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Keen Psychics Review - Keen.Com FREE Trial Offers, Real Experience & Benefits And More

Looking for reliable online psychics and have landed on Read this Keen Psychic review to explore more about the platform best psychics advisors, free trials offers, features, prices, reputation, benefits and what to expect.

Keen Psychics

Keen psychic is a well-known platform with a wide variety of reading subjects and gifted readers that may provide you with enlightening information. Nevertheless, paying the best online psychics might seem risky since complete accuracy is almost never guaranteed.

However, Keen is a trustworthy platform that's worth using because of its open reader profiles and substantial sign-up bonuses. In addition to being a platform that is not only safe but also secure, it provides you with a satisfaction guarantee in the unlikely event that you do not get advice that is accurate.

However, when it comes to shortlisting the best psychics online, you have to check for other factors instead of focusing on just getting a satisfactory reading. First of all, you need to make sure that the platform is legit and it features real psychics in their portfolio. Fret not, this detailed Keen Psychics review would cover all aspects to help you make the right call.

Keen Psychics Review – Unique Features of Keen


Keen Psychics offers a wide variety of psychics along with 24/7 customer support. They offer exclusive services that other online psychic reading providers have struggled to offer clients, such as their pet psychic readings, clairaudients, and clairsentients along with gifted advisors who use tools such as iChing and pendants to predict the future.

Keen Psychics also offers free horoscope readings for its customers, which most people love reading about when they're browsing the website's home page. The regular horoscopes offered on the website engage with users and provide individuals with interesting guidelines about their day, week, and month.

Let take a look at the key features that make this platform stand out.

1 – It Has a Mobile App

Keen's smart mobile application, as well as excellent initial deal packages, set it apart from other competitors. The Keen app stands out since it provides a secure connection with a reliable reader. We like the fact that the application enables you to have on-the-go conversations with advisers.

2 – Excellent Customer Service

You must fill out a form on their site and wait for a customer care agent to get in touch with you in order to contact customer support. By going to the bottom of any page and selecting "Customer Support," you may visit the support page.

Given that Keen Psychic customer service lacks a live chat feature or a contact number in case something doesn’t go as planned, we believe Keen should try making its customer support services more easily accessible. It can prove to be quite aggravating to wait for a refund when you might have to wait a day or two for their support personnel to respond back to you.

However, Keen includes a comprehensive FAQ area that enables you to swiftly address small concerns. It's the finest option to get instant assistance because you may utilize it to discover solutions to the majority of your problems.

There are two possibilities to get a refund. You may either get in touch with a customer service rep directly or ask for a satisfaction guarantee credit, which will reimburse you up to $25 in Keen credits. However, it is to be kept in mind that responses for customer service may take up to two working days, and they will only issue refunds in Keen credits.


3 – Strict Psychic Advisors Screening

Before going through a thorough screening procedure, their application process needs candidates. Potential psychics are screened in order to make sure their qualifications are at par with Keen requirements. You may be assured that each reader on the platform has been assessed in this very manner.

In addition to this, Keen has revealed that each of their psychics undergoes a background investigation, their identities are verified, a content quality evaluation, along with a talent evaluation exam. Although it impossible to confirm the accuracy of these claims, it is equally challenging to confirm the assertions made by other competing platforms on their selection criteria.

4 – Refund Policy

In the event that you’re unhappy with their services, Keen offers you a completely money-back guarantee. With the tap of a button, you may request your credits to be refunded and get up to 25$ worth of credits on your Keen account.

Their refund policy allows customers to reimburse one experience every month; however, it only accepts claims for readings that took place during the previous 3 days. Getting in touch with their customer service will help you find out the solution to any particular refund queries you might have.

5 – Cheap Psychic Readings Offers - $1.99 for 10 mins

Here at Keen, you may get some of the finest introductory deals we've ever witnessed. Most sites simply provide lower pricing per minute; however, Keen allows you to utilize 10 minutes for just $1.99. With this offer, you may test out many psychics while saving a sizable amount of money.


