In Brief: It is a miracle worked by the Bureau of Indian Standards that turns spirit made of molasses­—plain desi... Read the Full Story.
The twins, Naksh and Neeshu, were inside the top loading washing machine for up to 30...
The film was "against the dignity of our women and tenets of Islam", it said.
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    The Rs 41,000 Crore Trick Called IMFL
    It is a miracle worked by the Bureau of Indian Standards that turns spirit made of molasses­—plain desi daru—into whisky, rum and brandy with a lot of added colour and flavour
    Zia Haq
  • Cover Story:
    Fizz In The Argument
    Can beer be ‘strong’? Yes, in India. For reasons that remain disputed.
    Satish Padmanabhan
  • Comment:
    A Butcher’s Essay
    A Government bank's teller machine spews currency straight out of Monopoly while anti-graft investigators go after a 'liberal butcher'. The black humour in all of this is akin to a Coen Brothers' flick...
    Rajesh Ramachandran
  • Taxi Strike:
    Booked For A Rough Ride
    Lured in by huge incentives initially, radio taxi drivers feel betrayed by their companies
    Arushi Bedi
  • Proxy Power:
    The Man Who Could Be King
    To avoid another proxy CM going rogue, Sasikala’s nephew T.T.V Dinakaran has been given the reins
    G.C. Shekhar
Assembly Polls: Currents Beneath PM’s Kashi
The emergent dynamics of social engineering seem to have...
Pragya Singh
Spin Punch: Wrist, Finger And Revolution
This season, an Indian spin trio has laid low all visiting batsmen....
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Actress Assault: Sordid Twist In The Script
Criminality is gaining grip over Malayalam cinema.
Minu Ittyipe
Wedding Blues: Ostentatious Obligations
An austerity bill by a luxury biker has...
Stuti Agarwal
Speech Balloon : ‘There Is More To Me...
Shahid Kapoor on Rangoon, his third film with Vishal...
Inside Africa: A Surti On Lake Victoria
Extensively trodden by Chinese capital, Rwanda and Uganda offer India...
Pranay Sharma


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