Muzaffarnagar Slap Case: Boy Disturbed From Inquiries About Incident, Educatioan Dept Open To Admit Him To Govt School

The Muslim boy's father also said that there would be no compromise with Muzaffarnagar school teacher who made fellow students slap his son.

In a viral video, a private school teacher in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar was seen making fellow students slap a Muslim boy and was also heard making a communal remark (Representative Photo)

The Muslim boy who was slapped by fellow students at the order of their teacher in Uttar Pradesh's in Muzaffarnagar has been disturbed by constant queries about the incident and has had troubles sleeping since the incident, said his family. 

In a video, the boy's teacher Tripti Tyagi was seen making fellow students slap him. She was also heard making a communal remark. 

The video led to widespread outrage and led to multiple investigations launched against the teacher. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and UP education department have opened investigations into the case. The police have also filed a non-cognizable report into the matter. 

Separately, the UP government has said the boy would be admitted to the government primary school in the boy's village if the family would agree to it. 
"After complaining of being upset and not able to sleep throughout last night, the boy was brought to Meerut for a checkup. The doctor said that the boy was normal. He became disturbed due to several people including reporters asking him about the Neha Public School incident," said Irshad, father of the boy, to PTI. 

Separately, the education department said it is open to admitting other students too in the government primary school. 

"The father of the boy who was slapped does not want his son to continue his studies there (Neha Public School). The block education officer spoke to the boy, and he expressed his willingness to study in the government primary school in the village. On Monday, his enrolment will be done in the government school, provided his family is willing to do so," Muzaffarnagar Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Shubham Shukla told PTI.

When asked about a compromise with teacher Tyagi, the boy's father said there will be no compromise with her. 

The department will also facilitate the transfer of other students studying in Neha Public School in Khabbupur village where the incident took place on Friday, said officials to PTI. 

"There is a government primary school in the village. Children who want to go there will be enrolled there. Students, who wish to continue study in the private school, can do so since they are already paying the fees. The formalities including transfer certificates (of the children) will be completed by the department, so that the parents do not face any additional burden," said Shukla.

Meanwhile, when asked about enrolment of his son to a government school, Irshad said that the family has not decided about this as the boy is disturbed, reported PTI.

The education department has also formed a team to look into a matter and file a report by Monday, reported PTI, adding that a notice has also been served to the school.

The PTI earlier reported, "Basic Shiksha Adhikari of Muzaffarnagar Shubham Shukla said that a show cause notice has been served on the school management through the secretary of the management committee Ravinder tyagi. It has been asked to furnish its response by August 28 as to why the government recognition of the school not be cancelled. A criminal case would be registered against the authorities of the school, where the incident took place, the BSA said, adding that a team has been sent there."

Earlier, farmer leader Naresh Tikait had said the two sides had reached a compromise and he would get the police case revoked. However, the latest report by PTI quotes the boy's father as saying that no compromise will take place.