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Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites Of 2023

Read this article until the end to learn about these best reverse phone lookup sites and how to use them effectively.


Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

According to a solid study by Truecaller, an average American receives 31 spam calls in a month. This number is increasing drastically, along with frauds and scams conducted through unknown numbers. We all have encountered moments when we get a call from an unknown number and hesitate to pick it up. It might be your friend's new number or a scammer wanting to drain your bank account. You never know. 

All these problems are of the past as we unleash the top 7 reverse phone lookup services, allowing you to get all the information you need about an unknown number. This will help you identify potential scammers, thus saving you from frauds worth a lot of money. 


Read this article until the end to learn about these best reverse phone lookup sites and how to use them effectively. 

Top 7 Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

  • Spokeo - Vast Cell Phone Number Database with Affordable Options 

    1. US Search - Fantastic Public Records Searcher for Finding Old Friends 

  • PeopleFinders - Rapid Fast Reverse Phone Lookup Search for Unknown Callers 

  • BeenVerified - Best People Search Portal with User-Friendly Interface 

  • #1: Truthfinder - Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service, Editor's Pick 



    Truthfinder finds the number one spot on our list of the best reverse phone lookup services. The reverse number lookup service provides accurate data to users within a matter of seconds. 

    Besides searching for other people's phone numbers, you can also look up your phone number, allowing you to learn how the internet perceives you. Most importantly, it allows you to browse your old social media profiles with the autonomy of removing those profiles you do not want the world to see. 

    Truthfinder carries out a unique dark web scan that searches the internet to broaden its database. This allows the service to search for a phone number more effectively and uncover even greater information. 

    Once you enter a mobile number into the Truthfinder database, you can get their identities, such as their name, email, and social media accounts. You can also learn about their past criminal records, court records, and other information worth knowing. 

    You can register for a monthly or three-month subscription to carry out unlimited searches through their website. Apart from a phone number lookup service, Truthfinder offers premium background check services that can come in handy for employers who wish to perform background checks on their employees. 

    Customers have rated Truthfinder as the best phone lookup service that provides extensive information from a phone number in a matter of seconds. Truthfinder has over 60,000 five-star reviews on its official website. Apart from that, the company has received over 600 five-star reviews on popular review sites such as Trustpilot. 


    Customers say that they found a great deal of surprising information about themselves and their friends that allowed them to make better decisions in the future. 

    Truthfinder will cost you around $26 per month if you go for their basic plan. Furthermore, the cost of the service depends on what type of facilities you sign up for. 


    • Comprehensive Reports 

    • Unique Data Collection 

    • Strong Reputation Amongst Other Services 

    • Unlimited Searches Available 

    • Various Self-Monitoring Tools are Available 


    • Recurring Subscription Plans 

    • It only works for People Living in the USA 

     #2: Intelius - Premium Background Check and Phone Lookup Site 



    Intelius is a leading reverse cell phone lookup service with authority over a database containing billions of records. To be precise, Intelius has a gigantic database of over 20 billion public records that you can search with a click. Intelius is rapidly extracting data from these billion records at your disposal. 

    A detailed report is generated once you get their premium package. The comprehensive reporting feature lets you learn all the nitty gritty about a phone number. The search engine allows you to find the person's name, age, address, property records, criminal records, social media accounts, location, and pictures. The website provides accurate information based on the continuously updated database. 


    Intelius also offers an email address lookup service to search information against unknown emails. This helps you identify spam emails, saving you from online threats and fraud. 

    The website has a user-friendly interface that allows people to search and get information easily. There are three main ways to search for information on Intelius. The popular and recommended method among these is the reverse phone lookup service, which allows you to enter any phone number and get the information against it. Moreover, you can also search by entering a name or a home address. 

    Intelius is known for its comprehensive reports that give a complete overview to the searcher about the person they are searching for. This greatly helps employers who are looking to perform background checks on prospects for hiring. 


