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Best 5 Astrologer In India: Ft. Bejan Daruwalla, Dr Hemant Barua And Others: Latest List 2022

Here is the updated list of the top astrologer in India who is the best and most popular in astrology, get here their names and contact details. Visit Us!

Best 5 Astrologer In India

Astrology is a large branch of study that includes spirituality. People have developed a scientific method for revealing how people's behaviours, emotions, and sentiments affect their live 

For your ready reference, we list below the Best 5 Astrologers in India updated for the year 2022. India has a plethora of astrologers, then about hundreds of them are reputed for their predictions. We have short listed 5 of the best astrologers in India, who have made a name for themselves, and they are as follows. 

  1. Bejan Daruwalla 

 Bejan Daruwalla, the famous Indian astrologer needs no introduction as he is a very well-known Astrologer.   Accurate forecasts were Bejan Daruwalla's claim to fame as an excellent Indian astrologer and psychic reader. Nastur and Chirag Daruwalla, sons of India's most well-known astrologer, are continuing their father's work. Both have a wealth of astrological information that they learned from their father. 

The late Bejan ji was closely connected to a wide variety of international newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and publishers. In the process of studying and using astrology, Bejan ji has impacted the lives of many individuals for the better. Thanks to his meticulous analysis of planetary positions and ability to predict their repercussions on the earth, he won the admiration and devotion of millions of people throughout the globe. If you're looking for guidance in life or business, go no farther than your one-stop-shop for knowledge. 

  1. Dr. Hemant Barua 

Dr. Hemant Barua is largely considered to be the best astrologer in India and is among the top five astrologers in the country. Due to his extensive knowledge of astrology and professional expertise, he is now referred to as "Doctor of Astrology." He has been recognised with several awards and is the recipient of the Global Srestham Award 2021, the International Jyotish Ratan Award 2021 and the Global Best Astrologer Award 2022. 

Jyotish Integrated Research Institute (JIRI) honoured Dr. Hemant with the titles "Doctor of Astrology" and "Best Astrologer in India" for his contributions to the field   astrologers. 

He is an astrologer with a focus on careers, marriages, children, finances, schools, and health. His services have been sought for by more than 75,000 people. In particular, he is an expert astrologer in the fields of commerce, employment, marriage, romantic partnerships, offspring, the law, economics, education, medicine, and health.   

When it comes to astrology, Trimayasha has been the biggest finding on research and a proven and effective therapeutic modality available today. Trimayasha represents the three stages of life. Everyone's person’s calculation is different due to their distinct DNA and planetary alignment.  Among Dr Hemant’s many famous customers there are businesspeople, actors, politicians, Bollywood celebs, sports figures, and business moguls.   

Dr. Hemant often hosts seminars and creates astrological videos to disseminate his knowledge of the Trimayasha. Numerous astrologers from across the nation have attended Dr. Hemant's lectures on the Trimayasha therapy. 

If you would like to make use of Dr. Hemant Barua's expertise in astrology, you may schedule a video or phone appointment on his website, or contact his staff through WhatsApp at +91 9773959523. 

  1. KN Rao 

K.N. Rao is the finest astrologer in India, and he is ranked among the country's top five. He is an astrologer who practises Vedic astrology and hails from Andhra Pradesh. When he was a little boy, his mother was the one who first introduced him to astrology. In later years, he received instruction from Pandit Bhaskarnand as well as Swami Paramanand. Although Vedic astrology dates to the Vedic period, and although many thousands of people and sages have famous thoughts and research on it, the work that K. N. Rao has done in modern times is incomparable to the work that others have done in the past. 


K.N. Rao is widely considered to be one of the most credible astrologers in all of India. When he was just 12 years old, his mother really gave him his first introduction to astrology, and ever since then, he has acquired a deep and insatiable interest in the subject of Astrology. In addition to this, he is one of the most charitable astrologers since he does not demand any money for his astrological lessons.  K.N. Rao serves as both an Advisor and a senior instructor of Astrology Courses at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, which is widely regarded as one of the top Vedic Astrology institutes in India. For further information please visit ; 

  1. GD Vashist 

GD Vashist is a well-known astrologer and a well-known author of the book Lal Kitab Amrit Vashist Jyotish. He has a significant amount of prominence in electronic media, including prominent television networks.  

Despite his poor eye sight Gurudev Vashist adhered to the astrological prescriptions mentioned in the Lal Kitab,  as a result, he had a miraculous recovery of his sight. This event sparked in him the belief, faith, worth, and substance contained in the holy book known as the Lal Kitab. 

It inspired him to pursue a career as an astrologer and a preacher of the Lal Kitab so that he may alleviate the pain of millions of people. He has studied astrology under the direction of his guru, during which time he gained an in-depth understanding of the Lal Kitab's rules as well as its substance. Then he proceeded to study the Vedas and other sacred scriptures, linking the astrological features of those works to concrete, practical scientific reasoning. You can gather more information by visiting  

  1. Ajai Bhambi Ji 

Pandit Ajai Bhambi, a famous astrologer, is well-known around the globe. Both local and international customers praise his skills.  He has conducted seminars, presentations, and consults around the globe. His grasp of the topic, great insight, and understanding of life's practical realities contribute to his ability to connect with a varied audience. He specialised in spiritual astrology and is a renowned healer in the Himalayan Yogic Parampara (school). 

Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a well-known face on Indian television and is renowned for his audio and video predictions for mobile phone users. He can be contacted on 


In India, astrology is widely and effectively performed as a profession. Numerous effective astrologers provide trustworthy and appropriate therapies and answers to those who believe in their horoscopes and the stars. However, the ones on this list are the best astrologers in India.   

These astrologers provide a wide range of astrological services to the general public to solve any difficulties in life, including professional success, matchmaking, starting new companies, and forecasting future endeavours. 

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