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Top 3 Law Firm SEO Services For 2024

Law firms that are looking to attract more clients in 2024 need to work on their digital marketing.

Top 3 Law Firm SEO Services For 2024

There is a lot of competition out there for law firms and the services they can provide, so you need to make sure your firm stands out. Whenever potential clients are looking for services like those you offer, they will turn to one of the best tools of the modern age - the Internet. Specifically search engines.

One single search for the phrase law firm can lead to thousands of results, and developing a digital marketing strategy is a way to ensure you get noticed in the crowd.

As law firms already have enough to do on their own, hiring someone else to take care of digital marketing and SEO is ideal, and there are some great options out there to help.

What Is SEO?

Law firms that want to get noticed through search engines need to work on SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website and content for improved search engine rankings.

The higher you rank in search engine results pages, the more traffic you will bring to your law firm's website.

Law firm SEO is a specialist skill due to the nature of the legal industry, meaning you cannot rely on just any SEO agency to provide the services you need. Instead, you need to find a specialized legal SEO agency that works with law firms and offers SEO for lawyers to ensure you get the best results.

When people are searching for legal services, like those provided by your company, they have expectations that can be met when working with a provider of law firm SEO.

There are many companies out there that offer SEO services to law firms, so finding the right one for your legal SEO needs can be difficult.

Top Law Firm SEO Services For 2024

To make it easier for people to find legal services offered by your company, you need to work on all aspects of law firm websites. As there is a lot of work involved in SEO and law firm marketing, hiring a professional marketing agency with SEO services is the best way to go.

There are some great options out there for law firm marketing these days, including:

#1: Fortress - Law Firm SEO Services

The number one spot for SEO for lawyers is Fortress. Their team has been providing SEO services to law firms for over 16 years.

This company is an expert in law firm marketing, as the founder, Gerrid Smith, has been working in the promotion of law firms for over 16 years. With his experience, he has now founded a specialized law firm SEO agency that can help lawyers and law firms get the attention online they deserve.

Over the years, this company has served hundreds of law firms and offered a range of services to aid the SEO process for lawyers.

Fortress - Law Firm SEO Services is a top legal marketing and SEO agency because of the fact they have ranked top 5 in Google for some of the most competitive terms online. This includes keywords like securities litigation lawyers, blockchain law firms, and business litigation lawyers, as well as thousands more for local search results.

To reach out to a law firm's target audience, local SEO also needs to be part of the process to ensure your SEO investment is worth it. With their proven track record of working with hundreds of legal clients, Fortress’ Law Firm SEO Services can help develop an effective SEO strategy for top Google rankings in local and national searches.

As SEO for law firms is an ongoing process, Fortress does not just offer their clients one service. Instead, they focus on creating long-term relationships with law firms and offering ongoing support for their SEO campaigns to ensure lasting success.

Despite its great reputation, range of SEO services, and high success rate for law firm SEO strategies, Fortress continues to offer surprisingly affordable rates to its clients. All new clients are offered a free 90-day trial, where the team at Fortress will begin working on improving your online visibility so you can see the benefits they can provide to legal websites without risk.


  • Over 16 years of experience in the legal field
  • Top five ranking terms for national legal terms
  • 90-day free trial for new clients
  • Local SEO services included
  • No long-term contracts


  • Limited availability due to a small, focused team
  • Only one client per SEO service or GEO area
  • Not exclusively a lawyer SEO agency, as other SEO services are offered

#2: is another top marketing agency specializing in law firm website optimization with a range of services in SEO for lawyers.

This is an exclusive lawyer SEO agency that works to serve the legal industry with its SEO efforts. Over the years, this agency has helped increase traffic from organic search results for many law firms across the industry, including personal injury law firms, divorce and family lawyers, immigration, criminal defense, employment law, and estate planning, to name but a few.


With this amount of experience, can work with a range of potential clients from across the legal industry, whether you are a personal injury lawyer or divorce lawyer looking to reach more people online.

Due to their years of experience, this agency offers a range of law firm marketing services for better online visibility for their clients and an increase in organic search traffic.

These services include:

  • SEO content marketing strategy
  • On Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO

This company offers all the essential services for a successful SEO campaign, as well as working on the technical aspects of your website to help you perform better than the average law firm.


This ensures that not only will you perform better in Google search results, reaching more clients and bringing in more revenue through your website, but you will continually outperform others in the industry with ongoing support in legal marketing.