    An amazing function of Intelius's outstanding cell phone lookup service is the ability to find old friends with whom you have lost touch. Upon skimming through customer reviews, we found plenty of customers praising Intelius as the link that allowed them to find their old friends. 

    Intelius offers two types of monthly packages that you can choose from. 

    First is the Intelius Premier, which starts at $19.95 per month. This service offers unlimited background checks, people searches, property records searches, and email alerts. 

    Secondly, their Intelius Premier Plus plan offers all the features included in the premier plan, along with the added benefit of performing unlimited reverse phone lookups and court records. This package costs around $29.95 per month. 



    • Comprehensive Information 

    • Convenient Searches 

    • Up-to-Date Information 

    • Multiple Pricing Options 

    • Vast Database of 20 Billion Records 

    • Promotes Safety and Privacy 


    • Relatively Expensive Pricing 

    • Limited Information Available for Free 

    #3: Instant Checkmate - One of the Best Phone Lookups Site with a Huge Database 

    Instant Checkmate

    The next site on our list is Instant Checkmate, considered one of the leading reverse lookup services in the United States of America. Instant Checkmate has a powerful database that contains information about billions of residents of the USA. With just a click, you can learn a great deal of information about a person through their phone number. 


    Instant Checkmate has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which means the company has been providing high-quality services to consumers with a track record of obtaining positive customer reviews. 

    Instant Checkmate's database is built of information derived from government records, commercial platforms such as banks, social media accounts, and carrier phone records. The compilation of these records allows Instant Checkmate to maintain a large database. 

    Instant Checkmate makes it easier to search phone numbers and get detailed information, which can come in handy. Along with reverse phone searches, the website offers various other services such as address search, email lookup, background checks, criminal record searches, and more. 


    The service can uncover personal information about the phone number being searched, including the location, criminal record, and job history of the individual behind the contact number. 

    People conduct millions of daily searches on Instant Checkmate with the exact number available on their website in real time. Their company has received over 70,000 five-stars from customers all across the USA. 

    You can purchase a variety of pricing options offered by Instant Checkmate. Starting with the 5-day free trial offer that costs $1. Monthly subscription models are available with per month plan for $22.86 per month, a three-month plan for $14.86 per month, and a six-month plan for $9.86 per month. 


    You can get access to premium reports by paying $19.99 per report. If you wish to download PDF reports to view on the go, you must pay a one-time PDF fee of $1.99. 


    • A+ rating from the BBB 

    • Extensive reverse phone lookup directory 

    • Access to a large number of public records 

    • 24-hour updating databases 

    • Detailed reports on individuals connected to a phone number 

    • Customizable reports 

    • More advanced search filters 

    • Users can remain anonymous during searches 


    • High cost of membership 

    • The help center is only open Monday to Friday 

    #4: Spokeo - Vast Cell Phone Number Database with Affordable Options 


    Spokeo is a trusted reverse phone lookup site featured in major media outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, and Forbes. It cross-references over 12 billion public records and offers detailed background checks on anyone, including unknown callers. The reverse phone number search service provides complete disclosure of information against any mobile number you search. If you are looking for a free reverse phone lookup service, Spokeo is your best bet since the basic features of the website are available for free. 

    The site has a user-friendly interface and multiple customer support channels. Spokeo offers free and paid services, with a free reverse phone lookup that provides general location, service provider, and connection type, and a paid service with a one-time fee or monthly subscription that provides additional information such as the caller's age, full name, and more. 


    Amazing service and the USP of Spokeo is the ability to find old friends and family members. All you need to do is enter the name, email, phone number, or address of a person you wish to find. You will get all the necessary information, including their current address and social media accounts. Spokeo searches data from billions of unique records. 

    When it comes to protecting its consumers' privacy, Spokeo takes it very seriously. The company supports customer privacy and security by implementing stringent data protection procedures. To maintain accuracy and completeness, they update their database regularly. 

