In Brief: Four others were injured as fresh violence erupted today in Saharanpur which has been witnessing inter-caste... Read the Full Story.
It also suspended the account of Abhijeet who sung abuses
US first lady has for the second time, in public glare, evaded her husband and US...
Tata Motors yesterday said that it has reduced its managerial workforce by up to 1,500...
The J&K police confirmed that the probe will continue despite the recent award
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    Azadi Means Many Things
    A new spectre roils Kashmir’s ravaged political landscape and sparks fierce debates. Even ­Islamist Hurriyat has to...
  • Cover Story:
    Azadi Triptych
    After the killing of Burhan Wani last July, the top three ­Hurriyat leaders came together and jointly led the protests
  • Cover Story:
    At Peace With Strife
    Everyday life in Kashmir is a continuously creative ­engagement with conflict
  • Triple Talaq:
    How To Court The Personal
    Everyone wants personal laws reformed, but the triple talaq verdict would decide how it happens
  • I-T Raids:
    Searching Son For Dad’s Dirt
    A recent income-tax search hasn’t shaken Karti or PC. Rivals claim the duo is in real trouble this time.
Comment: Shaadi And Talaq
Kapil Sibal got it completely wrong. What has faith got to do with a...
Rajesh Ramachandran
IT Layoffs: Code Red For Rookie Techies In Boom Town
50K job loss is the biggest ever in Indian IT Inc, but it could be...
Arindam Mukherjee, ...
Infant Tragedy: When Vaccine Turns Killer
A recent immunisation drive in rural Bihar went horribly wrong. What...
Arushi Bedi
Movie Sites: No Desi Fix For Cord...
Netflix has nearly zero Indian content. The rest at the online...
Stuti Agarwal
Review: Mistress Of Ice-Cream...
Getting into Jayalalitha’s shoes, Outlook’s Tamil Nadu...
G.C. Shekhar
Just Share: A Trade Union For Team...
For long, BCCI has underpaid generations of cricketers. Now...
Qaiser Mohammad Ali


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