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Emma Comfort Mattress UK Review [2022] – Best For Side Sleepers? Read This Before Buying

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Emma Comfort Mattress UK Review [2022] – Best For Side Sleepers? Read This Before Buying

Emma Original is one of the most well-liked boxed mattresses you'll find, and for good reason. All sleeping positions are comfortable in it, and it isolates motion well, so if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, their movements shouldn't wake you up too much.

Emma Comfort Mattress UK
Emma Comfort Mattress UK

If you experience restless sleep, you might be thinking about buying a new mattress and pondering whether the Emma Comfort Mattress is the best option for you. 

Emma Original is one of the most well-liked boxed mattresses you'll find, and for good reason. All sleeping positions are comfortable in it, and it isolates motion well, so if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, their movements shouldn't wake you up too much. 

The Emma Original has four layers, the first of which is a comfort layer made of memory foam. Emma offers a lengthy 365-night sleep trial as support for the mattress. A hybrid model is also available in Emma's mattress line, though it is slightly more expensive. The Emma Original Hybrid has 8 inches of zoned pocketed coils for improved airflow and a slightly firmer feel. 

But how does the Emma mattress perform for us? Does it justify its prestigious hype? I won't know until I put it through my battery of tried-and-true tests, which should not only inform me if this mattress is deserving of the hype but also if it might be the ideal bed for you! 

Here is all the information you need to know about the original Emma mattress, from firmness level to motion control, breathability to bounce. 

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What is Emma Mattress? 

The Emma Mattress has a solid reputation as a cost-effective bed-in-a-box that will improve your sleep comfort. It occupies the top spot in our ranking of the best mattresses because it offers excellent value for the money and provides all-over comfort from the first night. 

However, it won't work for everyone. As we'll discuss further in our review, the Emma may be too firm for people who weigh significantly less than average and may sink in too much and not get the support they require. 

Take a look at Emma Mattresses’ pros and cons to get an idea before we dig into the detailed review: 



Excellent value for the money,  

Some people find it to sleep a little warm. 

Excellent comfort for all sleeping positions, especially comfortable for side sleepers.  

Maybe too soft for back sleepers or people with heavier frames 

A strong motion isolation  

Edge support could be stronger. 

Washable and detachable cover 



Is the Emma Mattress Right for You? 

Let's get close to the summary of this review by covering some of the Emma's fundamentals so you can decide if it's the right mattress for you. The Emma may or may not be suitable for you, depending on your body weight, height, and preferred sleeping position. While I am unable to decide for you, you are welcome to look at some of my suggestions below to help you reach that conclusion on your own. 

  • Recommended For: 

I believe side sleepers would benefit greatly from the Emma Comfort mattress. This soft all-foam mattress can offer the substantial pressure relief that these sleepers need. For hot sleepers who still desire a soft foam touch, the Emma is a nice option. Even children who have trouble falling asleep should enjoy the Emma mattress. It is genuinely soft and provides the hugging sensation that these sleepers frequently seek. 

  • Not Recommended For: 

For stomach sleepers, who require more support along the hips for comfort, the Emma is probably too soft. Couples might want to take a different path. This mattress is soft all the way around, making the edges vulnerable to sagging.  

Because the Emma lacks bounce, I don't believe it is the best option for combination sleepers who require a little bounce to make switching positions during the night easier. Heavy people won't be adequately supported on this all-foam construction and should instead check out one of our best innerspring mattresses. 

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Features of Emma Mattress: 

Besides Emma Mattress's price is one of its best features, below are the other features of Emma original mattress: 

  1. Performance: 

When looking for a new mattress, firmness is among the most crucial qualities to take into account, but there are undoubtedly other factors as well. It's also critical to take into account how a bed performed in various sleeping positions, how it relieved pain and pressure; it is unbeatable given the high levels of comfort and pressure relief it offers, and how it might feel to couples sharing the bed in order to truly determine whether it's a good match for you. 

  1. Pressure Relief: 

The Original has four foam layers that evenly distribute body weight to lessen pressure points around the shoulders and hips. A top comfort layer made of memory foam closely conforms to the body, while a bottom comfort layer made of polyfoam deepens the contouring. The spine is supported, pressure is reduced, and tension is eased by this cradling. 

Depending on a person's sleep position, body weight, and preferred level of comfort, pressure relief may be subjective. The Original's medium (5) feel and generous contouring were appreciated by all of our test subjects who slept on their sides, especially those who didn't weigh more than 230 pounds. 

  1. Firmness: 

Emma comfort scores a 7 out of 10, which is slightly firmer than average in terms of firmness. Emma comfort is a little firmer than medium-firm (6.5), which is the industry standard. However, firmness is a relative term because the weight and sleeping position of the person determining the firmness will vary. 

A larger person would find the mattress to be even firmer as they pressed deeper into it and came in contact with the HRX foam support layer, especially when sleeping on their side. Because they would be sleeping on the softer Airgocell comfort layer, smaller people might find it slightly softer. 

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  1. Temperature Control: 

Unlike the majority of contouring foam mattresses, which frequently trap body heat, The Emma Original maintains a relatively cool temperature. The top two foam layers of this model have a ParticleCool infusion that is specifically formulated to disperse heat more quickly. In order to allow heat to escape, the memory foam top layer is also designed to permit more air circulation than conventional memory foam. 

