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Top 12 AI Art Apps For Artwork Generation

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Top 12 AI Art Apps For Artwork Generation

Discover the 12 best AI art apps and learn how to make AI generated art using the most popular apps.

Top 12 AI Art Apps
Top 12 AI Art Apps

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Nowadays, an AI art app can help you create the images of your dreams in just a few taps. Therefore, you can get hundreds of awe-inspiring photos to use on your social media or your art project.   

In this article, you will discover the top AI art apps with which you can immediately start generating dreamlike imagery. You can discover tools that work on every operating system so that you find the one that better satisfies your needs.  

12 Best AI Art Apps for You 

# 1. Soulgen -Best Online App for Anime Art 


If you are looking for an online AI art generator app from text, then you don’t need to look any further than SoulGen. This tool utilizes powerful machine learning and deep neural networks to generate images of anime waifu and photorealistic girls. 

The great thing about SoulGen is that it has no content restrictions. That is say, it can be used to make NSFW images, nude photos etc. To use it, you simply have to create an account, type your prompt or description and select the real or anime girl. The tool will then generate an appropriate image. 


  • It is a web-based tool that gives you access from all operating systems, 
  • It produces accurate results in realistic and anime styles, 
  • It can generate hentai images, 
  • Looks like feature makes is better than faceswap. 


  • There is no mobile application 


SoulGen has a free version that you can use at once. However, it has some limitations, such as generating just 1 image at a time. If you want to use all features of the app, then you need to get one of the paid plans that give you a set number of credits.  

At the moment, SoulGen offers these plans: 

  • 1-month plan: $9.99 
  • 12-month plan: $69.99 

#2 PicSo


Available on: Android, iOS  

PicSo is an artificial intelligence drawing app that you definitely need to try out. The tool takes advantage of a machine learning algorithm to find the most appropriate inspiration for your prompt. This way, it is able to create amazing and unique images.  


  • The AI art app is very easy to use, 
  • Generates images in just a few seconds,  
  • It can create images in numerous styles. 


  • You can only generate a limited number of images per day for free, 
  • Images generated with the free plan have a distinct watermark.  


The app has a free version that allows you to generate two images for free, plus an additional one after watching an ad. Moreover, the images will have a watermark. To generate more, the app provides you with some premium plans.  

Right now, PicSo has these paid plans: 

  • 1-month plan: $9.99 
  • 12-month plan: $49.99 

#3 Lensa AI 

Lensa AI 
Lensa AI 

Available on: Android, iOS 

Lensa is an AI app art that has quickly captured the attention of millions of users. What makes this tool so unique is that it takes your normal selfies and turns them into an interesting piece of AI art. And on top of this, you can adjust the images in any way you like so that you remove any imperfections. 


  • The tool is very user-friendly, 
  • It has a 7-day free trial, 
  • It can generate hundreds of images in a matter of minutes, 
  • It offers a wide range of editing tools to retouch your selfies. 


  • Not all generated images are successful,  
  • Premium packages sometimes produce inaccurate results, 
  • There are some ethical concerns. 


Lensa AI is an app that you can get on Android and iOS for free and you can use a 7-day free trial. However, to upload your selfies and start generating images after this point, you will have to get one of the app’s subscriptions. 

Here are the available plans on Lensa: 

  • Weekly plan: $1.99 
  • Monthly plan: $6.99 
  • Annual plan: $33.99 

#4 Wonder-AI 


Available on: Android, iOS 

If you are looking for a high-quality AI art app, then Wonder-AI is the perfect tool for you. To use this app, you simply need to let your imagination free and type any type of prompt you want. Then, you can start creating eye-catching and imaginative portraits and images. 


  • The tool generates images in numerous artistic styles, 
  • It generates accurate images, 
  • It is very quick.  


  • Some generated images are a bit distorted, 
  • There are too many ads on the free version. 