We advise you to test out your preferred psychics using the free trial offer at Keen, so you can select one who you will always be able to turn to for guidance. Additionally, you may select the most qualified reader and be confident that your reading will be worthwhile, even if the cost is greater.

Having said that, you may use the Keen Rewards Program to save money on more readings. You may build up points using the program without spending any money. You may even level up and get access to premium benefits which include completely free sessions and sizable savings.

While prices at Keen might vary greatly, most psychic platforms often charge by the minute; thus, this is typical. The price for a reading starts from as low as $1 per minute and can vary from $2 to $6 per minute, with the average price falling between $2 - $3.

If you are a new customer at Keen, you won't have to stress out over the standard charges because you qualify for reasonable introductory pricing. Given that you can get a full reading with sound recommendations for less, we couldn't pass up on such an amazing offer.

6 – Strict Psychic Advisors Screening

Before going through a thorough screening procedure, their application process needs candidates. Potential psychics are screened in order to make sure their qualifications are at par with Keen requirements. You may be assured that each reader on the platform has been assessed in this very manner.


In addition to this, Keen has revealed that each of their psychics undergoes a background investigation, their identities are verified, a content quality evaluation, along with a talent evaluation exam. Although it impossible to confirm the accuracy of these claims, it is equally challenging to confirm the assertions made by other competing platforms on their selection criteria.

7 – Reliable and Open-minded Online Psychics

When you become a Keen member, it is better to connect with a reader with whom you can ask open-minded yet precise inquiries. Keen offers a large pool of these experts. Furthermore, we advise against being overly optimistic while getting your hopes too high regarding the future and potential outcomes. This is due to the fact that time and the unfolding of events are beyond the control of even the finest of psychic readers.

Another pro-tip for Keen members - by incorporating open-ended inquiries, you may help the reader learn as much as they can about your given circumstance. You restrict the amount of data the psychic can provide you with by asking extremely specific questions with only a "yes" or "no" answer. You should try avoiding general inquiries and be as clear as possible about the circumstances in which you need advice.

Getting Started - How to Become a Keen.Com Member?


You must register for an account on Keen, select a reader, and schedule a reading. However, you must choose a specific reading category and method of communication prior to creating your account.


Hover your cursor over “Advisors” and select the “All Categories” option to view the full list of reading topics. The most popular themes and any new categories are displayed on the right after that.

1) Open a new account

Accounts on this platform may be created on the desktop or mobile devices. Start by selecting the "Account" option at the bottom of the screen if you're using the mobile application. On the desktop, you may click the "Register" tab in the top right corner of the main page.

You will be sent to a different page in both situations, where you'll join using an existing Google/Apple account or make a new account from the start. Since it won't connect those accounts to your Keen ID, it is preferable if you don't use a Google or Apple ID to protect your privacy. Keen makes it simple to sign up from anywhere on the site.

Keen lack of information requirements makes account creation feel safer than other networks like it. I also enjoy the fact that three completely free minutes are instantly given to your account as soon as you deposit dollars, so you do not have to search for any initial deals.

Simply choose the "Account" page and hit the "Add Funds" option next to your balance amount in the app. After which, you may link PayPal or a credit/debit card.

2) Deciding on a psychic

Finding a psychic is simple, thanks to Keen's desktop and mobile interface's well-organized design. On a computer, all you have to do is choose the reading genre and select a reader you want to talk to. When using the mobile application, you may browse through readings by category or utilize the "Get Matched" function to expedite the process.

Moreover, the thorough reading profiles assist you in selecting a psychic of your liking. The majority of psychics give thorough details about themselves, as well as extra background information, specializations, and talents, all of which aid in determining whether or not the psychic matches your requirements.

The informational advisor profiles at Keen simplify the choosing procedure. All customer reviews are included in advisor profiles, which are simple to read and can be found at the bottom of each profile. Assess any potential reader credibility by looking at their reviews and the ratings they’ve gotten from previous customers.

