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Anti-Israel Protesters Verbally Attack Alec Baldwin Amid Heated Argument In NYC

Actor Alec Baldwin is seen getting in a heated argument with anti-Israel protesters in New York.

Alec Baldwin at the Demonstration

Anti-Israel protesters verbally confronted Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin during a gathering of hundreds protesting and shouting slogans urging Israel to “go to hell.” The incident took place on the evening of December 18 at Penn Station and Grand Central Station.

While passing by West 29th Street, Baldwin was spotted by the protesters, who approached him and accused him of supporting Israel. It went so far that NYPD officers had to escort Baldwin to ensure his safety.

A livestreamed footage, posted on X, showed the actor being interrogated by a pro-Palestinian activist who asked while invoking Hollywood, "Whose pocket are you in?" with Baldwin responding, "I'm in Hollywood's pocket, you say?" before slamming the "stupid question."

“You ask stupid questions,” Baldwin told the protestor. “Ask me a smart question, and I’ll answer your question.”

“Shut your f***ing mouth, you have no f***ing shame,” a man is heard shouting back at Baldwin. When asked if he condemned Israel, Baldwin responded, “No, I support peace for Gaza.” The man retaliated by saying, “Go f*** yourself."

With the help of the police, Baldwin was able to get out of the crowd. "Your career’s tanking by the way,” the man shouted as the door closed behind Baldwin.

A source told The Messenger, “Alec was on his way to volunteer to teach an acting class. He had no intention of going to the protest and was not involved in any way ... He was approached aggressively and repeatedly. The police stepped in to avoid further confrontation so he could make his way to the class safely." 

People flooded the comment section, with one user saying, “This is what happens when protestors meet reality and they realize fewer people agree with them than they think.” Another said, “I fear a massive brawl is going to erupt at one of these events in the near future."

Another user claiming this is harassment, said “They shouldn’t be allowed to approach people and harass them. What are the police there for if they aren’t going to protect others."  One more user wrote, "I’m not a fan of Baldwin, but he’s an actor, why should he have to be required to give his sociopolitical opinion on something? He’s not a politician or a commentator. These people are going to go find someone that says something don’t like and someone is going to get hurt."