In Brief: She said she now wonders what will the US government do to stop hate crimes against minorities. Read the Full Story.
He also launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, accusing him of...
The embarrassing defeat also ended India's unbeaten streak of 19 Tests with the last...
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    The Rs 41,000 Crore Trick Called IMFL
    It is a miracle worked by the Bureau of Indian Standards that turns spirit made of molasses­—plain desi daru—into whisky, rum and brandy with a lot of added colour and flavour
    Zia Haq
  • Cover Story:
    Fizz In The Argument
    Can beer be ‘strong’? Yes, in India. For reasons that remain disputed.
    Satish Padmanabhan
  • Comment:
    A Butcher’s Essay
    A Government bank's teller machine spews currency straight out of Monopoly while anti-graft investigators go after a 'liberal butcher'. The black humour in all of this is akin to a Coen Brothers' flick...
    Rajesh Ramachandran
  • Taxi Strike:
    Booked For A Rough Ride
    Lured in by huge incentives initially, radio taxi drivers feel betrayed by their companies
    Arushi Bedi
  • Proxy Power:
    The Man Who Could Be King
    To avoid another proxy CM going rogue, Sasikala’s nephew T.T.V Dinakaran has been given the reins
    G.C. Shekhar
Assembly Polls: Currents Beneath PM’s Kashi
The emergent dynamics of social engineering seem to have...
Pragya Singh
Spin Punch: Wrist, Finger And Revolution
This season, an Indian spin trio has laid low all visiting batsmen....
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Actress Assault: Sordid Twist In The Script
Criminality is gaining grip over Malayalam cinema.
Minu Ittyipe
Wedding Blues: Ostentatious Obligations
An austerity bill by a luxury biker has...
Stuti Agarwal
Speech Balloon : ‘There Is More To Me...
Shahid Kapoor on Rangoon, his third film with Vishal...
Inside Africa: A Surti On Lake Victoria
Extensively trodden by Chinese capital, Rwanda and Uganda offer India...
Pranay Sharma


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