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Crypto Investing Strategies - For Greener Portfolio In 2023

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Crypto Investing Strategies - For Greener Portfolio In 2023

Let's dig deep into why small marketcap at listing, limited supply, low price and high community momentum really matters and why should it be among the top factors in your crypto investing strategies. Additionally, we'll talk about why we are bullish on - An upcoming crypto project fits our investment criteria very well and has a promising ROI.

Crypto Investing Strategies
Crypto Investing Strategies

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When investing in an ICO, you can look for dozens of indicators to help gauge a project’s potential for success. 

Whether you are attempting to achieve early retirement or just trying to keep your portfolio in the green, ICOs can be an extremely lucrative investment. Some of the most well-known crypto success stories come from “getting in early” on a project. 

In 2014, Ethereum was first launched as a public ICO. At the time, the token was offered at $0.31. If you bought it back then, the ROI today is roughly 3892x. 

Naturally, investors are always searching for opportunities like that one — the “undiscovered gem.” 

However, it is difficult to identify the coins that will provide high gains and long-term portfolio growth and separate them from scams, rug-pulls, or low-performing projects, even for the most experienced investor. 

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The question then remains: what do these gainful projects look like? How can you tell if your investment will pay off the mortgage someday? 

Analysts say that everything from the total supply to search-engine rankings signals a project’s success… 

However, as with any financial analysis, it is impossible to accurately predict an investment’s future performance. No crystal ball or magic formula will uncover every 10–100x coin. 

Most of these standard indicators will do little to measure the true return potential of your investment. 

I’ve seen unprecedented gains from projects derided by the crypto community due to their failure to uphold these popular indicators… 

On the other hand, I’ve found many projects that should have produced high short-term returns and long-term stability …if indicators were being paid attention to. Instead, the charts after launch were flat, or the price dumped to steep lows. 

Projects like LUNA have managed to attract high levels of investor confidence and hype. But the project collapsed completely despite the seductive promises of innovation or finely-crafted white papers…the project collapsed utterly. Investors from across the board of experience lost significant amounts of money. 

Through my analysis of past 10x projects, I found that a minimal number of indicators proved any hope of predicting success. How relevant these indicators depend on your investment goals. Some could help you identify a successful long-term investment…if you are willing to ride the waves across months or years. 

But if your goal is to make high returns in the shortest time with ICOs, then I’ll show that there are only two indicators that can point you in the right direction. 

Tokens like ARK went parabolic after its ICO in 2017, jumping from $0.04 to $11. Since then, its popularity has waned. But for investors looking to make substantial short-term gains, it’s the kind of token that you cross your fingers that you’ll find. 

For these sorts of short-term analyses, two indicators can cut through the rest and give you a more accurate measure of success potential. 

Like any financial analysis, it’s not perfect. But I’ve shown how even some more common and sensible indicators can be irrelevant to a project’s success. 

Because in the data I’ve found, these two indicators frequently precede the 10x projects…or even the 100x projects. 

What are the most relevant indicators for crypto investors? 

Let’s look at some charts. 


Clearly, some factors separated the trajectories seen in the tokens. I mentioned it earlier in the list… 

Each ICO that went parabolic started with a small market cap at launch. 

Is this a coincidence? I thought it might be, but this factor remained consistent in all the high-return ICOs I researched. 

Why is that? 

Market cap at launch is calculated by launch price x total supply. If the market cap is smaller than average, that usually means there is less supply at a lower price. Therefore increased demand will make it easier for the price to experience a parabolic change and give 10x returns. 

I thought to myself that, indeed it’s not as simple as that… 

Well, market cap at launch is only one indicator I look for. It needs another ingredient to turn your charts green. 

For the price to push upward, there needs to be a source for that demand and a community of investors that are going to be willing to keep buying in at the current price… 

This is momentum, the second indicator to look for. 

Without positive momentum, investors are going to be selling instead of buying. This might seem obvious, but no magic number will tell you how much momentum a project has. 

When I’m trying to gauge a project’s momentum, I dig around in its community. I look for social media activity, promotional campaigns, and generally positive sentiment…all signs that there are dedicated investors already on board, waiting to buy in when the price is low… 

And buy in again and again…driving the price to a fever pitch. 

