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Indian Institutions
Basic systemic changes are needed to build world-class research institutions in India
The Indian Institutes of Technology
The IITs, our top engineering colleges, are facing questions of quality, identity, autonomy.
The Indian Institutes of Technology
The Super 30 guru critiques the institution (and the exam) he readies students for
The New Entrepreneurs
They are young entrepreneurs in their 20s. Some of them write history.
Armed with a good idea and raw talent, the youth are striking out on their own
Rural Dentistry
Rural India is feeling its gums, the country’s dentists are counting their caps
The Fine Print
What to read. What to watch. Whom to follow.
Former Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachaliah on the need to create an environment of academic...
LOL etc
Now equal opportunity for girls also to become frustrated engineers
The Law Round Table
Five top lawyers on foreign law firms being allowed to practice in India.
Not the govt, remember 1975? Self-regulation is an oxymoron. My two bits...
Liberal Arts Universities
A new breed of institutions is vitalising learning for the pleasure of learning
Outgoing director of TISS S. Parasuraman on the growing demand for development professionals...
Abroad View
What to read. What to watch. Whom to follow.
Engineering the body
Engineeers fix things. They need to be cherished. Ideally by girls.
Questionnaire Extraordinaire
A quiz on each of the nine streams
politics: Sangh parivar
Uncalled-for attacks on the vice-president
centre: mea
MEA seniors resent S. Jaishankar’s ways
media: stringers
Freelance journalists, especially in small towns, are paying dearly for speaking up
controversy: ipl
Lalit Modi’s bombs blow up reputations everyday
The Insnider
A regular column on the essential buzz
In Kerala, a superstar shows the light to a purblind minister
Praful’s death is a personal loss, but the bigger loss is to public life
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
I would suggest it re-evaluate its take and not be anti-establishment for the sake of it.
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
Why I Love Outlook
It is a classic case of making a point loud and clear, without being influenced or being inhibited.
T.K.S. Elangovan
Mind your body
All about guilt-free pakora eating.
A random sample of letters in global media
On the day Bhindranwale was declared killed, I, a Hindu stranger, was at his house. No one...
Sanjay Suri | Extracts from 1984 The Anti-Sikh Violence And After By Sanjay Suri
Complex China-Japan ties go beyond default ‘enmity’. Nuanced diplomacy must solve problems...
Rana Mitter on Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics And A Rising China By Sheila A. Smith
For much of the book, Tharoor seems to be taking his eloquence for a test drive, without taking...
Santosh Desai on India Shashtra: Reflections On The Nation In Our Time By Shashi Tharoor
Nearly all the drivers for the festival turned out to be women, most of them students at one...
By Pallavi Aiyar
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
For The Record
Threats to the safety of Madhavi Tata, Assistant Editor, Outlook magazine.
Outlook | Thu Jul 02, 2015
I sat there wondering what they would write in my matrimonial if they knew that I was a lesbian…
Sonali Gulati | Thu Jul 02, 2015
You can be professional about writing, but you cannot make writing a profession
Tabish Khair | Thu Jul 02, 2015
In the midst of all the unsavoury allegations, the image of the Karnataka Lokayukta's office...
Ajay Sukumaran | Thu Jul 02, 2015
An Appraisal
Indian industrialist, chairman of Sona Koyo Steering Systems, passed away on July 1. He was 71.
Arindam Mukherjee | Thu Jul 02, 2015
A story or two of talented Indian cricketers, luck, jealousy, godfathers, petty politics and...
Haresh Pandya | Thu Jul 02, 2015
I have been boring the good villagers with my running schedule when all they wanted to do was...
Christine Pemberton | Thu Jul 02, 2015
For The Record
A satirical snippet titled "No Boring Babu" published in the 'Deep Throat' column has attracted...
Outlook | Wed Jul 01, 2015
View From Britain
Britons deemed the French the least welcoming hosts in Europe and the TripAdvisor website found...
Nabanita Sircar | Wed Jul 01, 2015
Everyone should keep one day roza on 4th July.
Markandey Katju | Wed Jul 01, 2015
View From Israel
If there was a cardinal war crime in the Gaza War, it was the Israeli cabinet decision to start it.
Uri Avnery | Wed Jul 01, 2015
Most of the state leaders are so focused on their own states that they are unmindful of the...
Govind Talwalkar | Tue Jun 30, 2015
News Analysis
Luckily, India has an alternative route to finance itself — the coffers of its public sector banks.
Pragya Singh | Tue Jun 30, 2015
It’s erroneous to say Carnatic music is exclusive; its roots tell the story of an organic and...
Chitravina Ravikiran | Tue Jun 30, 2015
The minister seems to have got away lightly in the wake of her unexplained intervention in...
Uttam Sengupta | Mon Jun 29, 2015
The Islamic State celebrates its first anniversary with attacks in three continents
Talmiz Ahmad | Mon Jun 29, 2015
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A bill framed by the Human Resource Development Ministry...
Poll Started on: Jun 26, 2015
As the schism between the two biggest sects of Islam...
Freya Dasgupta | Jun 17, 2015

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