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Top 10 Personalities To Look Upon If You Are Looking For An Inspiration

Grisu Media Arts along with Typopedia Incorporation after research have curated the list of top 10 personalities globally making their name in their respective industry through their constant hard work.

Top 10 personalities to look upon if you are looking for an inspiration

Every now and then, people are constantly working to become a star in their own world. But, they are running out of motivation and hence they need the inspiration to start off with their work. So, if you are among those who are looking for inspiration to become a master in your own field then, below is the list of people who started from scratch and turned their dreams into reality.  Grisu Media Arts along with Typopedia Incorporation after research have curated the list of top 10 personalities globally making their name in their respective industry through their constant hard work.  

Sudhanshu Pandey 

A multi-talented Indian film and television actor, Sudhanshu Pandey also known as Vanraj Shah in the famous daily soap Anupamaa is winning the hearts of many people through his acting. His character in the show allows him to explore multiple aspects of masculinity. After his successful stint in fashion as a model, he debuted with Khiladi 420 in a supporting role in 2000. After the immense success of the show ‘Anupamaa’, the makers of the show have come up with Anupama Namaste America, a reprised version created exclusively for the streaming platform.  

Ayush Gupta, World's Youngest Reiki Healer & Tarot Card Reader  

Ayush Gupta is a well-known Numerologist, tarot card reader, and reiki healer who successfully created a name for himself at the very young age of 19. Recently Ayush met Stanley Johnson, UK’s PM’s father at the Future Innovation Summit by Al Adnaan Noorani in Dubai recently. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh, he always had the vision to change the world on a path of healing and positive energy. He did a lot of meditation, spiritual, reiki and numerology campaigns in Madhya Pradesh to make people aware of its positive impacts on day-to-day life.   

Sonia Samtani; Wellpreneur  

Renowned Global Speaker, best-selling author, award-winning ‘wellpreneur’, and founder of wellness facility “All About You”, Sonia Samtani is Hong Kong’s leading hypnotherapy trainer. She is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy and NLP Trainer, qualified life coach and counselor, public speaking coach, two-time TEDx speaker, and former Senior Mentor with Tony Robbins. Recognized as Hong Kong’s top 100 women of power in 2021, she is a sought-after facilitator delivering scientifically backed and spiritually supported concepts.    

 Nikhil Anand; Entrepreneur  

Engineer turned Entrepreneur,  Nikhil Anand owns most of the major beauty pageants in India. Through his skills, he has expanded his network to over 60 countries now, and he expects to expand it to over 100 countries in another two years. Establishing Glamanand Supermodel India, one of India's Big 3 national beauty pageants, he has broken the monopoly in the Indian pageant market. The right to send representatives from India to the Miss International, Miss Grand International, and Miss Multinational pageants belongs to Glamanand Supermodel India. Nikhil just introduced his first male beauty pageant, Mister Universe, which will have its grand final in February 2023.   

Sourabh Mukherjee,Crime Writer 

Sourabh Mukherjee, one of the front-runners in Indian crime fiction, is back with his new novel “The Trail of Blood” published by Srishti Publishers. Spanning over a decade, the story traverses the forests of Ranchi, the world of glamour in Mumbai, and upmarket Kolkata. Detective Agni Mitra investigates the death of a popular singer Deboleena Mukherjee and a stranger in her room in this whodunnit, whose key lies in a decade-old shootout.  The novel has unpredictable twists and turns, and an emotional story at the core. It will keep readers guessing till the end.   

Faraaz Kazi; Writer 

Faraaz Kazi often called ‘The Nicholas Sparks of India’ in a recent interview, spoke about the launch of his seventh book later this year. Kazi, who is known for writing romance novels, especially the international best-seller Truly Madly Deeply is very excited about the release of his next which he says is a co-authored book to be published by Vishwakarma Publishers later this year. The two-time national award winner also writes about horror and has much to say on the subject. His second book, The Other Side which remains India’s most successful horror title was inspired by Indian legend and folklore.   

 Arouba Kabir, Mental & Emotional Health Coach, Founder of Enso Wellness 

With an aim to end the stigma associated with mental health, Arouba Kabir, mentalhealthcareist shares tips and content to normalize human experiences and encourage self-reflection. Being someone who has personally gone through physical and mental health challenges from a very young age, working as a mental health professional is very close to his heart. Within the last few years, he has been featured in various media houses- national and international and recognized for the change he has brought through his work.  

 Anagha Ratish; Writer 

Thirteenth-year-old writer & bibliophile, Anagha Ratish published her first book, Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water, at the age of twelve, and has since then published two more books.   

Her debut book, Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water, is a fascinating tale revolving around fourteen-year-old Adaire Quicksilver, who stumbles into a fictional world called Celestia. In a refreshing twist, the story involves pixies, rather than the overused tropes of witches and fairies. Her second book, Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope, continues the story as Adaire realizes that she had been blinded by the splendor of magic, and she questions her ability to be the hero that Celestia needs. At present, Anagha is writing the final part of the Celestia Chronicles trilogy, as well as another fantasy book.   

Neelam, Energy therapist & Spiritual Coach 

Energy Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Coach & Consultant, and Tarot Reader, Neelam runs a crystal brand called MBM crystals. After 8 years and 10 job switches,  she finds immense happiness when she sees the face of her clients after her tarot session when they figure out a solution to their problems. She believes energy is everywhere and that's what she tries to read through the tarot cards. And soon she will be coming up with an e-commerce lineup for crystal jewelry. 

Rajiv Kapoor;  Author  

Rajiv Kapoor’s new book, The Peacock Throne Wars, is a riveting read. For starters, the book has a breath-taking cover that draws you in, and thankfully, what lies inside doesn’t disappoint either.  Relentlessly pacy with sharp characterizations and ample twists and turns, Kapoor ensures there is not a single dull moment in this detailed and well-reached historical thriller. Published by Locksley Hall Publishing and represented by The Book Bakers Literary Agency. If there is one book you must read this year, make sure it is this one. 

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