Wonder-AI gives you limited options to generate an image after watching an ad. However, to add animations and any other features, you must purchase one of the premium plans. These are: 

  • Weekly0-pla: $4.99 
  • Lifetime plan: $25.99 

#5 Starryai 


Available on: Android, iOS 

Starryai is another one of the top AI art apps that can unlock your creativity. This text-to-image tool generates dreamlike images based on the prompts that you type. The great thing about it is that you can customize it so that you achieve the desired result.  


  • The tool generates up to 5 images per day for free, 
  • The free images don’t contain a watermark, 
  • You have full ownership of your creations. 


  • Free images sometimes don’t have a distinct style, 
  • You have to watch ads to get your free credits. 


Starryai is an app that works with a credits system. This means that you can keep generating images as long as you have credits. The app gives you 5 credits for free every single day. Of course, you can buy some to generate more content. 

The available plans are the following: 

  • 40 credits: $15.99 
  • 100 credits: $29.99 
  • 200 credits: $49.99 

#6 Picsart 

Available on: web, Android, iOS 

Picsart is an AI art generator app that you can access from any browser and mobile operating system. The app takes your prompt and generates pictures according to your style specifications. You can also use it to enhance your existing photos, replace objects, and even create your own AI avatars. 


  • The online editor comes with a wide range of tools, 
  • There is no watermark even in the free images, 
  • There are several template layouts to choose from. 


  • The editor is a bit confusing for beginners, 
  • The mobile apps have too many ads.  


Picsart has a dedicated free plan that gives you some basic and limited options. Moreover, you can use a 7-day free trial to discover the features of the premium plans.  

Right now, the app’s paid plans are the following: 

  • Picsart Gold: $13/month 
  • Team plan: $15/month 

#7 Dream by WOMBO 

Available on: Android, iOS 

If you are searching for an AI art app that can bring your dreams to life, then Dream by WOMBO is the tool for you. This text-to-image AI generator is a well-designed tool that can generate impressive images based on your prompt. 


  • The app has a very intuitive interface, 
  • You can choose between numerous styles even on the free plan, 
  • The generated images are quite accurate.  


  • There are too many ads while using the app, 
  • The tool has some downloading restrictions. 


Dream by WOMBO is another art AI app that gives you the ability to create an image from a prompt for free. Nevertheless, it has a lot of limitations since you can’t even generate variation. The good news is that you can try the tool’s paid plans in a 3-day trial. 

The available premium plans on Dream by WOMBO are the following: 

  • Monthly plan: $9.99 
  • Annual plan: $89.99 

#8 FacePlay 

Available on: Android, iOS 

FacePlay is a great AI art app that allows you to create digital artwork quickly and easily. The tool provides you with several functions that can transform your images into any art style you enjoy. Moreover, you can use face swap to put yourself in the dreamiest situations.  


  • Numerous templates to choose from, 
  • Creates beautiful animated images and videos. 


  • The free plan was very limited options, 
  • It often creates inaccurate results.  


As with most AI art apps, FacePlay can generate some images and videos for free by watching ads. But when you get one of the paid plans, you will gain access to numerous templates and features. 

At the moment, the available plans are: 

  • 1-Week plan: $2.99 
  • 1-Year plan: $75.99 

#9 Dawn AI 

Available on: Android, iOS 

Dawn AI is one of the AI art apps that can transform your photos into unique and artistic images. The only thing you need to do is upload your photo and choose the desired style. The tool uses innovative technology to generate eye-catching images in a matter of seconds.  


  • The app has a user-friendly interface, 
  • It has a variety of styles to choose from, 
  • Easily share your creations on social media. 


  • The free images have watermarks, 
  • The text-to-image feature creates inaccurate and poor results. 


Dawn AI is an app that works with packs. In more detail, this means that you must select a pack with the art style you want and purchase it. Once you do, you immediately get 20 avatars and you can generate up to 100 avatars in a week. Each pack costs $1.29 per week.. 

#10 AI Picasso 

Available on: Android, iOS 

AI Picasso is another text-to-image AI app art that can bring your prompt to life almost instantly. One of the most interesting features of this app is that it can also generate images based on a rough draft.  


