Important News Today: Manipur Extends AFPSA For 6 Months, IIT-B Sanctions 'Veg Food Only'; And More

Here's a look at the important news stories making headlines this morning on September 28, 2023. Keep following Outlook India for regular updates on these and other important stories.

People protesting against violence in Manipur

1. Manipur Extends AFSPA In Hill Districts For 6 Months 

The Manipur government on Wednesday extended the imposition of AFSPA in the whole state - except some jurisdictions in seven districts - for another six months. The ‘disturbed area; status under the Act will remain applicable in the state. The state government is also mulling a ‘one district one force; deployment of security forces', for better operations. The order comes amid fresh protests over the killing of two Meitei students who went missing in July.

2. IIT Bombay Canteen Makes Sanctions Segregated Space For ‘Vegetarian Food Only’

As per a new rule, six tables in the college mess have been reserved for people eating vegetarian food. The decision was made after a meeting between wardens and mess councillors after complaints by vegetarian students that they had feelings of ‘nausea’ upon seeing or smelling meat or eggs while eating.

3. FATF Reports Used To Target NGOs, Says Amnesty 

Indian authorities are exploiting the recommendations of the global terrorism financing and money laundering watchdog (FATF) to target civil society groups and hinder their work, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. The organisation further said that the recommendations of the FATF are being ‘abused’ by Indian authorities to bring in draconian laws to stifle the non-profit sector.

4. India Ageing, Elderly To Make Up 20% Of The Population By 2050: UNFPA 

The UNFPA report titled ‘Caring for our elders: Institutional response-India Ageing Report 2023’ released on Wednesday projected that the population of people aged 80 and above will grow at a rate of around 279% between 2022 and 2050 with a “predominance of widowed and highly dependent very old women”. It also noted that poverty is inherently gendered in old age when older women are more likely to be widowed, living alone, with no income etc. The report raises concerns regarding geriatric care and urges governments to come up with schemes and policies to address the needs of the elderly population. 

5. National Museum To Be Vacated And Demolished 

The Ministry of Culture has passed an order to vacate the National Museum in Delhi and demolition work can be done by the end of March 2024. Researchers will be barred from accessing the museum by the end of the year. Discussions will begin on the roadmap of transporting the artefacts with a team being set up to find a temporary storage space.

6. Ramesh Bhiduri Named BJP-in Charge For Rajasthan’s Tonk

Days after his hate speech, BJP MP from South Delhi Ramesh Bhiduri was made the BJP in-charge of Tonk district, which has a sizeable Muslim population. Experts feel this is a way of BJP’s appeasement policy for the controversy Bhiduri has been currently embroiled in.