Because of this, the sleeps comfortably cool for most people. The cooler feels of a hybrid bed, however, might be preferred by some hot sleepers. 

  1. Edge Support 

The Emma Original offers noticeable support all the way around in contrast to many foam beds, which sag at their edges. Under the weight of the body, the top memory foam layer slightly sinks. However, the support and transition layers are solid enough to stop significant sagging. The usable surface area is increased thanks to the stronger perimeter, which also makes it simpler for many sleepers to get in and out of bed. However, those who weigh more than 230 pounds and couples who are having sex may feel safer sleeping closer to the mattress' center. 

  1. Off-gassing 

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have a smell but are typically safe byproducts of the mattress manufacturing process, can be produced. These odours are particularly common in new foam beds. The Emma Original has surprisingly little off-gassing smells for a foam mattress. 

Emma Mattress: Prices and Deals: 

  • High value for the money 

  • Double size frequently drops to £349.50 

  • Cheaper than the majority of top competitors 

RRPs for the Emma Mattress start at £499 for a single, making it a fantastic value. But throughout the year, the mattress is frequently on sale, so you can anticipate paying much less than this in any given month. 

For instance, the Emma mattress sale typically offers discounts of between 40% and 50% off the list price. Due to this, a double size now costs £349.50 instead of £699. That makes the Emma Original the most affordable mattress on the market and is very difficult to beat. 

The official Emma Original mattress price is as follows: 

  • Single: $249.50 

  • Single EU: $274.50 

  • Small double: £639 ($319,50; regular price). 

  • Double: £699 (regularly $349.50). 

  • Double EU: £759 (regularly $379.50) 

  • King: £799 (normally $799). 

  • EU queen: £869 (regularly $434.50). 

  • Super king: £899 ($449.50 regular price). 

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, regularly priced at £426.93 (was £749) for a double size in the Nectar mattress sale, and the Simba Hybrid, typically priced at around £497 for a double size in the Simba mattress sale, are the closest competitors to the Emma in terms of value for money. 

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Emma Original Mattress Material: 

What materials are used in Emma Original mattress? 

The cover and three foam layers make up the Emma Original: 

  • Comfort Layer: An air-permeable Airgocell foam layer that keeps the bed's surface cool all night. It reacts quickly to pressure and should relieve the sleeper's tension right away, makes up the top 1.5 inches of this bed's construction. Due to the open pore structure of this layer, additional breathability and airflow are also encouraged. 

  • Contour Layer: the contour layer directly beneath it is made of slow-reacting memory foam. Together, these two layers offer a contrasting balance that cradles the sleeper without placing an undue amount of restriction on movement. 

  • Foundation Layer: A firm layer of cold foam that supports your shoulders and lower back as needed. High-density poly foam measuring 8 inches thick makes up the mattress' base layer. Similar to the comfort layer above, this layer's strong and supportive material works to balance out the memory foam's incredibly soft contouring layer.  

  1. How is the cover made of? 

One of the best covers you will ever see is for the Emma Original. To make it breathable, they use climate fibers and pores, and I must say, it works really well. I had the opportunity to test this during the recent heatwave in London, and it worked flawlessly. 

99% polyester and 1% elastane make up the cover. Due to the latter, it is quite elastic, which is crucial because a good cover must remain in place. The sleeping surface appears to be very durable even though it feels soft. 

The top portion of this cover is made of white, and the sides and bottom are made of grey. The bottom of the mattress has anti-slip components that help it stay put. Additionally, they added handles to the sides of the mattress, which are useful if you want to move it. You can machine wash it at 40 degrees with the cover off. 

Emma Original Mattress Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies: 

  1. Shipping 

Emma provides free shipping within the 48 contiguous states of America. FedEx or UPS are used by the company to ship beds directly from the warehouse. Shipping times typically range from 3 to 7 business days, though they may change based on where you are. 

For simple shipping, The Emma Original is compressed, plastic-sealed, and boxed. There is no assembly needed. To allow the new mattress to decompress, customers must move it into their residence after it has arrived, unbox it, and remove the plastic covering. 

  1. Sleep Trial 

There is a 365-night sleep trial included with The Emma Original. To give your body time to adjust, the manufacturer requests that you test the bed for at least 30 nights. Throughout the remaining 365 nights, if you decide you're not satisfied with the mattress, you can return it for a complete refund of the purchase price. 

  1. Availability 

Through the Emma website, you can purchase The Emma Original. The business doesn't run any physical locations. Third-party retailers are unable to sell Emma mattresses. 

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  1. Warranty 

The Emma mattress also has a 10-year warranty, so you are protected for a very long time. This is fantastic to see and eliminates all the anxiety associated with online mattress shopping. All mattresses that are returned are given to charitable organizations. Emma collaborates closely with the British Heart Foundation and Debra in particular. 

Wrap Up: 

It's time to wrap up this review of the Emma Original mattress by giving you my final thoughts. Emma was able to create a mattress that provides a lot of support and comfort. It's a fantastic option for anyone seeking: 

  • A memory foam mattress made to accommodate all positions for sleeping. 

  • A mattress that feels medium firm and has a great cooling system. 

  • A mattress with excellent service and support that was made with practicality in mind. 

  • An affordable mattress made in the UK from premium components. 

The Emma Comfort mattress offers possibly the best value in Australia and UK. It is a sturdy and cozy mattress that will fit a variety of sleepers and will be especially useful for those looking for supportive mattresses.