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Entre Institute Reviews (Jeff Lerner) Is It Legit or Waste of Money?

Entre Institute was originally founded by Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting in 2019, though their work to establish this platform started over a decade prior. Though they are well versed in being entrepreneurs, the twosome developed the Entre Institute to help others to avoid their mistakes and be as successful as possible in an industry that some see as cutthroat.

Entre Institute

The Entre Institute is a platform that helps entrepreneurs to get the skills and knowledge they need for success in their business endeavors. The instructors help consumers to personalize their education to their needs, supporting their personal, professional, and physical efforts. 

What is the Entre Institute? 

Breaking into any industry can be difficult, but the idea that entrepreneurship has to be an uphill battle has consistently been the narrative. Statistics about how long a small business can last flood the mind of anyone who wants to take on their own endeavor, which is why so many people have been able to launch programs that seem to cover everyone. The problem is, they don’t. 

Most entrepreneurial programs claim that anyone can use their methods to launch a business, but there are so many variables that can play a role. The path to a successful business can vary from person to person, and the best plans account for those possible changes. That’s what the Entre Institute offers. 

This online education platform completely changes the way that other systems work. With access to a full ecosystem of tools, courses, and expert advice, consumers can learn how to start from nothing and achieve a successful career as an entrepreneur. As the creators of this platform explain, the key to reaching this potential is entrepreneurship, and it could cause a major change in how culture and society work. By being a good entrepreneur, anyone’s life can change exponentially. 

Entre Institute was originally founded by Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting in 2019, though their work to establish this platform started over a decade prior. Though they are well versed in being entrepreneurs, the twosome developed the Entre Institute to help others to avoid their mistakes and be as successful as possible in an industry that some see as cutthroat. 

Entre’s Core Values 

The only way that any of Entre Institute’s efforts can be made into a reality is with its core values. These values drive the creators to deliver the support that all consumers need in their Entre curriculum. The system of values includes: 

  • Living by choice, challenging participants to be intentional in their choices. 

  • Focusing on excellence in physical, personal, and professional life. 

  • Maintaining communication with softness and good intentions. 

  • Taking on hard tasks and doing them correctly. 

  • Being disciplined in action. 

  • Maintaining a fast speed through learning, moving, and growing. 

  • Boldly tackling any problem that needs to be solved. 

  • Creating with longevity in mind. 

  • Having fun while getting any task done. 

Charitable Contributions by Entre 

While there are many reasons already to invest in Entre, part of the reason that this educational system continues to do so much good is because of its charitable contributions that go far beyond the scope of other educational systems. 

Their first effort is an organization called Junior Achievement, which offers support for young people to excel as entrepreneurs. They offer support, education, and skill-building work to make children more successful in this economy while being financially literate. Volunteers within their community offer these lessons while sharing their journeys with the millions of students already involved. 

The second effort that Entre Institute supports is Kiva, which is a nonprofit organization that spans internationally to help users access the financial resources needed to get business funding. Currently, there are over 1.7 billion people who are struggling to get supportive funding, and Kiva’s work allows the underserved to procure loans through crowdfunding and other options for capital. 


What Makes Entre Different? 

Every educational program for building an independent business has about the same keys to success because they are meant to work for “everyone.” However, most of them don’t. They are missing a key element that the Entre Institute makes into its core curriculum – personalization. However, any program could have personalization, which is why they lay out three key differences that set them apart from other educational experiences. 

First and foremost, the creators at Entre have a fully inclusive program to help consumers become the entrepreneur they want to be. Users get everything in one place, including education, coaching, community, software, and life events. 

The second big difference between Entre and other programs is their instructors. While other programs might use people who simply want to make a fast dollar, all of the curriculum at Entre is taught by other entrepreneurs who already have successful businesses. Only with this real-world success can consumers truly learn what it takes. 

Finally, the work of the Entre Institute allows users to get results for the work they do in every part of their lives. This program isn’t just about being successful in business; it considers the best way to improve the user’s physical and personal lives as well. 

The Entre Ecosystem: Gaining Success As An Entrepreneur 

Without the Entre Ecosystem, this entire program would fall apart rapidly. The creators at Entre want to make sure that participants have all of the success that they strive for, which is why there are multiple parts to the Ecosystem that keep it running, starting with education. 


When someone engages in a traditional education system, the entire arrangement feels like a transaction or an exchange. Once they learn, they go home or log off. With the education offered through Entre, users will experience a personalized plan that transforms their business and centers around the outcome. Users learn in a way that other educational systems don’t offer, using experts in entrepreneurship. They also include experts in educational psychology and personal transformation, which is why Entre calls it “Transformational Education.” 

The community is another pivotal part of the Entre Institute. The best support for any work endeavor is to work with like-minded individuals who are pursuing a similar goal, which is exactly what consumers get within their community. With tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, consumers can build relationships that will ultimately benefit their personal and professional life. 