    Hence, every consequent search you make is unique and value-laden due to the information added to the database in real time. Using these services, you can safeguard your private information and prevent unauthorized access. 


    Spokeo also offers a 7-day trial for its premium service. The site is affordable, with a monthly subscription cost of $19.95 for a one-month and $14.95 for a three-month plan. It's only available in the United States of America. 


    • User-friendly interface 

    • Featured in major media publications 

    • Multiple customer support channels 

    • Cross-references over 12 billion public records 

    • Depth of information available from a large database of over 12 billion public records 

    • Area code and telemarketer telephone directory 

    • Up-to-date information with regular updates 

    • Affordable pricing with monthly subscriptions and individual phone number searches 


    • Report generation takes longer than other sites 

    • Only available in the USA 

    #5: US Search - Fantastic Public Records Searcher for Finding Old Friends 


    The next phone lookup service on our list is US Search. The company has been operating as a background investigation and security service for the past 25 years. As the name suggests, US Search can search for anyone living in the United States of America with the help of their phone number, name, or email address. 

    The US Search database contains billions of records that allow you to learn to whom a phone number belongs. Reverse phone searches uncover important information about an individual, including their name, other cell phone numbers, public records, social media handles, and other personal details. 


    US Search allows people to find their old friends by entering their cell phone numbers. By doing this, they can get updated regarding their current whereabouts and social media accounts. The same tool is useful for locating long-lost relatives. 

    The best thing about US Search is its mindset to update its systems and database continuously. Even though they are a 25-year-old company, they have given its website a modern look that allows users to search phone numbers and get relevant data easily. Moreover, the company updates its database regularly to incorporate new entries. 

    US Search maintains its database by picking out information from sources such as commercial records, state records, federal records, and other publicly available records. 


    The company offers multiple packages. Their monthly package costs around $59, where you can do multiple reverse phone number searches and avail of other benefits. Similarly, their annual plan is about $50 per month. Individual services can also be bought according to your ease and preference. If you only wish to opt for their reverse phone lookup service, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $19.86. 

    The company has many positive reviews on its official website, where customers praise the detailed information they get against the phone numbers searched. Also, it helped people find their long-lost relatives and friends effortlessly. 



    • Fast and Efficient Results 

    • Easy to Use 

    • Affordable Pricing 

    • User-Friendly Website 

    • Easy to Find Old Friends and Relatives 


    • Only Available in the USA 

    • Additional Fees with Every Add-On 

    #6: PeopleFinders - Rapid Fast Reverse Phone Lookup Search for Unknown Callers 

    PeopleFinders is a reverse phone lookup service in the United States of America that offers customers access to over 250 million people and over 120 billion public records. The company has been in business for the past 20 years. They have been broadening their database regularly by acquiring data from government and public records. 

    The service provides comprehensive background checks, including name, email, criminal records, evictions, and past contact information. You can easily access all this information once you enter a phone number. Apart from that, you can effectively find out who an unknown caller is with the help of detailed reports. 


    PeopleFinders complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which regulates customer credit information collection and use. PeopleFinders do not track credit ratings and sensitive information of any consumer that might result in loss of privacy. 

    The site offers easy-to-use search functions and fast report generation with 24/7 customer support. With PeopleFinders, you can find information about anyone by entering their name, phone number, email address, or home address. The website provides rapid, fast results by searching over 120 billion public records in the USA. 

    The company has received over 1,700 positive customer reviews on Trustpilot. Customers praise the professionalism of the customer care team of PeopleFinders. It allowed people to get comfortable with the user interface and get answers to any questions they had. The Fair Credit Reporting Act makes PeopleFinders the go-to international phone number search platform. 


    PeopleFinders offers individual packages for one-time users, allowing them to get the desired information at an affordable price conveniently. A single reverse phone lookup costs around $1.95. However, if you wish to search a lot of numbers regularly, then it is recommended that you opt for the company’s monthly packages. 