When the buying power of the project’s community exceeds the market cap, you see the multiplying prices because there is always someone willing to buy at the current price and keep it increasing. 

When there’s a lot of “buzz” around a project, and the market cap at launch is smaller than similar projects…the potential for a high-return investment will increase. 

How do we find such projects in present crypto market? 

Being in the middle of crypto winter, caution has become widespread. Current events have transformed some of the hopeful investors into doubtful ones. 

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing worth investing in the crypto-sphere right now. Nor does it mean you won’t see coins that will go 10x — or more — as they did in the last bull run. 

As an example of an upcoming ICO that fulfils these indications, I looked at YPRED, the native token used by the project. They are building a platform for developers and traders that uses AI to analyze chart patterns and their potential impact on price. YPRED is to be used in the ecosystem for payments, staking, revenue sharing and more. 

Recently, yPredict rolled out a large marketing campaign and an ambassador program to promote the platform. Their telegram community boasts 35K members as of this writing. 

Along with all of this positive chatter, their market cap at launch is set for just 4.5M. Similar projects have market caps over ten times this size. 

Remember that we are looking primarily at market cap at launch and momentum. If you still want to use the other indicators, such as white paper and team information, their website does an excellent job answering everything clearly. 

But overall, YPRED shares many of the same positive traits that some of the tokens in the examples above had. At this time, it’s currently only available in a presale, and the chances of approval are low. The public sale is due to begin soon. If you can get in at all, mentioning this article might help your chances. 

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While predicting the market is impossible, there are still methods behind making a smarter investment. I’m not claiming that my ICO indicators are a perfect analysis. Or that it will guarantee some future million-dollar withdrawal. And if you’re still holding strong with crypto in this market, you probably want to be cautious with how you spend your extra savings. 

All of these indicators are just a measure of potential. But if you care about short-term gains, my data shows that market cap at launch and momentum are the two most relevant factors in ICOs with 10x returns. 

Using the other indicators to guide your decision could land you a solid long-term investment, but it could also direct you to a bad project. 

So when a new project tells you their token is guaranteed to blow up… please don’t take their word for it. Check these two factors first. It could very well help you determine how likely your money will multiply. 

Most common crypto investment strategy & tips 

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a reliable lending platform to maximize their gains. 

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a reliable lending platform to maximize their gains. 

An aspiring value investor should start investing in new projects on a reliable lending platform to maximize their gains. 

When investing in a particular cryptocurrency, it is important to ensure that your portfolio is balanced and not simply following the investing strategies of other traders. 

An effective crypto investment strategy must include margin trading and sound investment decisions in order to maximize the returns on crypto investments. 

As a crypto investor, it is important to diversify investments by investing in both digital currency and traditional assets. 

"In order to maximize profits, having a well defined crypto trading strategies that can be applied across multiple asset classes as well as fiat currencies is key for successful trading." 

Many investors look to crypto investing to generate a passive income, and fund managers often use this approach to diversify portfolios. 

Cryptocurrency market can be very volatile and risky therefore own research and chosing a right crypto exchange is critically important to succeed in crypto space. 

For a successful cryptocurrency investment strategy, it is essential to understand price action, cryptocurrency trading, and short-term volatility. 

"It's important to have a long term strategy when investing money in a volatile cryptocurrency exchange market in order to maximize returns." 

The best crypto investment strategies for a successful portfolio in the crypto space include diversifying your crypto coins and keeping an eye on the markets. 

The asset class of the crypto world is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly popular. 

Creating a balanced portfolio that includes both traditional investments and crypto assets can be among smart cryptocurrency investing strategies. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is dollar cost averaging worth it? 

The effectiveness of dollar cost averaging as an investment strategy is debated among financial experts. Some argue that it can help investors avoid the psychological pitfalls of trying to time the market, and can lead to a lower average purchase price for an asset over time. On the other hand, others argue that it may result in missed opportunities for buying at lower prices or selling at higher prices. 

Is low marketcap and low supply a reliable crypto investing strategy? 

Although this strategy involves risk but ensuring quality of the project and community support can definitely minimize risks. 

Is it also applicable for day trading strategy? 

One can get in early as presale stage, sell on it on listing date and buy it back on a major pull back if project has long term potential.