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Black Beard Fire Plugs Review: Quick-Start Fire Starter For Outdoor Campers?

Black Beard Fire Plug is a waterproof fire-making product designed to help campers create fire without difficulties. The plugs are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic material that makes them safe for you and the environment.

Black Beard Fire Plugs

Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. According to the northern American camping report, more than 94.5 million households in North America actively participate in camping activities. Camping provides hosts with several benefits. Some of the benefits of camping include: 

  • It strengthens relationship 

  • It helps you learn and develop new skills 

  • It enables you to relieve stress 

  • It helps you connect with nature 

  • It helps you unplug and get away from the busy city life 

Camping helps improve your physical fitness. Activities such as walking and back pacing, fishing, hiking, and exploring nature help improve mood, focus, cognitive capacity, and self-esteem. To enjoy these full benefits, one must prepare adequately for their adventure. Improper planning can lead to a stressful camping experience that may turn out traumatic. 

Carrying the wrong items from your adventure is one of the main reasons why most camping experience turns traumatic. One must-have skill for every camper is how to make fire. Most campers think that purifiers, knives, water, and guns are essential items to carry. However, fire is the most crucial survival tool every camper will need. 

Campers can use fire to boil drinking water, thus reducing the need to carry several water bottles. It also helps you keep warm and avoid health complications due to hypothermia. Making fire is one of the most challenging tasks every camper goes through, especially during wet weather. Finding suitable materials to start a fire can be difficult. 

Several companies are now developing fire plugs to help campers create fire regardless of the weather conditions. One of the best fire plugs is the Black Beard Fire Plug. 

What is Black Beard Fire Plug? 

Black Beard Fire Plug is a waterproof fire-making product designed to help campers create fire without difficulties. The plugs are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic material that makes them safe for you and the environment. 

Each pack contains fifty plugs with a 35-year shelf life. Each bag weighs 128 grams, and individual plugs weigh less than 2.6 grams making it easy to carry around when camping. One fire plug burns for at least eight minutes, making it an economical option for camping. 

How does the Black Beard Fire Plug Work? 

Black Beard Fire Plugs come in cylindrical shapes. The pack provides detailed instructions on how to use the fire plugs. Using the plug is simple and does not require any technical knowledge. The primary method is to bend the plug back and forth a few times and rub the two halves to break it into two pieces. 

This process helps loosen the fiber making it easy to light using a light stick. The Black Beard Fire Plug contains a unique formula that gives each plug an extended plug time and weatherproof effects. Unlike other fire plugs, Black Beard Fire Plugs produce a pleasant scent. Therefore, in addition to creating fire, it spreads a pleasant scent to everything it touches. 

Extinguishing the fire plug is easy despite being waterproof since the fire created is not waterproof. Therefore, one can extinguish it by dousing the fire with water. Since it is a fire tinder, one should allow it to burn completely before starting any cooking process. 

Benefits of Black Beard Fire Plugs 

Wind Resistant and Water Proof 

Keeping warm is important when staying outdoors. The Black Beard Fire Plugs are designed using the best material to withstand water and wind. Therefore, one can create fire regardless of the weather conditions. 

Non-toxic and Odorless 

The plugs contain braided cotton rope infused with a blend of non-toxic oils and odorless waxes. The materials undergo a rigorous treatment process making them completely safe to handle and highly efficient. 

Long Shelf Life 

The Black Beard Fire Plugs have a long shelf life of up to 35 years. The materials used to create these plugs do not evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate quickly, making them durable. 

Black Beard Fire Plugs

Black Beard Fire Plug Pricing and Availability 

Black Beard Fire Plugs are available only on the official website. Users should avoid purchasing from other online stores. Black Beard does not guarantee the authenticity of products sold on other websites. 

In addition, items sold on the official website come with several discounts and money offers. One can choose between three different packages, which include: 

  • One bag of Black Beard Fire Plugs at $12.95 plus a $3.50 shipping and handling fee 

  • Three bags of Black Beard Fire Plugs for $32.85 plus a $3.50 shipping and handling fee 

  • Five bags of Black Beard Fire Plugs for $49.75 with free shipping 

Apart from the discounts, users also enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied clients will receive a full refund with no questions asked. 

Black Beard Fire Plugs

Final Verdict on Black Beard Fire Plug 

One of the biggest challenges faced by most campers is making fire. Fire is an essential component that helps one survive any outdoor adventure. The Black Beard Fire Plug is a military-approved fire starter that can withstand any weather. 

The product is also safe for use. It does not contain any toxic chemicals making it safe for your health and the environment. It has lightweight making it easy to carry around. It is easy to use and has a long burning rate of up to eight minutes. One plug is enough to light one fire. Therefore, one bag can light lots of fire, making it enough for one camping adventure. 


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