  • A wide range of SEO for lawyers services provided, including technical SEO
  • Highly effective for increased search engine ranking
  • Specifically for law firm online visibility

#3: LawRank

LawRank is another leading marketing agency specifically led by and created for attorneys across the industry. This is a well-regarded SEO agency for lawyers, offering a good range of services to support lawyers' SEO efforts and increase their rankings in search engines.


The main focus of this SEO agency is the relationships developed between themselves and their clients, allowing them to work with you throughout the complete SEO campaign.

Increasing website traffic through SEO is an ongoing process that requires multiple areas of your website to be considered. With its customer relations team, LawRank offers ongoing support to its clients along with its services.

To increase its clients' ranking in Google searches, LawRank provides web design and PPC campaigns with Google Ads. Web design is a commonly overlooked aspect of SEO that is considered by the Google Search Console when it comes to the ranking of results, as the functionality of your website can determine the reliability and click-through rate.


With this service, LawRank helps with mobile optimization as well and can help with the creation of high-quality content for better results. However, this agency does not offer social media management.


  • An SEO team specifically designed for lawyers
  • Great customer relations with clients
  • Offers web design and paid Google Ads

What To Look For In Law Firm SEO Services?

There are many options out there for search engine optimization services, and each one claims to be better than the last one.

Reaching people online can be a great tool for law firms, but this is only if you know how to market your website properly. This is what SEO agencies can help with, and they have a range of services available to increase your ranking.


However, not all agencies offer the same services, and this can determine which one is going to be the best one for your needs. The services, along with several other factors, are good things to consider when it comes to finding the best law firm SEO services.

Supporting SEO Metrics

SEO agencies can show their success rate through metrics, but you need to understand which ones really matter. There are some stats provided by marketing agencies that may look good on paper but do not mean much when it comes to the success of your website.

This is why having a good understanding of SEO services and what matters for your own website can help when finding an agency to work with.


For example, looking into Google Analytics and similar online maps is a good place to start when it comes to finding an SEO service - after all, being able to rank on the first page of Google is important for your business. But this is not the only thing that matters.

Look beyond the metrics offered by the agency and check out online reviews from previous clients, as well as the services on offer, to determine whether it is going to be worth your investment.

Services Offered By Agency

As we have mentioned, getting onto the first page of Google's results is important, but there is more than one way to do this.


Checking the services on offer from each agency can help you find the right one for your needs and ensure that you are getting a good service for lasting results.

SEO is an ongoing process and one that requires a lot of work to be done across your website, so you need to ensure the agency you work with is going to cover all bases.

Services to look out for to determine this include:

Keyword research

Keyword research is a way to determine which are the most successful relevant keywords to use on your website, content, and social media to ensure you are reaching the right people.


For example, the keywords for a car accident lawyer are going to vary to those based in divorce law and the agency needs to be able to handle this.

Link building and Off Page SEO

A key way to get high-quality links to and from your website is by developing connections with other high-ranking websites in your niche. An agency can help with this process, as they should have a range of contacts within the industry that your website can connect with for better ranking and shared traffic.

Local SEO And Google Business Profile Optimization

As a law firm, you want to rank highly in local searches to ensure you are reaching clients in your region, and the best agencies will offer local search engine optimization as well as standard services.


Local SEO covers all areas of your website, including additional features like Google Business Profiles. This profile will help you get on sites like Google Maps and rank for local searches.

Simply creating a Google Business Profile is not enough to rank highly, and top agencies will offer more than the standard services to ensure greater visibility online. With an optimized Business Profile, your law firm will appear top of all local searches, including on Google Maps, to help you reach customers in your local area.

Experience With Law Firms

While the best law firm marketing service does not have to be solely focused on the legal industry, the team needs to have good experience with these kinds of clients.


To determine whether an SEO service can help your website rank highly and perform better, you need to ensure it has experience with lawyers and law firms and, therefore, has a good understanding of legal SEO.


Search engine optimization is a vital tool for all kinds of businesses who want to get noticed online, including lawyers and law firms.

SEO is an ongoing process and one that requires a lot of work to get right, which is why working with a specialized agency is a good idea for every law firm. This gives you access to the support you need as well as ongoing work to improve your website.


Reaching people online can be easy when you have a team behind you that handles all of your marketing needs, and this is what SEO services can do.

There are some great services out there for every law firm, with Fortress Law Firm SEO Services ranking at number one for their great success rate.