer of the hair strand. 

On the other hand, moisturizing involves depositing a layer of moisture on the cuticle and never penetrates the hair shaft. Moisturizing is particularly useful for damaged hair.


Hair damage can result from a variety of factors but often manifests as damage to the cuticle. For example, excess water can swell the cells of the cortex, causing the cuticle's scales to break open and leaving the hair strand exposed and vulnerable to damage.

Once the cuticle is forced open, the scales can snag on each other, leading to tangles and further harm to the hair. To remedy this issue, moisturizing products can be used to deposit a film on the hair's surface, which helps to realign the cuticle scales and allows the hair to glide past itself without sustaining further damage.