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Chill Pill Reviews: Does It Work? Is The ChillPill Worth It or Cheap Results?

The Chill Pill is a handheld device that helps you relax naturally. What you are thinking is right; it is not a pill, and all you need to do is to place it in your hands, but how, then, does it help?


Chill Pill

For the longest time, people who have difficulty sleeping often take pills. Truthfully, we could all make do with some help getting to sleep, especially after a stressful day or in trying times. However, we should let you know that sleeping medications, though pretty popular, are not as effective as you think. 

Besides being addictive, they take, on average, 14 minutes faster to make you fall asleep and extend your sleep time by half an hour. As a result, it is common for people to increase their dosages, thereby abusing the drug. 

Your inability to fall asleep could be because of a medical condition, too much caffeine consumption, too much screen time at night, stress, anxiety, or sensory overload; we recommend using the Chill Pill


If you experience occasional anxiety or nighttime panic attacks, you can now bid your sleepless nights goodbye. 

What Is a Chill Pill? 

The Chill Pill is a creation by Mend Your Mental; a brand committed to delivering solutions that help you find inner peace and happiness. Reports show that about 50 million US adults have used a sleeping or calming aid at least once in 2022 to relax and doze off to sleep. Thus, a lack of sleep is alarmingly on the rise and taking a toll on people’s lives. 

The Chill Pill is a handheld device that helps you relax naturally. What you are thinking is right; it is not a pill, and all you need to do is to place it in your hands, but how, then, does it help? 


The device uses electrotherapeutic stimulation, sending mild electric pulses that readjust your body into a calm and restful state as it sends signals to the brain and then sends them to the nervous system, which then tells it to relax be calm. With this, you can significantly boost your sleep quality without swallowing a single pill, capsule, or beverage for stress relief

Chill Pill Benefits 

  • Easy and safe to use for restful sleep 

  • Not addictive, unlike drugs 

  • It helps retrain the body to relax in the most natural way 

  • Cost-effective alternative to pills 

    • Skin-friendly materials 

  • It comes in several colors 

  • Included USB charging cable 

  • May reduce fatigue 

  • Reduces panic and anxiety attacks 

    • Portable and rechargeable battery 

  • It can be used for several years 

  • Works up to twenty hours without recharging 

  • Chill Pill Downsides 

    • Chill Pill is not recommended for people with pacemakers, heart problems, carpal tunnel, nerve damage, or shunts. 

    • The product claims are not FDA-evaluated 

    How Does the Chill Pill Work 

    Straightaway, The Chill Pill offers electrotherapy stimulation to reduce anxiety and stress and induce sleep. Electrotherapy is the medical term for treatments using electric energy. The body consists of neurotransmitters that utilize chemical and electrical charges while passing information to the brain. These electrical and chemical activities regulate cognitive function, feelings, mood, thoughts, sleep time, etc. Stress and anxiety are common factors that may cause an imbalance in the neuron communication pathway(s). Sleeplessness is a direct result of this imbalance which causes a slew of other adverse health consequences. 


    The device establishes communication with the nervous system through the brain using microcurrents. These low electrical charges pulsing through this handheld device tell the nervous system it is relaxation time. This activity reverses the existing imbalance, preparing the body for rest. 

    Mind you, if you treat the Chill Pill as a magical wand that sends you to sleep immediately, you may be disappointed. Especially for new users, you need to exercise some patience. When used, the gear starts by repairing your sleep-wake cycle, and your body responds accordingly. Your body feels less and less stressed as the Chill Pill brings about a non-drowsy relaxation just before you calmly drift off. 


    According to the manufacturer, you need to use this product for at least one week to see results. After about two weeks of use, your body should quickly and naturally come to a state of restfulness. After one month of consistent use, you may try it at different times during the day to build habitual patterns. By the end of the second month, your body already sets up a regular routine that brings it to rest easily. By the third month, you fall asleep faster and enjoy better sleep quality. 

    How to Use the Chill Pill 

    Using the Chill Pill is as easy as turning it on and holding it in your palm when you want to sleep or need stress relief. Press down on the middle button on the side until you see it glow to turn on the device. Side by side, the power button is two other buttons to increase (+) and decrease (-) the intensity of the emission. Here’s how to use it correctly. 


