The order was issued after receiving complaints about “injudicious use of essential...
'We will disfigure your face in a way that you will be unrecognisable'
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    Obverse Of The Coin...
    Infosys, once India’s IT pride, has been slowly losing its sheen. Has managing director Vishal Sikka not been able to steer the ship as ably as N.R. Narayana Murthy?
    Arindam Mukherjee
  • Cover Story:
    Truck Between The Two Camps
    The chairman isn’t exiting. Taking a pacifist line, R. Seshasayee has reached out to NR.
    Ajay Sukumaran
  • Cover Story:
    Code Load On Cyber Coolies
    Three US H-1B laws, seeking to raise costs for firms, may hit Infosys, but make crucial points
    Saif Shahin
  • Succession Duel:
    Catharsis, Conspiracy And More Puppetry
    Despite her conviction, Sasikala managed to ensure control over AIADMK. How long will it play out?
    Ranjit K.
  • Manipur Polls :
    A Riddle Of Hill And Valley
    As two national parties battle it out, the faultlines that run through the northeastern state only come out sharper
    Anoo Bhuyan
Chinese Dilemma: Xi Stoops To Conquer
China privileges its converging interests with Pakistan over benefits...
Pranay Sharma
Counter-Poverty: Garibi Hatao, Now Out Of Silos
No more top-down, India’s official fight against poverty...
Lola Nayar
Scam Or Murder: Tales From The Darkest Of Crypts
India’s oldest museum has murky secrets in its vaults that may have...
Dola Mitra
Pelf Punch: Exclusive: For Cricket’s...
An audit of the account books of 27 state cricket bodies reveals a...
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Bollywood: Home At Last
Leaving the baggage of his past behind, Sanjay Dutt makes his final...
Giridhar Jha
Last Page: Belwa Diary
If you are more than the sum of your parts, and the human being...
Manoj Bajpai


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