    Their basic membership package costs $24.95, while their premium membership package costs $29.95. The company does not charge additional fees or penalties if you cancel your subscription at any given time. 


    • Extensive database of over 250 million people 

    • Offers special discounts for first-time orders 

    • Simple and advanced search functions are available 

    • Fast report generation within a minute 

    • Adheres to all state privacy laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act 

    • 24/7 customer service support is available 



    • Some records may be related to previous number holders 

    • Service is only available in the United States. 

    #7: BeenVerified - Best People Search Portal with User-Friendly Interface 

    Last but not least reverse phone lookup service on our list is BeenVerified. The company is known to articulate detailed phone reports based on information they have in their current database. Their reverse lookup service effectively conducts people's searches, uncovering useful information. 

    BeenVerified helps you know accurate information about a person, including their real name, public records, criminal records, and other personal details. BeenVerified is a free reverse phone lookup site that offers basic functionalities and features for no additional cost. 


    The phone number search also gives you information regarding the person’s social media handles. This tells you whether the person you are talking to is transparent or portrays a separate identity worldwide. This reverse number lookup also gives you a list of phone numbers apart from the original number you searched for. 

    BeenVerified also allows you to search your phone number to learn what information is available about you on the internet. 

    BeenVerified requires a paid membership to use its phone lookup services. The company offers different membership plans with varying costs and duration options. The most basic plan is the one-month membership which costs $26.89. 


    For those who prefer a longer commitment, a three-month membership option is priced at $17.48 per month, which is a lower monthly cost than the one-month plan. 

    It's important to note that BeenVerified does not offer a free trial, so users must purchase a membership to access its services. 

    The company has received an adequate amount of positive and negative customer reviews on popular sites such as Trustpilot. However, BeenVerified promptly responds to every negative review and works on solving their problems immediately. 


    • Provides detailed information on a person 

    • Offers alternate phone numbers to the one searched for 

    • It has a user-friendly mobile app 


    • Simple cancellation process 

    • Reliable and up-to-date information 

    • Easy-to-use interface 

    • Ability to verify a person's real name 

    • Supports background checks and due diligence 


    • Searching can take some time 

    • Limits the number of reports 

    What is a Reverse Phone Lookup? 

    A reverse phone search, also known as a reverse phone number lookup, is a service that allows a user to find relevant information against a mobile number. Upon entering the phone number, users can access important information such as criminal records, personal details, court records, and social media information about a particular person. 

    Reverse phone number lookup sites help people access this service and find information about people from a vast database. These reverse phone lookups are made to secure you from unknown scammers and callers that perform fraud by hiding their identities. 


    Furthermore, a reverse phone lookup tool is also helpful in finding old friends and long-lost relatives. All you need to do is enter their phone number, and you can get access to their social media handles and geolocation. 

    There are free phone lookup services available on the internet. Most of them are fake, while a few reputable ones do actually work. However, a paid reverse phone number search site is recommended rather than free services. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the results. 

    How We Made This List of The Top Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

    According to a survey by Legal Jobs, one in every ten adults in the United States of America falls victim to online scams and frauds. The primary roadmap through which the scams occur is through unknown phone numbers. Reverse phone lookup services help in identifying potential scammers and fraudsters. 


    However, with increased competition on reverse phone lookup sites, many fake reverse phone lookup services have made their way. These services do not provide accurate data. Hence, we paid extra attention and spent countless hours finalizing our list of the best reverse phone lookup sites. 

    Here is what we looked for: 

    Website Reputation 

    We tried to incorporate only the most reputed and renowned reverse phone lookup sites in this post. A reputed brand cares about its customers by providing high-quality products and services. Hence, website reputation was our key factor to choose from. 

    Accurate Search Results 

    A reverse cell phone lookup site must provide accurate search results. Data accuracy allows people to make well-informed decisions based on the given data by the website. For example, a person searching for a friend will want to get hold of accurate data to find out what his friend does. 


