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5 Famous Psychologists In India Who Revolutionized Mental Health

Here are 5 famous Psychologists who worked tirelessly, to bring a Revolution in Mental Health.

Famous Psychologists In India Who Revolutionized Mental Health

Do you remember how it felt impossible for Indian society to accept mental health issues 5 years ago? Some leading Psychologists in India felt the same and have been working ever since to make the impossible, possible! Along with the pandemic, they also had a major role in changing how we look at Mental health issues today. 

Here are 5 famous Psychologists who worked tirelessly, to bring a Revolution in Mental Health, 

1. Anjhula Mya Bais 

Anjhula is an Indian-American Psychologist and is the first Indian Psychologist to become the Chair of the International Board of Amnesty International worldwide. 

She has contributed to Mental health as a trauma specialist and human rights activist. In addition to this, she has also been honoured with the American Psychological Association Global Citizen Psychologist Citation Award 2020. 

2. Rasika Karkare 

Rasika Karkare is an Indian Counselling Psychologist who has been working since the pandemic to destigmatize Mental Health in India, to that effort she has been an active speaker on major news portals and international platforms like TedX.  

She is also one of the very few psychologists to understand the difference between a mental health startup started by a tech company, as opposed to one spearheaded by a Psychologist. She believes her brand Mind Voyage is more client-oriented, accessible, ethical (ethics prescribed by APA) and provides high-quality services. She wishes more such spaces should emerge and hence very actively trains budding psychologists to start their own private practices/ startups. She specialises in Couple counselling herself. 

3. Girishwar Misra 

Girishwar Misra is an Indian Psychologist, Social Scientist and author who has made his mark in Mental Health. He is an editor in Psychological Studies, a famous Journal in Psychology. He has also written books and has been the vice chancellor at a reputed university in Mumbai. He is currently a Leading Psychologist in India. 

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4. Vindhya Undurti 

Vindhya undurti is a renowned Indian Mental Health professional who holds a PHD in Psychology. She was a professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences Hyderabad.  

Vindhya has received a Distinguished Publication Award from the association of women in Psychology and she also received South Asian Visiting Scholarship at the University of Oxford.  

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5. Anuja Trehan Kapur 

Anuja trehan Kapur is an Indian Psychologist who specializes in Criminal Psychology. She is also a Social Activist and Advocate. She is famous due to her expertise in the area of criminal psychology and her work in the field. In addition to that, she is also very active on Social Media Channels like Twitter and Instagram. 

She is known to share her input on various high-profile criminal cases and give a unique insight into the case as a psychologist. 

These 5 Psychologists have all left their mark in the field of Psychology and are helping destigmatize Mental Health in India. We hope this article proved informative to you. 

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