In Brief: Late night reports indicated that the state government could consider promulgating an ordinance to ensure... Read the Full Story.
Hopes of a 'maha gathbandhan' against the BJP in Uttar Pradesh were today dashed with the...
With India in trouble at 25 for three, Yuvraj (150 off 127 balls) and Dhoni (134 off 122)...
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  • UP Assembly Polls:
    Saffron Rides ­‘Cashless’ Into Caste-Cow Land
    In UP, the BJP banks on a ‘second Modi wave’, hoping the demonetisation shake-up will break its 14-year jinx
    Bhavna Vij-Aurora
  • UP Assembly Polls:
    An Alliance Of Reluctance
    The BJP’s aggressive push has boosted efforts by the ­Congress and the SP to hitch their poll wagons together
    Bula Devi
  • Cover Story:
    Many Jigs You Saw Add To The Puzzle
    Unruliness defined the onset of 2017 in Bangalore. Policing issue? Yes, but that’s not all.
    Ajay Sukumaran
  • Change Of Guard:
    Toughware Man Is The Boss
    TCS’s miracle man, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, is the new chairman of Tata Sons
    Arindam Mukherjee
  • Hindu Burial:
    A Flame Beneath The Ground
    Burying the dead is a Hindu tradition too—surely in south India. Jaya’s burial ritual sparks fresh discussion.
    Ajay Sukumaran
Cover Story: ‘Do Give Us Info If There Was Mass...
"None said 'I have been molested'", Bangalore City commissioner of...
Cover Story: Malevolent: Badly Drawn Mama’s Boys
Town squares have become battle zones for women. There isn’t even a...
Pragya Singh
Opinion: Modi’s Big Bang Economic Theory
Two months after demonetisation, a look at what the radical economic...
Srivatsa Krishna
Legacy: The Not-A-Second-Glance...
Self-focused, yet altruistic, the actor gave his best
Shyam Benegal
Food: The World In A Bhetki...
There will never be a clear settlement to the age-old arguments about...
Satish Padmanabhan
Valley Killings: Two Funerals And An MLA
Why the J&K legislator from Mawar mourned for a ­policeman and a...
Naseer Ganai


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