The live experiences offered within the Entre Institute are available as in-person and virtual activities. These events offer insight into different theories that make any entrepreneurial experience into a transformative one, creating changes that will last for life. 

Ultimately, the purpose of the Entre Institute is to change the way that consumers view the launch of their business. With this support, they can create a path that works for their goals, personalizing it to make their dream life into a reality. By the end of their lessons and learning, consumers should have everything they need for success, and they will continue to have access to materials that will keep improving their experience


The Entre Team 

Every person on the Entre team can be credited for obliterating the typical idea of traditional education while improving the entire concept of business structure. Their collaborative work ensures that consumers can become successful in their entrepreneurial goals through various courses, coaching sessions, and more. 

The Chief Visionary Officer is Jeff Lerner. His career has taken him to many places, starting as a jazz musician without a lot of money to become successful in his entrepreneurial efforts. He’s based his personal and professional life around the principles that the Entre Institute is built on, helping to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

Adam Whiting is Entre’s Chief Executive Officer. His 10+ years of work in digital marketing make him an ideal fit for this team. He’s managed to bring Entre to a whole new world of people from a small startup to a major online education brand that is unrivaled by others. 

Entre entrusts Joe Shurtz as the Chief Experience Officer. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry, helping anyone to pursue their efforts in the world of digital marketing. 

Micah Brandenburg is the Chief Financial Officer of Entre. For the first decade of his career, he worked as a banker, following in the footsteps of the clients he served as an investor and employee at multiple entrepreneurial efforts before starting with Entre. His passion helps other entrepreneurs to make a difference in their businesses, and it is reflected in the students he supports. 


The Chief Revenue Officer is Raul Hernandez, who grew up with San Diego startups and got involved in some of the biggest brands around. He’s grown multiple companies before joining Entre, but his work now consists of helping entrepreneurs to properly scale their businesses. 

Other members of this team include: 

  • Todd Campbell, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) 

  • Randy Saban, VP of Sales 

  • Blake Wyatt, VP of Marketing 

  • Angie May, Operations Manager 

  • Rob Thomas, Head Coach 

  • Rob Leahy, Advanced Course Manager 

  • Chelsie Paulson, Brand Director 

  • Hilary Russell, Agency Course Instructor 

  • Janice Hosea, Director of People 

  • Amber Lutui, Chief of Staff 

  • Tracy Howard, Controller 

  • Julie Vongchanh, Senior Project Manager 

  • Wyatt Fenner, Video Production Manager 

  • Jing Tsai, Senior Digital Content Manager 

  • Michelle Evans, Events Operations Manager 

The Entre Blueprint 

The Entre Blueprint is a set of principles that the creators have established for their followers. These principles help any entrepreneur to start their walk to a better life and a thriving business. 

The first is the 3 Ps of Fulfillment. As Entre sees it, the impact of how an entrepreneur (or anyone) does any single task or activity shows how they do everything. Finding the best way to pursue the feeling of fulfillment can help them deliver their own happiness and success. That’s why the first principle is the 3 Ps of Fulfillment – physical, personal, and professional. 

The other principle is the 3 business models, which show three different business models that help entrepreneurs start on the right track. The 3 business models are referral business, services business, and legacy business. 

Getting Started with the Entre Institute 

Consumers who want to start taking advantage of the Entre Institute will need to pay $39 for access to all of the content. Users will receive the ENTRE Blueprint Training Course (value: $39.00), which is paired with plenty of bonus content for consumers to keep expanding. 

Bonus Content 

Along with the main content associated with the Entre Institute, consumers will have a few bonuses to improve their experience. First, users get access immediately to the Awesome Life Challenge, which helps consumers to learn how they can make their business work with their life instead of overtaking it. Then, they’ll be able to get in touch with the Entre Nation Community, which is a group of other participants in this program who are also trying to establish their businesses. 

Plus, consumers will get access to a 1-on-1 business advisor coaching call. To cover this cost, consumers would have to spend $299 or more. However, as a bonus, it costs the user nothing. 

Return Policy for the Entre Institute 

Though the creators are confident about what the Entre Institute can offer their customers, they allow consumers to get a refund within 30 days without any penalties or other commitments. However, this return policy only applies to ENTRE Blueprint, ENTRE Nation, ENTRE Nation Elite, and ENTRE Fundamentals. If the user purchases any other products, they have up to 72 hours from the moment the content is purchased to get a refund. 

To request cancellation, users must send a message to 

Contacting the Entre Institute 

Even with the information that the Entre Institute offers online, consumers may want to know more. The creators encourage users to contact their customer service team, which is available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST. 

  • Phone number: 844-552-8801 

  • Email address: 


The Entre Institute provides an opportunity that customizes the experience of any new or seasoned entrepreneur. The lessons inside help consumers improve their chances of success while learning more about the industry they want to be involved. While the main focus is on creating a business that thrives and profits, it also helps users to create a personal and physical life that they can enjoy with the same freedom

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