    In contrast, inaccurate data is problematic and can cause major security issues. For example, if a person shows as a law-abiding citizen on the reverse phone lookup site, whereas he is a convict, you might not be able to deal with him appropriately. Hence, accurate search results were a core element for us to look for. 

    Ease of Use 

    Phone lookups should be easy for people to extract information without much effort. All the phone lookup sites mentioned in this post have a responsive interface that allows users to search phone numbers through the search bar easily. 

    Once you enter the phone number in the search bar, you get instant access to necessary information against that particular number. 


    Search Results Options 

    Our motive was to find reverse phone lookup sites that provided multiple search options to users. It is great to easily search for a person through a phone number, email address, name, or even home address. 

    Phone Search Outputs 

    All the reverse phone lookup sites listed in this post give multiple phone search outputs to users. You can learn a great deal against a particular phone number. The information includes public records, criminal records, court records, work history, location, and other important elements. 

    Customer Service 

    Among our list of the best reverse phone lookup sites, every website offers premium customer support to users. This allows customers to ask away any questions or queries regarding the offered services. 


    Customer Testimonials 

    Customer reviews tell us about the honest side of a brand. We skimmed through a sea of honest customer reviews regarding all the reverse phone lookup sites on our primary list. We finalized our list based on positive customer reviews. 

    What Information Can You Find from a Reverse Phone Search? 

    A reverse phone lookup service allows you to find information about the owner of a phone number. All you need to do is enter the phone number in the search bar. The information from a reverse phone lookup service includes the person's name, current address, occupation, age, other phone numbers, criminal records, court records, and other personal details. 


    All the information provided through a reverse phone lookup website is not 100% accurate. However, reputed websites like the ones we mentioned in this article provide the majority of accurate and reliable data. 

    Overall, it is a valuable resource for those who receive a call from an unknown number and want to identify the caller or for those who need to find someone's contact information quickly. 

    Do Reverse Phone Lookups Actually Work? 

    The best reverse phone lookup services do actually work. These sites search billions of existing records against a phone number that eventually gives you useful information about the particular person behind the phone number. 


    However, the accuracy of a reverse phone lookup website varies with every search because of the availability of information about a particular person on the internet. We have listed only the most reputed reverse phone lookup services that provide accurate results against a phone number. 

    FAQs Related to the Reverse Phone Lookups 

    Q1: Are there any free reverse phone lookup services? 

    Yes, there are free reverse phone lookup services available. Some websites and search engines allow you to search for information about the owner of a phone number without charge. However, the accuracy and amount of information these free services provide can vary and may be limited compared to paid services. 


    Some free services may display advertisements or require you to provide personal information to access their database. It's important to consider the trade-off between cost and quality when choosing a reverse phone lookup service. 

    Q2: Can I find my number on the reverse phone lookup services site? 

    Yes, you can. As long as you are based in the United States of America, you can use the reverse number lookup service to search for yourself. 

    Q3: Is it legal to use reverse phone lookup sites? 

    It is legal to use reverse phone lookup services in most states in the United States of America. However, there are certain restrictions regarding what information you can access through a reverse phone lookup service. Sensitive information such as credit scores and bank information cannot be accessed. 


    Q4: When should I use the reverse phone lookup service? 

    You should use a reverse phone lookup service when an unknown phone number is spamming you. If your safety and privacy are threatened, you should use a reverse phone number lookup service. You may also use a reverse number lookup service to search for old friends and relatives. 

    Conclusion - Final Thoughts On Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

    There are tremendous applications and uses of a reverse phone lookup site. However, it is recommended that you should use the obtained information safely, under fair use, since accessing private and confidential information can result in government action. 


    All the options in our list of the best reverse phone lookup sites are safe and convenient to use. Do let us know what you think about these phone number lookup sites and ensure your safety.