In Brief: "There is so much debate on the triple talaq these days. Looking at the great tradition of India, my mind is... Read the Full Story.
The committee, headed by Justice (retd) Aamir Raza Khan, included representatives of the...
A former driver of late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and one of the main suspects in the...
Outlook Magazine
  • Essay:
    Error In The Machine?
    AAP was not just another party. It came not as a regional force or a lobby—it deigned to be a universal alternative...
  • Cover Story:
    Done In By More Theatrics Than Action
    Free water and cheap power can’t win you elections if the game of perceptions is lost. That could be AAP’s takeaway...
  • Interview:
    ‘Anti-corruption Became A Hollow Slogan’
    Yogendra Yadav explains the unravelling of AAP and reasons behind the end of a dream for alternative politics in India.
  • New Stone Age :
    A Girl, A Basketball, A Stone
    Girl students pelting stones at the police in the heart of Srinagar marks a shift in the Kashmir unrest’s visual...
  • Insurgency:
    Red Bumps On The Highway
    Delay in laying roads along a Maoist territory shows the maladies that continue to torpedo development
Comment: Kejriwal 2.0
Can AK 2.0 make an impact after disastrous defeat in MCD polls?
Rajesh Ramachandran
Protest Culture: Peepli Live Minus Even The Satire
Tamil agitations seek...
G.C. Shekhar
Opinion: Six Point Nothing
Springing Chetan Bhagat into the...
Sachin Nirmala...
Line Of Rule: In His Father’s Muddy...
A combative Ruchir Modi aims for..
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Tribute: Agent Vinod
Tall, taciturn, he rode his cougar-like beauty like the meanest...
Giridhar Jha On...
Review: More Than Mere Impulse
A pioneering work on protest music in...
Sreevalsan Thiyyadi


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