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Persistent Efforts Bring The Institution To The Highest Level Of Recognition

A business school nurtures talents and cherishes ambitions to put the forth the best group of leaders.

Mr. Ritesh Goyal

GIBS Business School won the prestigious title of ‘Business School of the Year- 2022 at the Outlook Business Spotlight’s Business Icons Awards 2022 held on 25th Nov 2022 in Hyderabad to recognize and celebrate excellence in business innovation, creativity, and leadership.

Awards are recognition of efforts

Every award is special and it becomes more special when you get it from a prestigious group like Outlook. It is a matter of great pride and this award will always be a major milestone for us. Such accolades give us the satisfaction that we are moving in the right direction. It is an appreciation of our years of tireless work and every little effort put in by the GIBS family.

We keep the competition at higher parameters which is why we always try to get better every day. We wish to provide each of our students with the chance to realise their full potential and find the contentment and success in life that they are entitled to.

Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director, GIBS Business School showed thousands of fellow leaders the way to succeed. His single attempt, from thought leadership to grassroots activism, is a reflection of his work ethic and dedication to excellence.

Award after effect

An award is the result of combined efforts of the whole team, so the award is always shared with the entire GIBS family. The accolade indicates that the team performed well. Additionally, it distinguishes us on quality criteria raising expectations for our performance.

All of this leads to increased effort persistence and improved job quality. Everyone takes pride in seeing their leader succeed and shine. It not only motivates the workforce but also the trainees, existing students, colleagues, associates, and everyone else.

Right leadership earns great results

Businessman Mr. Ritesh Goyal has carved out a legacy for himself and crafted his own success story. The famous Goyal Group was founded by Mr. Ritesh Goyal, who also operates as its managing director. He is also an inspirational business leader, a serial entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a philanthropist, a business coach for personal branding, and a consultant. He has travelled a long way to get here, despite the fact that his success today astounds the globe. In towns like Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune, Mr. Goyal founded seven prosperous businesses. His modest businesses include the Bangalore-based Goyal Educational Trust, Global Institute of Company Studies, GIBS Business School, Pathfinder Value Creations Pvt. Ltd., the GIBS Social Foundation, and the Global Business Forum, which has 5000 business members.

About GIBS

GIBS Business School come under Goyal Education Trust and offers 2 year full time PGDM & BBA program. GIBS is an exclusive business school and Non-IIM Member institution. GIBS is promoted and driven by IIM Alumni’s and GIBS is an 5th Best Emerging Business School in India by the Times of India (TOI) 2022. Forbes has featured GIBS as a new age B School & Outlook has considered GIBS as a Best Emerging B School of India in 2022. GIBS PGDM program is an Industry integrated program where we have included 50% Practical, 20% Field Work & 30% Theory.

GIBS sets itself apart through initiatives such as the Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE) lab and Finishing School. The Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE) Lab is a holistic action-learning school. IRE trains and equips PGDM students in innovation, research, and entrepreneurship through activities, workshops, and expert sessions. GIBS Finishing School is a dedicated wing for PGDM students to provide support for startups, placements, and internships.


GIBS Business School ensures a brighter future due to its rich culture, heritage, and commitment to providing a quality, value-based education. GIBS is renowned for having the best placement rate. GIBS is also well known for providing its students with outstanding internship possibilities. The Global Immersion Program's international excursions equip the students for a brighter future. The GIBS placement cell works closely and regularly with students to help them find the best jobs.

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