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Cover Story
FTII students doggedly resist the saffronisation of their academic space
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This Silence Will Cost Us
The government (and its ideological partners) have been systematically imposing mediocre sycophants...
Hansal Mehta
A PM who conquers foreign shores but loses the plot at home
J&K: border villages
In Jammu’s border villages, cross-LoC firing takes a constant toll
politics: rajya sabha
Even the best case scenario is unlikely to give the BJP strong numbers in the RS
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Prime Time Codswallop
The loudmouths who hold forth on TV talk shows and panel discussions are just as noisy and...
Jawid Laiq
labour: state insurance
A sharp cut in ESIC payouts denies poor workers treatment of chronic ailments
food security: Essay
Even the worst-governed states can improve their PDS and ensure grain for the poorest. Look...
The Insnider
A regular column on the essential buzz
diplomacy: modi in uae
Modi’s UAE visit, high on optics, silent on pressing issues, was built on existing ties
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Looking Mid-West
The Emirati leadership allowed Modi to address the Indian diaspora at the Dubai stadium. But...
Pranay Sharma
All the chatter and goss from around the world.
business: defence contracts
Anil Ambani makes an ambitious play in the defence sector. Will it pan out?
society: religion
The Rajasthan HC has banned santhara, the Jain sacred rite of giving up life through fasting
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Macaulay’s Shadow
Both historical and mythological accounts are replete with descriptions of conscious shedding...
Jaggi Vasudev
society: self-defence
Krav maga brings confidence to many
20 Outspoken, Outstanding, Outlier
Features in general in the magazine have become boring.
20 Outspoken, Outstanding, Outlier
Why I Love Outlook
It is journalism in its purest sense.
Tisca Chopra
Mind your body
The holy trinity for the detoxification of the body.
A random sample from foreign periodicals
An obit for Uggie and the way to get rid of that tan.
Sangakkara rocketed faster as he knelt and square-drove the years—a modern colossus, cricket’s...
Sen’s sleuthing uncovers a miscarriage of justice in the Aarushi case. But its clean chit to...
Provides a good deal of humour as well as interesting facts, apart from being hard-hitting...
Arvindar Singh on Achhe Din? Ha! Ha! By Mani Shankar Aiyar
Rupa's chairman R.K. Mehra on the big changes and challenges in the publishing industry.
Lutyens’ Delhi is undoubtedly cleaner than much of downtown Madrid.
By Nazes Afroz
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Movie Review
A matter-of-fact storytelling which doesn’t turn things pitiful or righteous.
10 Questions
The ace cricketer on his initiative to fight dengue and, of course, on the game
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Business in bitesizes
Photo Feature
Photos from protests by Gujarat’s Patel community demanding reservations under the Other Backward...
Thu Aug 27, 2015
Fractal Logic
The association between cycling and prostrate cancer is frightening news for a middle aged...
Devangshu Datta | Thu Aug 27, 2015
In naming one's sprogs, conviction may not be everything, but it does count for something.
Vatsala Mamgain | Wed Aug 26, 2015
Abdullah Hussein's The Weary Generations lets us infer that the nation cannot be narrated...
Prashant Keshavmurthy | Wed Aug 26, 2015
View From Britain
There are already 14 universities in the UK offering Sanskrit at undergraduate and postgraduate...
Nabanita Sircar | Wed Aug 26, 2015
View From Israel
Who is the anti-Semite who has managed to bring all this evil about? No other than the Prime...
Uri Avnery | Wed Aug 26, 2015
View From Britain
If a company is spending lavishly on lobbying and campaign finance, it is likely to be because...
George Monbiot | Tue Aug 25, 2015
A listing of 12 top Hindi films on the theme of law and justice.
Nirupama Kotru | Tue Aug 25, 2015
Lingering dissatisfaction, tightening controls and uncertainty could put Hong Kong’s status...
Michael C. Davis | Mon Aug 24, 2015
State Snippets
Last week, three of the best-known attributes of Bangalore came together — young entrepreneurs...
Ajay Sukumaran | Mon Aug 24, 2015
India aspires to play a larger role for itself at the world stage. It can ill afford to be...
Pranay Sharma | Mon Aug 24, 2015
C.R. Attlee's instructions to Mountbatten were crisp and clear: "Keep India united if you can....
Subbarao Prabhala | Mon Aug 24, 2015
State Snippets
With four-storeyed houses replacing the single or double storeyed ones, Panchsheel Enclave...
R.L. Saggar | Mon Aug 24, 2015
What is the nature of our nationalism here in India? It is anti-Pakistan and anti-China. It...
Aakar Patel | Sun Aug 23, 2015
An Appraisal
General Hamid Gul was the military equivalent of Osama bin Laden who died with his boots on...
Mohammad Taqi | Sun Aug 23, 2015
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Even though the Election Commission has not announced...
Poll Started on: Aug 18, 2015
After a gap of almost seven years, Salman Rushdie is...
Freya Dasgupta | Aug 21, 2015

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