3) Arrange a reading

Choose "Chat Now" or "Call Now" from the psychic's profile to schedule a reading on Keen. Since you won't ever have to worry that your time is being wasted, you can interact with a reader with just a single click. While communicating with a reader, Keen ensures that all personal information is kept private.

You always have the option of planning a reading in advance if you have a busy schedule or see that your favorite reader isn't available. If you'd like to get insight from a psychic immediately, you may also sign up for their waitlist, and they will get back to you as soon as they get free. In order to prevent rushing at the very last minute, I advise that you have more than 1 go-to psychic.

Keen Psychics Review – What In Store for Psychic Users?


Keen wide range of subjects doesn’t let its user down. You can search via 20+ categories to discover your ideal reader. Surely, having a wide range of alternatives will definitely aid you in making the most of your session since it will guarantee that your reader offers specific advice.

Here at Keen, you may phone or chat with advisers, and there's a chance a few will also allow you to talk through emails. You may simply plan your reading in advance if you feel your schedule is hectic.

Relationships & Love

You may get a firm grasp of the possibilities of your relationships from the love specialists here on this platform. Additionally, they might aid in mending your romantic bonds too. The advice you get will assist you in determining whether or not it's worth your time to fight for a particular bond.

You may pick out more than 150+ psychics in this section, out of which the majority have managed to keep their ratings over 4.5 stars. This can prove to be quite comforting since you're free to pick a knowledgeable psychic who has the capability to clarify whatever you're dealing with.

Since the majority of readers in the love & relationship area possess expertise in assisting their clientele with breakups, divorce, cheating, and other connection, you have the option of obtaining more specialist assistance within this category. One of my favorite aspects of the love-based readings here at Keen is the ability to receive thorough counsel on virtually any scenario.

Financial Outlook

All people are impacted by finances, hence, now knowing what to anticipate in this area may prove to be quite stressful. Your monetary worries can be alleviated by getting in touch with a financial outlook reader since they offer unbiased guidance in order to make you feel more at peace.

The majority of readers in this particular department are well-known for making precise predictions and have successfully assisted over 1000 people in getting a better grasp on their finance-related problems. With more than 40 financial psychics here, choosing the top psychic in this field to alleviate your worries is simple.

It is to be kept in mind that this reading theme covers a wide array of topics, ranging from career guidance to other financial queries. This implies that the readers may provide advice on changing your occupation and assist you in effectively identifying the professional path that most in line with your soul.

Psychic Readings

If you’re looking for broad guidance on your most important life decisions, the psychic readings area is appropriate for you. I like this category since your reader may observe and point out several circumstances in your life and give you advice on a variety of topics. Using this segment is advised if you have several urgent issues to deal with.

This area is highly well-liked since quite a few of Keen's most knowledgeable psychics specialize in it. From over 200+ readers, more than 100 have worked with Keen for over ten years and have performed over 50,000 readings in total. This will surely enable you to feel more comfortable during a reading from any of them.

The fact that many readers possess a range of abilities makes this subject appealing since it enables you to pick out a reader with the skills you're looking for. For instance, it would be simple to locate a reader who is also clairvoyant if you want readers who have the ability to see visions and get guidance in the method that appeals most to you.

Top Psychic Advisors Ruling the Keen Psychics Community

This section of our review highlights the top psychic advisors on the Keen Psychic website and what they have to offer to their clients.


Rating: 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Readings: 88,629

Advisor since: 2001

Available via: call, chat

Rex Frederick is a noteworthy gifted advisor and astrologer who maintains a top rank on the website. Rex is known for his friendly and fun personality, which helps win the hearts of his clients. With over 80,000 readings on Keen on various topics ranging from love, relationships, finance, and personal health – he can take care of all your needs. Watch out for his detailed psychic readings by phone or chat, and you will definitely be amazed.