  • It can generate an unlimited number of images for free, 
  • It has an easy-to-use interface, 
  • It creates images very quickly. 


  • There are limited art styles available, 
  • There are too many ads after the generation of each image. 


AI Picasso can generate images based on the prompt you type and the art style you select.  Yet, the options are limited and you will also have to watch ads to keep generating. For accessing all of the art styles and features, you can get one of the tool’s paid plans. 

The available premium plans on AI Picasso are these: 

  • Weekly plan: $5.49 
  • Annual plan: $29.99 

#11 Craiyon 

Available on: Android, web 

Craiyon is a free AI art app that has captured the attention of hundreds of users. With a simple and intuitive design, it allows you to generate images from text in a matter of minutes.  


  • It is a free app, 
  • Its interface is very intuitive. 


  • You don’t get to choose the art style, 
  • Sometimes the image generation takes up to 2 minutes. 


Craiyon has made a name as a free AI app. Of course, this comes with its drawback that include a random art style and a high waiting time. Nevertheless, the tool has also introduced some paid plans that remove these limitations. 

Right now, these paid plans are the following: 

  • Supporter: $6/month 
  • Professional: $24/month 

# 12 magic avatar 

Available on: Android, iOS 

The final AI app art on this list is none other Magic Avatar. This tool can generate stunning portraits and avatars based on the selfies and photos that the user uploads. What’s great about the AI app is that it offers a variety of styles. 


  • Features many different art styles, 
  • You can easily share your generated avatars in your social media, 
  • It brings you a variety of templates.  


  • The interface might be a bit confusing for beginners, 
  • It might generate some inaccurate avatars. 


This particular AI art app doesn’t have a free version. Instead, you can use a 3-day free trial period and then get a weekly premium plan. This subscription costs $1.15 per week. 

How to Select Your Best AI Art App? 

The truth is that there are numerous AI art apps on the market that promise to do similar things. Therefore, how can you figure out which is the best one for you? To figure it out, you have to keep in mind some elements:  

1.Usability of the Interface  

The first element refers to the usability of the AI app art. This practically means how user-friendly the interface is. A well-designed app will guide you intuitively through the process and you won’t face any confusion while trying to find what you need. 

2.Accurate and High-Quality Generated Results 

With so many available tools, it is essential to invest in one that can generate accurate results. For example, it must be able to take your prompt and interpret it in a creative way. In addition to this, the images must also be of high quality.  

3.Accessible Pricing 

As you may already realize, there are tools for every budget. The AI art app that can produce the best results at the most accessible pricing is your best options.   

4.Available Art Styles 

If you have a specific thing in mind, then you need to make sure that you are using a tool with a variety of art styles. This is the only way to ensure that you are going to reach the outcome you’ve envisioned. 

5.Generation Speed 

The final element is the generation speed. Some apps will take more time to train their AI compared to others, and some will generally take longer to produce the images. That’s why, you need to check how long the generation takes. 

How to Make Art with the Best AI App? 

All of the AI art apps work in a similar way. In essence, they take your prompt and generate an image according to the rest of your specifications. In more detail, the steps to create art using an app like this are the following: 

Step 1. Download the app or go to an online app and tap the “Create” button. 

Step 2. Type your prompt or description. Select the art style, depending on the available features on the app you are using. 

Step 3. Wait until the tool has generated the image. Then, you can save or share the result on your social media.  

FAQs about AI Art App: 

1. What AI art app is everyone using on TikTok? 

Most of these Ai art apps are widely used on TikTok. For instance, one of the most popular tools is Lensa AI.  

2. Is there any free AI art app? 

If you are looking for app for android and iOS, Picso is your option. Soulgen is a free online app that can make AI-generated girls. 

The Bottom Line 

An AI art app is not just a tool to create impressive images for your social media. It is an app that allows you to bring your fantasies to life in just a few clicks. All of the AI art apps that we have seen in this piece generate amazing imagery that will tantalize your senses. Download the one that better fits your needs and start using artificial intelligence for your art projects.