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6 Best Crypto NON KYC Exchanges To Look Out For In 2023

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6 Best Crypto NON KYC Exchanges To Look Out For In 2023

Know Your Customer (KYC) process that lets financial institutions assess any potential risks of illegal crypto transactions by verifying the customer's identity.

6 Best Crypto NON KYC Exchanges
6 Best Crypto NON KYC Exchanges

The process is meant to prevent any money laundering, financial crimes, and terrorist financing activities, as KYC exchanges keep an eye out for any suspicious activities.

Understandably, customers must provide their essential contact details, like name, address, government-related documentation, etc., which are passed through various databases to confirm the user identity. It's a tedious process and sometimes too complicated to go through.

While KYC is almost unavoidable these days, many customers prefer to buy crypto with no KYC exchanges. Thanks to non-KYC crypto exchanges, it's more straightforward for customers, especially those who want to make smaller crypto transactions.

These exchanges do not run the KYC process, so the user's privacy and anonymity are preserved, enabling customers to trade crypto without compromising their personal information. They also provide the same level of security and reliability for crypto transactions. However, since the customer is anonymous to the exchange, there is generally a transaction limit for withdrawal and deposit amounts.

Simply put, with a crypto exchange with no KYC, a customer can make crypto transactions in incognito mode without compromising the transaction process, security, and reliability. This post will look at some of the trending crypto no KYC exchanges in 2023.

  1. Bitget


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Bitget is a versatile cryptocurrency exchange designed especially for digital asset owners. It's one of the most prominent exchanges offering support for a wide range of FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The platform allows users to spot-trade with numerous options for future trading, margin trading, options trading, and much more. Other than that, Bitget offers several Web3 options like Bitget Wallet, Bitget Swap, Bitget NFT, and more.

Its prominent features include flexible risk management tools and leveraged trading options. The platform also offers educational resources to help new and potential traders understand the crypto market dynamism to trade securely.

There is a versatile range of trading pairs at Bitget. Some of the notable pairs include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BGB/USDT, USDC/USDT, ARB/USDT, DAI/USDT, SUI/USDT, TRB/USDT, WLD/USDT and APT/USDT pairs.

The platform also features several bots that can automate the trading and investment processes helping new and experienced traders to effortlessly make decisions for their trading. These bots include Spot Martingale, Spot CTA, Futures Martingale, Spot Auto-invest and others.

Other than trading, there are daily profit options, and traders can apply for crypto loans as well. The launchpool also allows traders to stake and mine new tokens to help diversify their trading portfolio.

The platform is available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a 0.1 BTC withdrawal limit for no-KYC accounts, while KYC account holders can withdraw up to 100 BTC per day. The trading fee is 0.1%. It’s a versatile platform offering numerous fronts to potential traders to explore the world of crypto trading.

  1. BTCC



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BTCC crypto exchange, with no KYC platform, allows the customers to start trading with low leverage. It's suited for beginner-level customers, too, thanks to a comprehensive setup and trading process that guides the customers about the dynamics of crypto trading.

With BTCC, customers can make flat deposits in USDT and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, users can convert their assets into different cryptocurrencies.

The platform also allows demo trading to new customers with up to 100,000 USDT in virtual funds.

BTCC provides encrypted communication services to enhance customer security thanks to SSL protection features. It encrypts the account and personal information at data and system levels, requiring authorized access to further secure the network. Also, there is continuous access monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to the account. Finally, the BTCC network experts also conduct regular penetration testing to keep the network free from hackers and cyber criminals.

Even as a non-KYC exchange, BTCC upholds the highest standards of security especially for cryptocurrency trading. It provides state-of-the-art security services comparable to the best trading services providers in the industry. When a user logs into their account, they must go through a two-factor authentication asking for additional verification through email, phone or Google Authenticator.

BTCC is available for Android and iOS devices and has a recognized presence among many top crypto information platforms. As a non-KYC crypto platform, BTCC maintains close connections with the top crypto-information provider services. It’s among the top-ranked non-KYC exchanges on CoinGecko and is a recognized service supporting multiple languages in various parts of the world.

  1. BingX


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BingX is a crypto exchange no KYC platform that provides fully operational spot trading services and access to derivative markets. The platform supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies and is a suitable option for beginner-level crypto traders.

BingX is a sophisticated option for trading and allows users to convert various cryptocurrencies. It features flexible tools like charting, real-time order booking, grid trading bots, and diversified ordering types.

When a user signs up at BingX, they can claim rewards worth more than $5,000. The sign up process is pretty simple, requiring only the email address and a password to operate in the non-KYC mode.

The available cryptocurrencies at BingX include Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum. The platform aims to be one of the largest copy trading platforms in the world that will allow users to earn a stable return on their cryptocurrency investments.

Other than that, BingX also expands its global outreach by acquiring multiple licenses from various countries in the world. It allows the platform to operate flawlessly in many parts of the world, which ultimately helps expand its user base. It’s one of the reasons BingX has received the TradingView Best Exchange award for many years in a row, and continues to lead the trading market.

Other than a trial fund of USD 5000 or more, BingX also allows the users to avail USDT bonuses on their initial investments. These bonuses range from 2 to 100 USDT relating to different values of initial deposits and cumulative volumes.

