Cover Story
As the quake toll crosses 5,000, Nepal’s hour of crisis evokes awe, draws sympathy
The 7.9 Quake
Himalayan Plunder
Can Nepal’s political leadership turn this crisis into an opportunity to rebuild the country?
Pranay Sharma
The 7.9 Quake
Goodwill Hunting In Kathmandu
India makes big of its help to Nepal, but how real is its effort? Doubts emerge.
Uttam Sengupta
Alarms For The Sirsastas
It will be good if Nepal’s lazy, grasping politicians wake up
Kanak Mani Dixit
The 7.9 Quake: ground report
If The Earth Stayed Still
People still live out in the open, relief pours in but efforts on the ground are still a jumble...
Ushinor Majumdar
jump cut
Time To Set A Stopwatch
The faith of the common man in the political system in Nepal has been lost entirely.
Manisha Koirala
The 7.9 Quake: ground report
Rumble That Shakes The Cane
Along the border, they deal with their quake-rattled lives with fear, devotion and grit
Dola Mitra
The 7.9 Quake: seismology
Convulsion Watch!
Awaited: a temblor 40-50 times energetic
Pallava Bagla
controversy: shackling ngos
US donor agency Ford Foundation barred for ‘uncomfortable’ donations
‘They’re Sending A Message, Stay Within Limits...Or Else’
Teesta Setalvad on being in the Govt's line of fire.
Outlook Interviews Teesta Setalvad
uk: elections
Britons are voting in one of the closest, most confusing polls ever
UK: Elections
Britain’s Asian Movers And Shakers
With more ethnic candidates in this election than previously ever, traditional divides over...
uk: indian vote
No Love Lost For Labour
Indians are seen as politically apathetic, to vote or participate
Nabanita Sircar
uk: indian vote
The Far Right In The Middle
UKIP would not amount to much on its own but could well play spoiler
Web Extra
Two Pocket Seats
No loudspeaker appeals in the streets, no banners, hardly any posters, very few election rallies.
Jawid Laiq
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
In an article on the Ishrat Jehan case, it quoted me out of context.
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
Why I Love Outlook
It isn’t like a regular, clichéd political publication.
Supriya Sule
A random sample from the British newspapers
Journalist, author and visiting faculty at IISc Bangalore, Amrita Shah delves into the heart...
Amrita Shah | Extracts from Ahmedabad A City In The World By Amrita Shah
Man, Woman and Child plough their frenetic, lonely and despairing furrows in this exhilarating...
Manjul Bajaj on She Will Build Him A City By Raj Kamal Jha
For Wilson-Howarth, Nepal remains a spiritual haven and a zoological treasure trove.
Anjana Basu on A Glimpse Of Eternal Snows By Jane Wilson-Howarth
People will help each other whether the government helps them or not.
By Sudeep Chakravarti
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Movie Review
It’s a talkie that gets way too boring beyond a point.
Movie Review
What prevents the film from being a laugh riot is loose editing and some jarring overacting.
10 Questions
A new initiative to revive Bharatanatyam by Kalamandalam, Calcutta, brought Leela Samson to...
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Outlook in retrospect.
Business in bitesizes
Indians are inherently tolerant/secular unless we are manipulated and instigated.
Aakar Patel | Sun May 03, 2015
May Day Special
On Labour Day, a listing of ten top Hindi films on class struggle, workers’ rights and unions.
Nirupama Kotru | Fri May 01, 2015
State Snippets
KCR is upbeat about the Ikea deal but the Opposition is sniffing around to find out if there...
Madhavi Tata | Fri May 01, 2015
A journey back to Kathmandu from the epicentre of the earthquake
Bikkil Sthapit, Pooja Pant, Martin Travers | Thu Apr 30, 2015
There is a hush and silence in my fields and it scares me to no end.
Girindra Nath Jha, Namrata Joshi | Thu Apr 30, 2015
Photo Feature
A glance at the facades of Mumbai's buildings.
Thu Apr 30, 2015
I can still feel a shiver of dread at having managed such a close escape.
Pooja Ohri Gandhi | Thu Apr 30, 2015
To business, the victims are non-people, the ruined landscapes non-places. All that counts...
George Monbiot | Wed Apr 29, 2015
The best way to kill a faith or culture is to restore it to its infancy
Shajahan Madampat | Wed Apr 29, 2015
Photo Feature
Drone view of the earthquake ravaged landscape in Nepal.
Tue Apr 28, 2015
The suffering of a man seeking that one card to replace all cards.
Ashwin Rammohan | Tue Apr 28, 2015
The earthquake in Nepal has been trivialised by many in social media — what does it say about...
Hansa Malhotra | Tue Apr 28, 2015
A fight is going on. A fight of all against all. A fight without rules or limits.
Uri Avnery | Mon Apr 27, 2015
Fractal Logic
Should rummy be called a game of chance? Or is it a game of skill?
Devangshu Datta | Mon Apr 27, 2015
For The Record
Comedian Vir Das' open letter after cops show up during his show.
Vir Das | Mon Apr 27, 2015
This government is to blame, according to its own report. And there will be no running away...
Aakar Patel | Sun Apr 26, 2015
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Milk has been an integral part of a healthy diet for...
Poll Started on: Apr 28, 2015
The Indian Railways is 162 years old and one of the...
Devangshu Datta​ | Apr 20, 2015

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