In Brief: "There is so much debate on the triple talaq these days. Looking at the great tradition of India, my mind is... Read the Full Story.
Pichai received a salary of USD 650,000 last year, slightly less than the USD 652,500 he...
"There is an expectation of compliance and in the event of non-compliance, there is this...
Outlook Magazine
  • Essay:
    Error In The Machine?
    AAP was not just another party. It came not as a regional force or a lobby—it deigned to be a universal alternative...
  • Cover Story:
    Done In By More Theatrics Than Action
    Free water and cheap power can’t win you elections if the game of perceptions is lost. That could be AAP’s takeaway...
  • Interview:
    ‘Anti-corruption Became A Hollow Slogan’
    Yogendra Yadav explains the unravelling of AAP and reasons behind the end of a dream for alternative politics in India.
  • New Stone Age :
    A Girl, A Basketball, A Stone
    Girl students pelting stones at the police in the heart of Srinagar marks a shift in the Kashmir unrest’s visual...
  • Insurgency:
    Red Bumps On The Highway
    Delay in laying roads along a Maoist territory shows the maladies that continue to torpedo development
Comment: Kejriwal 2.0
Can AK 2.0 make an impact after disastrous defeat in MCD polls?
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Tamil agitations seek...
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Springing Chetan Bhagat into the...
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Line Of Rule: In His Father’s Muddy...
A combative Ruchir Modi aims for..
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Tribute: Agent Vinod
Tall, taciturn, he rode his cougar-like beauty like the meanest...
Giridhar Jha On...
Review: More Than Mere Impulse
A pioneering work on protest music in...
Sreevalsan Thiyyadi


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