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Why Uniswap (UNI) Liquid Providers May Move To Golteum (GLTM)

Golteum is merging the best of both worlds; with the aid of non-fungible tokens, members of the Web3 community can easily invest in and have complete or fractional ownership of these metals.


Golteum (GLTM)

Liquidity has constantly been an issue of Decentralized Exchanges, and one of the ways AMM-powered DEXs like Uniswap have tried to improve liquidity on their platform is to attract and adequately compensate Liquidity Providers (LPs).

However, there are signs that these LPs may be more inclined to provide liquidity on a more rewarding platform like Golteum (GLTM).

These LPs believe that the Golteum is the future, especially considering that the Boston Consulting Group has predicted that the market value of tokenized assets could reach $16 trillion by 2030. Read on!

Uniswap V3 May Not Be Enough For LPs

Unisawp launched its platform's third iteration (Uniswap V3) in 2021 to address major concerns on the Uniswap V2.


One of the major concerns was the low fees and compensation for LPs taking on a huge risk related to impermanent loss.

As such, LPs needed to be more motivated to provide more significant liquidity. Consequently, traders suffered because of this, as they were often subjected to high degrees of slippage because of the thin liquidity in the market.

With Uniswap V3, LPs enjoy improved compensation and have greater control and flexibility over the liquidity they provide.

These LPs can choose how and where they allocate their capital in the liquidity pool. They can also concentrate their capital within custom price ranges, with LPs earning higher returns depending on the tier of their liquidity provision.


However, there are signs that more than these updates may be needed as LPs are looking towards the future and are conscious about investing in a platform that has long-term potential. Golteum instantly comes to mind when one thinks ‘Long-Term.’

Golteum (GLTM) Is Redefining Web3

When one thinks ‘Web3’, the first thing that initially comes to mind is cryptocurrencies. However, Web3 is beyond cryptocurrencies; with the right builders, Web3 can disrupt other industries besides finance.

And Golteum provides a perfect example of how it is done. The platform is redefining Web3 and disrupting the precious metals industry by integrating gold, silver, and platinum onto the blockchain.

Golteum is merging the best of both worlds; with the aid of non-fungible tokens, members of the Web3 community can easily invest in and have complete or fractional ownership of these metals.

Meanwhile, stakeholders in the precious metal industry can easily access cryptocurrencies.

Golteum’s utility doesn't just stop; there is also the opportunity for LPs to make massive returns, even greater than what they currently earn on DEXs like Uniswap.

The buzz around the platform also explains why its native GLTM has been attracting the attention of crypto investors.

These investors believe that with Golteum’s disruptive technology, GLTM could soar high and surpass current projections.


As such, they are getting in early on this low-cap gem before the larger crypto market discovers it. The increased demand for the GLTM tokens is evident in how the first presale round sold out despite being private, with the 32 million tokens offered exhausted within 48 hours.

Join The Golteum (GLTM) Presale Now

Thankfully, other investors can still get on board. The second presale round is ongoing and a public sale this time.

Investors participating in this round also get a 15% bonus for their purchase. That is a great deal considering many experts predict that GLTM’s price could rise to as high as $5 from its present $0.012 once it gets listed on major exchanges.


So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to invest!

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