Rating: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Readings: 2003

Advisor since: 2002

Available via: call, chat

Divine Guidance is a licensed Empath and Life Coach. He helps his clients by offering them truthful and soul-stirring insights to steer their life in the right direction. Within a short time span, Divine Guidance has made it to the top rankings on the website. He has guided clients through tough times with over 4,000 readings to his name. Whether it is a difficult breakup, a tough job, or just a rough patch in life – Divine Guidance is at your service, only at Keen Psychics.


Rating: 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Readings: 718

Advisor since: 2021

Available via: call, chat

With over several years of experience, Lydia is counted among the best online psychics not just on the Keen platform but also in the online mystic community. Lydia is a gifted advisor with expertise in spiritual readings. She comes with two decades worth of experience in the field with one decade of astrological readings. She is a certified Reiki Level I and Level II expert, so get ready to enjoy a complete healing process with her.

Keen Psychics Readings: Real User Reviews


Let take a look at what Keen Psychic members feel about the service:

Review # 1 – Judi Inner Light left me awe-struck

“I recently took a reading from Judi’ and she proved to be incredible. She is an empathy, so instead of making predictions. Judi reads people feelings, although in my case, she was completely spot on. She even quoted exactly what the individual I inquired about would tell me after a while.”

Review # 2 – I’ve been using Keen for years

“Since I have been using Keen, I can honestly claim that I have had more positive encounters than negative ones. When I say negative encounters, it means the reader and I had a rather weak connection with one another. I frequently go to a few readers who are my favourites. I occasionally take a chance and try fresh ones too. Most of the time I wait for emails from Keen since that are fantastic and providing free funds for me to use. I appreciate the fee credits along with the free minutes which some of my favourite readers provide me with. I have really enjoyed using the website and I would suggest it to everyone else too!”

Review # 3 – Keen has been absolutely convenient

“Keen is a simple approach to acquire suggestions or directions from those who have different perspectives from our own, and have access to your energy. They have a unique perspective on the universe, using that very knowledge, they can help you in getting through a particularly tough period. They have the ability to ease you anxiousness. Since I discovered this platform roughly 2 months ago, I have been using it quite frequently.”

If Not, then what? Best Psychics Online Alternatives

Here are the top 3 platforms, other than Keen Psychics, that you may explore.


Kasamba has been a ray of hope for heartbroken and shattered souls since its formation in 1999. Kasamba is well-known for screening psychic readers before letting them join the platform. Every time a customer or a member wants help from a new psychic reader, they get a few free minutes.

The website boasts an exclusive panel of different psychic professionals who offer different minute rates, which vary from $1 to $10 depending on the experience of the professional.


This platform has been a popular customer choice because of the comprehensive options for psychic readers. The Psychic Source is a user-friendly platform that has provided psychic reading for more than 30 years. Psychic Source greatly understands the demands and needs of its customers. The utmost priority at Psychic Source is to provide the best psychic reading online to their customers.

Another great thing about Psychic Source is its fantastic customer service and psychic reading experience. The Psychic Source has been at the top in the online psychic reading industry because of its dedication to providing safe and satisfactory customer services, which bears evidence of its hard work and quality maintenance. The Psychic Source has to offer many different packages making it an affordable option for online psychic reading-seeking customers.

Whenever you feel low or vulnerable, you turn to a psychic reader to find solace and a solution. Psychic Source ensures customer satisfaction is prioritized at such times, and no customer shall ever feel taken advantage of. Hence, people seeking online psychic help believe in the spiritual value and have faith in the Psychic Source.


California Psychic immediately pops up in our minds if we talk about the most renowned psychic reading platforms. The California Psychic website is delightful and user-friendly; you easily navigate through features smoothly. The most valuable and distinct feature of the California Psychic is their thorough process of taking psychic readers on board. The platform is very protective of its customers, and any psychic reader who wishes to join the California Psychic has to go through multiple and rigorous background checks so that the website may be able to ensure the safety of its customers and data. Not only does the platform do background checks, but they also check the criminal history of all psychic readers who come to the platform. California Psychic ensures that the psychic readers available on their platform are highly reliable, making the psychic reading experience safe and secure for their customers.

