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Cover Story
Fed up with troubled marriages, women in Kashmir are seeking divorce and getting it—from regular...
“Women Should Come Forward And Live With Dignity And Equal Rights As Men”
The man who has brought quick divorce settlements to many aggrieved women in J&K on the sudden...
Priyadarshini Sen Interviews Nasir-ul-Islam
rohith vemula
The deeper you go into the Rohith Vemula story, the more you find dignity. Outside it, pettiness...
‘They Didn’t Dare Visit The Campus’
The chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes on BJP's tokenism for Dalits and...
Bula Devi Interviews P.L. Punia
In The Dark Of His Troubles
The text of Rohith Vemula’s suicide note holds the key to understanding his death. It doesn’t...
Balbir K. Punj
Parrikar and Doval talk, but terror demands action
Beef in the bathroom? Dadri sees an echo in Dewas: except, the cops arrived.
What will Arunachal Pradesh be like under President’s rule? Will it be able to retain its fierce...
pearl scam
Remaining below the radar for over 20 years, the Pearl group has raked in crores, leaving investors...
pearl scam
The Pauper Tigers
Why do ponzi schemes invariably own media?
At last UP has a Lokayukta, after three SC deadlines broken
Is being a celeb enough to deserve an award now?
Leader Comment
Its churlish desire to ensure the previous government does not get credit has robbed policy-making...
The Insider
A regular column on the essential buzz
In Donald Trump season, here comes a wildcard: a plodding, avowed socialist!
Investor summits
Why does it sound familiar captains of industry praise a state to high heavens? Why, because...
A random sample from the British periodicals
Leader Comment
For the inspiration she brings to women athletes all over this country
Eat, Pray, Live
How to work up that perfect sweat and the best pre-workout snack
regional cinema
A Bangalorean theatre legend takes Bollywood by storm with his debut role.
The Reviews
All about the Indian Art Fair...
Jashn-e-Rekhta, a play written by Karnad and directed by Lillete Dubey and one of the oldest...
Essays by young feminists speak true, but could have spoken sharper
Lopa Ghosh on I Call Myself A Feminist Edited By Victoria Pepe et al
A timely reminder of political intrigues that play out in the national capital.
Uttam Sengupta on Bloodshed In Punjab By G.S. Chawla
There’s a restaurant called ‘Gandhi’, jointly owned by a Pakistani and an Indian. The Mahatma...
By Prabha Chandran
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
The Reviews
It’s still a celebration of India, not a putdown.
10 Questions
Renu Modi has been an art gallery owner for 26 years and she is playing host to an all women’s...
Business in bitesizes
All the chatter from around the world.
Lola Nayar on why the Indian economy is in trouble deep...
Mon Feb 01, 2016
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State Snippets
Looks like Sonia doesn't just have power over the Congress, but even the Communists are now...
Dola Mitra | Mon Feb 08, 2016
News Analysis
There has been 77% slump in price of Indian basket of crude oil from $132.47/barrel in July...
Lola Nayar | Mon Feb 08, 2016
We insist that others, who are unwilling but weak, make all the sacrifices on our behalf and...
Aakar Patel | Sun Feb 07, 2016
Book Extract
After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, this "gang" had complete hold on the administrative...
G.S. Chawla | Extracts from BLOODSHED IN PUNJAB: UNTOLD SAGA OF DECEIT AND SABOTAGE By G.S. Chawla | Sat Feb 06, 2016
Migration is on the rise in Madhya Pradesh as farmers grapple with rising debts amid ruined...
K.S. Shaini | Fri Feb 05, 2016
In what is being called a political witch hunt, Maharashtra governor gave sanction to prosecute...
Meetu Jain | Fri Feb 05, 2016
Book Extract
The moment I entered the room, he stood up and said: "Hats off to the man who can talk to the...
G.S. Chawla | Extracts from Bloodshed in PUNJAB: Untold Saga of Deceit and Sabotage | Fri Feb 05, 2016
Photo Feature
The sleepy village of Staro Zhelezare in central Bulgaria is harnessing the power of celebrities...
Thu Feb 04, 2016
Insensitivity apart, the three ministers harping abut Rohith Vemula's Dalit antecedents are...
Bula Devi | Thu Feb 04, 2016
The Odd and Even scheme has followed me to Bangalore…
Dilip Bobb | Thu Feb 04, 2016
Resentment rises among Muslim women as political parties fail to address their concerns. Many...
Dola Mitra | Wed Feb 03, 2016
View From Israel
All the moral people in all the countries of the world should see it as their duty to help...
Uri Avnery | Wed Feb 03, 2016
Land can be divided and borders can be invented but language continues to transcend these man-made...
Ali Khan Mahmudabad | Tue Feb 02, 2016
National Commission for Scheduled Castes' PL Punia on the Rohith Vemula controversy
Bula Devi interviews P.L. Punia | Tue Feb 02, 2016
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daily reader
A web curation of fine reading by our editors
Let’s recognize the catastrophe in Flint as a wake-up call to address not just one city’s lead-poisoning...
Mon Feb 08, 2016
She was surprised to see the stubborn power of politeness over time. Over time. That’s the...
Mon Feb 08, 2016

The launch of the second volume of President Pranab...
Poll Started on: Feb 05, 2016
After an initial sighting some years ago, the Zika...
Siddhartha Mishra | Jan 29, 2016

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