BingX is available in Europe and more than 100 countries globally and allows customers a healthy $50,000 daily withdrawal limit. The withdrawal fee varies between 0.05% to 0.2%.

  1. MEXC


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MEXC provides a versatile range of trading options and products. It features more than 2600 coins and provides a wide range of crypto financial services, which makes it one of the leading crypto trading exchanges.

It allows customers to sell and buy crypto with no KYC, enabling them to trade via ETF markets. Also, it assumes 3 times extended and short positions across various coins. The user-friendly interface has several benefits, like reductions, project voting, lottery bonuses, etc.

MEXC offers a wide range of trading pair options that include bitcoin trading pairs like BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, and BTC/XRP. It also includes Ethereum pairs such as ETH/BTC, ETH/USDT, ETH/XRP, and ETH/LTC. Tether crypto pairs include USDT/BTC, USDT/ETH, USDT/XRP.

Moreover, there are altcoin trading pairs such as Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink. The platform also allows FIAT crypto pairs like USD/BTC, EUR/ETH. However, the availability of pairs is subject to the location of the trader too. Other than trading pairs, there are perpetual future contracts and leverages trading pairs with readily available leverage ratios.

Users can access the platform via Android and iOS applications and work with a wide range of trading pairs and coin selections. The platform has a withdrawal limit of 5 BTC per day at a flat rate fee of 0.2%.

As a non-KYC exchange, MEXC makes light work for the users to register and start trading. There is no need to provide personal documentation and it allows more anonymity in crypto trading for the users. However, the non-KYC mode restricts some of the application features which are otherwise available for the users. Typically, the restrictions are imposed on the crypto trading pairs, deposit methods, etc. So, users looking for larger withdrawals may need the KYC trading platform.

MEXC features a simplistic interface allowing users to register via desktop or mobile devices. It’s available in more than 15 global languages that allows users from any part of the world to conveniently register and start trading with no or limited trading funds. Also, there is a 1000 USDT bonus that newly registered members can claim at the time of signing up.

  1. Referral ID: VFIRU11W
Benefit: Save 20% on trading fees provides access to more than 1700 cryptocurrencies and has extensive outreach to more than 200 countries globally. It features some of the rare tokens that are often unavailable on other non-KYC crypto exchanges with several cryptocurrency trading options for the customers.

Other than crypto, provides trading services in almost 50 FIAT currencies with a flexible and intuitive user interface for Android and iOS users. There is a $100,000 withdrawal limit at a transaction fee of 0.2%. Moreover, customers can reduce the fee via utility tokens from Thanks to a far-reaching global audience, provides versatile and flexible features to customers, especially cryptocurrency traders.

To buy crypto currencies with, the users can pay via debit or credit cards. Moreover, there is a P2P trading option and it also features the Gate pay option. There are versatile trading pairs that include crypto pairs like BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/BCH, and BTC/XRP. The Ethereum trading pairs include ETH/USDT, ETH/BTC, ETH/LTC, ETH/BCH, and ETH/XRP.

Additionally, there are FIAT crypto pairs that include USD/BTC and EUR/ETH. Other crypto trading pairs also include USDT/BTC, USDT/LTC, USDT/ETH, USDT/BCH, and USDT/XRP. Some of the popular crypto currencies available at include Ripple, Polkadot, Litecoin, Cardano, and many others.

Other than being a trading platform, provides many community building opportunities to new and experienced users. Therefore, the platform features various programs like the influencer program, affiliate program, live stream with crypto market analytics, chat rooms to allow traders to connect and share knowledge, etc. Moreover, the Gate blog features valuable insights from the crypto market to educate traders. That’s why is one of the rapidly growing crypto communities.

  1. Phemex



Phemex Invitation Code: D52S93
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Phemex is a reputable name among non-KYC crypto exchanges that provides a user-centric trading service. The platform offers an intuitive user interface, providing users access to a wide range of digital assets and features like spot trading and derivatives like perpetual contracts.

A dedicated app for Android and IOS devices provides a flexible design for both experienced and beginner-level users. There are high-leverage options; experienced traders can work with advanced trading features and risk management tools.

Even though there are non-KYC crypto trading options, Phemex ensures high-level security, ensuring user privacy. It's a feature-rich platform that provides educational support to help new traders understand the complexities of crypto trading.

For its top-notch services, Phemex has made it among the top non-KYC exchanges in a relatively short stint. It combines the traditional finance practices with the latest crypto technologies, making it a versatile option that leveraged it to become one of the leading platforms in the crypto market.

Its tech-oriented design has made Phemex a trusted and convenient brand for non-KYC trading. It provides 15 convenient payment options including PayPal, ApplePay, banking payment options and more. Therefore, it’s relatively straightforward for the users to conduct transactions without any tedious payment procedures.

Also, Phemex P2P allows traders to connect to other traders and trade directly with them. In such cases, the traders don’t need to worry about any intermediary information collectors, and the trading process becomes even smoother.



Crypto exchange no KYC allows customers to access a wide range of crypto and FIAT currencies. Most platforms have wide-ranging trading tools with enhanced security and privacy features. Moreover, these platforms ensure transparency and legal compliance, allowing new and old users to transact online with their digital assets safely. In addition, these platforms provide extensive educational and learning resources to help traders understand the intricacies of online trading to ensure financial security for their customers.

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