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Lalit Modi Plays A Winning Innings In Court: Legal Victory Shuts Out Allegations

Legal Triumph: Lalit Modi Clears Name, Shuts Down Allegations


Lalit Modi Plays a Winning Innings in Court: Legal Victory Shuts Out Allegations

In another legal victory, former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi has once again secured a resounding win in a London court case involving his previous venture, Ion Care, a cancer care business. Lalit Modi was sued by former model Gurpreet Gill Maag and Quantum Care, her company, seeking damages after investing approximately £750,000 in Ion Care, a company Modi was associated with. The prolonged legal battle, ongoing for several years, concluded with Modi successfully defending himself against the allegations.

Earlier, Judge Murray Rosen, who presided over the High Court trial in 2022, declined to find that Mr. Modi had made "actionable misrepresentations." However, Maag aimed to overturn a High Court decision stating that Modi did not make false representations to her. The venture capitalist also sought to overturn the judge's finding and filed an appeal in the Court of Appeal. However, in early 2023, Justices Guy Newey, Rabinder Singh, and Christopher Nugee rejected Maag's request to overturn the earlier High Court ruling that Lalit Modi made incorrect representations about the centre he intended to establish. The court ordered the appellants to pay Modi's appeal costs, subject to a detailed assessment.


During the detailed assessment, Maag again alleged misconduct, going so far as to question the involvement of Modi’s solicitors and claiming they were also guilty of misconduct. However, Senior Costs Judge Gordon Saker, after careful evaluation of the evidence, handed down his judgment on February 26, 2024, stating that there is no basis for concluding that there was any improper or unreasonable conduct on the part of Modi or his solicitors. Every legitimate legal cost that Modi incurred over the course of this case, including the main proceedings and the subsequent appeal by Maag, should be paid back to Modi with interest. The court's decision marks a significant triumph for Modi, who has consistently maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.


Modi's legal team presented a robust defence, arguing that the charges were baseless. The court evidently agreed, delivering a verdict that not only exonerates Modi but also raises questions about the credibility of the accusations made against him.

The outcome of the court case serves as vindication for Lalit Modi, whose reputation had come under scrutiny amid the legal battle. Throughout his tenure as the chief architect of the IPL, Modi revolutionized the landscape of cricket administration in India, transforming the league into one of the most lucrative and widely watched sporting events globally.

Despite facing numerous challenges and controversies over the years, including allegations of financial irregularities and conflicts of interest, Lalit Modi has remained a polarizing figure in the world of sports. With the conclusion of this legal saga in his favour, Modi is expected to focus on his various business ventures and continue his contributions to the sports and entertainment industry.

The Cost of judgement approx.

The bills of costs were assessed in the following amounts:

Main Proceedings Bill: £376,038.65

Court of Appeal Bill: £238,202.54

Total: £614,241.19

Less: Payments on account of £494,000

Balance for the Maags to pay (before interest & costs): £120,241.19.