    • Switch on the device 

  • Hold in your preferred hand. 

    • Readjust to a suitable frequency, so the pulsing does not hurt your palm 

  • Turn it on again if you are awake after 20 minutes, as the device automatically turns off. 

  • Continue until you fall asleep. 

  • Tips on Using the Chill Pill as a Sleeping or Calming Aid 

    • Stick to a regular sleep routine for at least the first month 

    • Always hold the device in your left hand 

  • Only use it when you are ready to sleep 

  • Ensure contact between your palm and the large circular surface at the top. The main pulse is emitted from that point. 

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  • Adjust the pulse intensity till you are comfortable 

  • You may also position the Chill Pill on your wrist, thigh, and neck – whatever relieves stress. 

    • Use consistently for best results 

    The Chill Pill Features and Benefits 

    Guarantees Restful Sleep Unlike Sleeping Pills 

    Besides numerous adverse side effects, sleeping pills may not help you get sound sleep. As mentioned earlier, more recent studies prove that they promote sleep but not relaxation. They are simply a short-term solution for occasional stress. On the flip side, Chill Pill’s electrotherapy interacts safely with the body to ease stress and anxiety. It sends gentle pulses that help you achieve the neural balance necessary for promoting non-drowsy relaxation at the initial stage and, subsequently, a restful sleep. You wake up refreshed without “hangover” effects like drowsiness, memory loss, etc., as is with pills. 


    Safe, Non-ingestible, and Non-addictive 

    It is no news that what comes after the continuous use of sleep-inducing drugs are possible health problems. It is like solving a problem that creates many others. Some common after-effects are addiction, cognitive impairment, constipation, depression, headaches, inability to concentrate, memory loss, nausea, and more. Therefore, the Chill Pill is a more suitable alternative for anxiety and stress relief. This non-ingestible solution has almost no risks of addiction or health problems. It is not a coincidence people now resort to this safe “pill” to help with sleep disorders. 

    Cost-effective and Cost-saving benefits 

    Perhaps, the most exciting part of purchasing the Chill Pill is that you only have to buy it once. Except, of course, if you break or lose it. This saves you a lot of money as all you have to do to charge the device when its battery runs low. The Chill Pill comes with a 500mAh rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, so charging it should not be a problem. 


    Discreet and Portable 

    The Chill Pill is a pretty small piece of hardware weighing only 117 grams; that’s about the weight of two boiled eggs. It also fits perfectly in the hands such that you draw no attention to yourself while using it, even in public spaces. For example, hold the device in your hand if you notice your stress and anxiety levels growing or often experience panic attacks at work. As the manufacturer says, the Chill Pill is “a warm hug in your pocket.” It already comes in a fitted rubber casing, a bracelet that provides grip. The included bracelet makes for easier handling as it wraps comfortably around one’s wrist. 


    Purchase The Chill Pill 

    Consumers ready to ditch their sleeping pills and use a more natural solution to fall asleep and reduce anxiety can visit the official website to purchase The Chill Pill. The Chill Pill is offered in different pricing packages: 

    • One Chill Pill $49.50 + Shipping 

  • Two Chill Pills $89.99 + Free US Shipping 

  • Buy Two Chill Pills Get One Free $128.56 + Free US Shipping 

  • Customers are offered on the checkout page the option to purchase a sleeve for the Chil Pill for $14.00. The sleeve protects the Chill Pill and comes in a teal color. 


    Refund Information 

    The Chill Pill company offers top-of-line customer support and a 60-day money-back guarantee on their purchases. To reach out to customer service, send an email to: 


    Final Thoughts 

    Stress and anxiety are prevalent health problems due to recent global events. A recent study by the CDC shows that a whopping 62% of the entire adult population in the United States reported signs of anxiety disorder by the dawn of 2022. 

    So, how do you help yourself through widespread reality, given that sleeping drugs are quite risky? If you want less stress and health concerns, we suggest you get the USA-made Chill Pill for its expansive upside and minimal downsides, and the company offers shipping to over 30 countries. 


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