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10 Inspirational Authors With Books To Motivate Lives

Read books that do good to you, and below ten books can not only benefit you in ways they promise to but will also help you complete your life’s picture

10 Inspirational Authors With Books To Motivate Lives

Books alone can create a true understanding of matters that matter most to you. Do not ever forget to read a good book that walks with you far ahead than anyone can. They allow you to analyze difficult times, create journeys that matter, live through myriads of imaginations and above all, help create a picture about this life that lives in your memories forever. Read books that do good to you, and below ten books can not only benefit you in ways they promise to but will also help you complete your life’s picture

1.  Ankit Mishra

Ankit Mishra’s poetry collection Threads of Trust is a manifestation of an ordinary person’s life to discover love, sensuality, separation, and itself. Each poem lingers in the duality of life between the erotic and exotic, the lost and the aware, the breaking and the healing, and the life and the death itself.

These poems will take readers on a subconscious journey where longing often defeats the logic, a paradoxical reality of all living well. These poems will leave the readers with the task of weaving the broken threads of trust. 

Ankit Mishra published his debut book, A journey beyond borders, in 2016. Since then, Ankit has published his poems in multiple international anthologies in more than three languages. Ankit Mishra currently lives in Ontario, Canada, and actively writes on social media under the pen name of “@DrunkardPoet”.

2.    Snehashree Mandal
Set on a path to find the meaning of life, she recently penned her second book, “Five Lotuses and the Morass .” It is a collection of poems, vignettes and flash fiction that help you inch ahead towards developing a firm understanding of life and its many mysteries. The book is all set to impact our mental well-being as we develop a better understanding of our life, needs, desires, goals and visions. The book aims to make you free and endows you with a lot of clarity than you are about life right now. It also offers moments of solace and peace through its verses. Snehashree’s first book, “A Hiatus from the Loaded Past ,” was also a humbler step in the same direction. She is also actively contributing to her blog: The Scientific Triangle and is also often writing on her website . You can always find her on her Instagram handle: @Sne8798. She also conducts poetry training for generating a sense of fulfilment through better writing and thinking skills.

3.    Shubira Prasad

Shubira Prasad is an educationist, a writer and an astrologer. She has been the principal of two schools, one of an Air Force school in Punjab and the other of a DAV school in Uttar Pradesh. She has written a trilogy on the war between human beings and demons. Two of them, “The Demons of Jaitraya” and “The Angels of Kailash” have been published. The third one “The Kumbh Conspiracy” will be published later this year. This trilogy is fantasy based on mythology.
This trilogy has the great warriors of Bhagwan Ram’s army. It also has the humungous and cunning demons of Ravan’s army. There is magic, divine weapons, death, despair, love and adventure in this trilogy from the time of the Ramayan till the present, in this world and beyond too.

4.    Vandana Kumari Jena 
Vandana Kumari Jena is a retired officer of the Indian Administrative Service. She writes novels, short stories and poems. Her short stories have been published in over twenty anthologies. Her works include two novels—The Dance of Death (2008) and Clueless (2019); three collections of short stories—The Incubation Chamber (2014), The Future is Mine (2015) and One Rotten Apple and Other Stories (2018); and a collection of middles—In the Middle (2015). She came up with her wonderful book Over the Edge in her years of superannuation. At present, she is actively associated with Prayas, a leading NGO of Arunachal Pradesh.

5.    Vijay Prakash 

The co-founder and Director of GVD Wealth Professional Pvt Ltd, a platform that teaches people how to trade and invest in the stock market using the ‘5 Minute Millionaire Pro Trader’ system. He is the creator of the 5MMPT SYSTEM, which helps the average person to trade in the stock market. 
Vijay also co-authored the Amazon number one bestseller ‘Slumdog Investor- Crack the Code of Money Making in 9 Easy Steps’ and has won the Golden book of the year award by Wings Publication.


MS Talks India awarded him as Financial Literacy Ambassador and Influencer of the year and He has received over 12 Awards & Recognitions in the past 12 months, including the best Stock Market Strategist by Entrepreneurs Forum of India. 

6.    Deepak Mehra 

Think like a Golfer is published by Amaryllis and is represented by The Book Bakers. A chance encounter with a modern day mystic on the golf course transforms his life. It is a story that everyone can relate to. The story of Think like a Golfer is engaging, inspiring and packed with practical wisdom. It is a flat out good read.
The reader joins Harry to play a round of golf on a sprawling, lush green course. As the game progresses, different aspects of Harry’s life unfold, leading to many Aha moments of self-discovery. Harry comes out unlearning his long-held beliefs and learning a completely new set of attitudes. All his cherished dreams soon become reality.

7.    Dr Neha Rai 

An author based in Ahmedabad. Her debut book The Perfect Knot is just a few months old in the market but is already making its mark in the reader’s minds. Dr. Neha Rai originally hails from Varanasi. She is a Dentist and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. She is also a counseling practitioner which is the reason she came up with The Perfect Knot. The book talks about the importance of child counseling and weaves varied societal challenges like lack of awareness over Mental Health, LGBT, self-awareness, and introversion into a fictional story.


8.    Gautam

When Jai Met Piaa. Romance–Bollywood style!
Jai Malhotra is a young business tycoon who is used to people saying yes to everything he says. A man with a troubled past, Jai believes life is all about work until Piaa enters his life. Falling in love was the last thing he expected from himself. But the unthinkable happens. He falls for the girl who saves his life. When she turns up at his office later for an interview, he offers her the job. She declines. He is dumbfounded. “Jai and Piaa. Two different people. Two different worlds.” When they meet, their lives explode. She is not able to get him out of her mind. He is not able to express his feelings for her. When Jai Met Piaa, written by Gautam tells the story of two opposites trying to find love in each other in the unlikeliest of ways. 
Releasing soon. Stay tuned.

9.    Eshanvi Kessireddy

Eshanvi Kessireddy, a budding author has just begun her journey as a writer by launching her debut book ‘Mysterious Mayhem’. The 10-year-old has brought to her readers the adventure of two young girls. The book has been published by White Falcon Publishing. 
The book has adventure and thrill for children. Set in Chicago, two sisters Mia and Sophie who accidentally board the wrong flight end up saving their friend Julia from two jail-breakers. Born and raised in California, Eshanvi has been recently awarded for her Outstanding Academic Excellence by US President’s Education Awards Program.

10.    Vaidehi Taman


Vaidehi Taman is a journalist and Founder Editor of Afternoon Voice English daily of Mumbai. She has contributed significantly to society as an editor, ethical hacker, philanthropist, and author. Her book Sikhism vs Sickism travels through historic moments to farmer’s agitation and online Khalistan militants misguiding youth. Whatever she writes,  she contributes to the voices of people and their concerns. 
She says, "I write about what I feel or what comes to my mind. For me literary success is really irrelevant, I write for the people to voice their concerns and if they get noticed, it is an accomplishment".

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