California Psychic is particular about safety and security because people tend to share a lot of personal information during psychic reading sessions, so the psychic reader must be reliable and trustworthy. California Psychic puts extra effort into finding authentic, reliable, experienced, spiritual psychic readers to provide customers with the best.

Keen Psychics FAQS

If you have still not made up your mind about Keen Psychics or have any further questions regarding their psychics and services, we have compiled a list of questions for you along with their answers. These are the most frequently asked questions about Keen Psychics.

Can I Rely on Keen?

A lot of people are worried about trusting online psychics and tend to keep a distance from most online psychic reading websites. However, Keen Psychics has bucked that trend, and their long-standing history in the industry is a testament to that. Plus, they have a comprehensive vetting process for their psychics that ensures all psychic readings given by the psychics at Keen Psychics are real and accurate.

Keen Psychics has been in the industry for over two decades now and obtained a stellar reputation during that period. Hence, millions of people from different corners of the world entrust them for online psychic readings. You can also trust Keen Psychics because they have a confidentiality policy. All their psychic readers are obliged to keep clients’ information and data confidential and secluded.

What can I Expect from a Keen Psychics Reading Session?

The best part about a Keen Psychics reading session is that you will not feel like you didn't get your money's worth. Once the session begins, you will be greeted by the psychic, and you can tell them about your problem or question. Start with the most troubling issues for you, and be completely honest and transparent with your psychic.

If you're unsure of what you should share or ask, you can start with basic questions. Once the psychic understands your story and your problems, they will tune into your energy field/aura, use their specific tools to address the problem and provide answers to your question.

If you're talking with the psychic through chat, the website will provide you with transcription at the end of the session, completely free of cost. However, if you're on the phone with your psychic, we advise you to take notes to remember what was said and shared by the psychic.

How is Keen Psychics Different from Other Psychic Websites?

Keen Psychics is one of the oldest psychic reading platforms and, over the past two decades, has continuously strived to elevate the psychic community through exceptional psychic readings. Their excellent offers and loyalty programs are what set them apart from others, which is why they are the preferred choice for so many users.

They also offer video reading services, which is rare in the community, and their 24/7 psychic guidance and customer support ensure no user or client has any complaints. Their support program, which rewards recurring clients, is one of the best benefits of their website. Apart from this, the full money-back guarantee by Keen Psychics is an excellent feature and truly sets them apart from other psychic websites in the industry.

Should we Make a Deposit Prior to Selecting a Psychic on Keen?

The short answer is no, you're not required to make a deposit into your account in order to search for readers. Although, you need to add a method of payment and deposit money once you've made your choice and are prepared for a reading. This proves to be advantageous since you can make sure you have a suitable reader before you've made a deposit.

What Are the Payment Options at Keen Psychics?

Making payments at Keen Psychics is extremely easy, which is part of the reason why so many people from all over the world trust and prefer them for psychic readings. Keen Psychics accepts payments from all major credit and debit card companies. In addition, any user can make further payments for their online readings through PayPal.

Keen Psychics Review – Closing Thoughts!

Keen is a reliable source that has built a strong foundation among those that seek valuable psychic information. The majority of readers are well-regarded, the initial offer rates are quite reasonable, and the mobile application is also practical. Keen checks all the prerequisites when we talk about the location of a top-of-the-line psychic service due to all these factors.

However, its absence of video readings, along with inconsistent functionality across the application and website, may raise some questions. Despite this, we would still heartily suggest Keen since its psychics consistently offer reliable guidance. You can be confident that your experience will be genuine.

Apart from that, we like Keen promotional offer since it enables you to utilize excellent readings without having to pay a lot of money. The first 10 mins are only for $1.99, and other rates start from $1 per minute. So, you better utilize Keen cheap psychic readings offer to seek solutions to your most important life queries.

Important: We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the migration of our site to enhance your experience as valuable user. But due to the scale of operations some data discrepancies may arise. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.