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Thunder Brand: Pioneering The Future Of PR And Media Services In India

Amplifying the voice for 5 years, Thunder Brand Solutions is empowering startups, businesses, enterprises, and influencers through personalized storytelling that sparks action.


Thunder Brand

In an ever-evolving media landscape, a well-crafted and cohesive media plan has become paramount. This is where Thunder Brand, a PR agency in India , steps in with their expertise. They understand that digital PR is all about sharing, from content and expert comments to news and successes. Offering digital PR as a standalone service, often complemented by content marketing, their sole purpose is to amplify brand awareness. But digital PR is a dynamic realm, and Thunder Brand's experts are always one step ahead, constantly adapting to the ever-changing landscape. 

At Thunder Brand, they believe in the power of personalization. They invest the time to truly understand their clients' brand stories, ensuring that their representation in the digital PR space is deserving and authentic. Each approach is bespoke and tailored, recognizing the unique requirements of every client across various customer segments and channels. 


The Journey from Humble Beginnings as a PR agency in India 

Thunder Brand's success story originates from its humble beginnings and their entrepreneurial outlook. The agency has united passion, creativity, and expertise, propelling startups and introducing international brands to the Indian market. Its success story is marked by transformative product launches, organizational rebranding, and scaling businesses to unprecedented levels of achievement. As Thunder Brand grew, so did its clients, forging enduring partnerships that embody shared triumph and mutual growth. 

“As we continually invest in nurturing creative talent, we embrace the evolving nature of our industry, striving to carve a lasting place for ourselves. This steady growth aligns with our core value of connecting brands with people," expressed Aarti Sharma , Founder and Managing Director of Thunder Brand Solutions, with a deep sense of pride. 


With a strong network of contacts and proven methods to secure coverage and backlinks, Thunder Brand guarantees the results necessary to elevate brands. Their track record speaks for itself, with publications on 250+ news and social channels, demonstrating their ability to connect clients with vast audiences.  

Redefining PR Excellence: The Journey to Leading PR Agency in India 

Their goal is clear: to develop end-to-end digital PR campaigns that not only showcase creative excellence but also deliver trackable results. Thunder Brand's commitment to driving tangible outcomes for their clients sets them apart in the industry. As a full-service media agency, they excel in public relations and are renowned for their top-tier media buying and planning services. 

Over the years, Thunder Brand has worked with an extensive range of clients, spanning from startups to multinationals, advertising and PR agencies to charities, and public to private sectors. Their client base boasts 150+ awesome clients and customers who have entrusted Thunder Brand to amplify their brand messages. 

Embracing the Future: Thunder Brand's Vision for Growth and Excellence 

Looking ahead, Thunder Brand envisions an even more expansive future. Their journey has only just begun, fueled by five years of experience, learning, and growth. As they stand on the threshold of 2023, Thunder Brand humbly embraces their position as a beacon of excellence within the PR industry in India. With offices strategically located in Noida and Delhi, they continue to connect brands with people through their unrivaled press relations expertise and exceptional media buying and planning services.  


With their expertise in digital PR and as a full-service media agency, Thunder Brand's success is grounded in their unwavering commitment to delivering results and their ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Their creative approach, entrepreneurial spirit, and client-centric mindset make them a trusted partner for those seeking the expertise of a top PR agency in India.