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7 Best Bluetooth Earphones for 2024

Are you looking for reliable earphones that offer seamless connectivity and impressive sound quality? Dive into our buying guide to discover the best Bluetooth earphones, combining comfort, durability, and performance.

Best Bluetooth earphones

Our Top Picks 

  • Best OverallSony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass in-Ear Headphones offer an immersive 12mm driver sound, 15-hour battery life, and convenient neckband design for all-day comfort.

  • Best Sound Quality: Apple Beats Flex powered by the W1 chip delivers premium sound with a Nitinol construction for all-day comfort. Its Auto-Play/Pause feature, Class 1 Bluetooth, and Audio Sharing enhance the listening experience.

  • Best Noise Cancellation: The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC offers a 45dB hybrid ANC, 12.4mm drivers for bombastic bass, and 28 hours of battery life. Enjoy quick switching between devices and low-latency Bluetooth 5.2 for a seamless experience.

  • Best Budget: The boAt Rockerz 255 Max provides a budget-friendly option with 60 hours of playtime, three EQ modes, ASAP Charge for 10 hours in 10 minutes, and ENx technology for clear voice calls. The textured finish and ergonomic design add style and comfort.

Earphones have become an essential accessory in our daily lives, accompanying us wherever we go. But, In a market inundated with options, finding the ideal Bluetooth earphones can be a daunting task. Fear not, as we've done the legwork to present you with a curated list of the best Bluetooth earphones available in India. These top picks are your ticket to a world of unparalleled wireless audio quality.

Whether you're a music aficionado, fitness enthusiast, or someone who values convenience, our guide has something for everyone. From immersive soundscapes to snug fits that last all day, our selections cater to diverse preferences. 

Make an informed choice and enhance your auditory journey with the best Bluetooth earphones on the market with the help of this comprehensive guide. Your perfect pair awaits, promising an audio experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Key factors to consider before buying a pair of bluetooth earphones 

  • Sound Quality: Prioritise earphones with high-quality audio output, clear treble, deep bass, and well-balanced mid-tones for an immersive listening experience.

  • Comfort and Fit: Opt for earphones that come with multiple ear tip options and a secure fit. Comfort is crucial, especially if you plan to use them for extended periods.

  • Battery Life: Evaluate the battery life to ensure it aligns with your usage patterns. Look for earphones that offer ample playtime on a single charge to avoid frequent recharging.

  • Connectivity: Check for the latest Bluetooth version for better connectivity and power efficiency. Some earphones also offer features like quick pairing and multipoint connectivity.

  • Durability and Build Quality: Consider the build material and design for durability. Sweat and water resistance can be essential, especially if you plan to use them during workouts or outdoor activities.

  • Noise Cancellation: Decide whether you need active noise cancellation (ANC) for a quieter listening environment. Some earphones offer varying degrees of noise isolation to enhance your audio experience.

How we picked them for you

  • Extensive Research: We delved into the market, scrutinising a wide array of Bluetooth earphones, considering various brands, models, and user reviews.

  • Sound Quality Assessment: Our focus was on earphones that deliver exceptional sound quality, whether you crave bass-heavy beats, crisp trebles, or a balanced audio profile.

  • User-Friendly Controls: Whether through touch controls or physical buttons, we focused on earphones with intuitive controls that enhance the overall user experience.

  • Brand Reputation: We factored in the reputation of the brands behind the earphones, considering their history of delivering reliable products and customer satisfaction.

  • Value for Money: Our selections aim to provide you with the best value for your money, offering a range of options that cater to different budgets without compromising on quality.

Here's a list of best bluetooth earphones in India


The Sony WI-XB400 Wireless Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones, offers immersive bass-rich audio with a 12mm driver unit. It features Bluetooth 5.0 where you can enjoy seamless wireless connectivity for up to 15 hours. The quick charge feature gives you 60 minutes of playback in just 10 minutes. The tangle-free design, magnetic buds, and lightweight build ensure a hassle-free listening experience. Ideal for hands-free calls, these earphones also feature Google Assistant support and a behind-the-neck design for comfort on the go. Choose from two classic colours and enjoy the freedom of wireless sound with these top-rated Bluetooth earphones.


  • Price: 3,990 

  • Brand: Sony 

  • Type: In-Ear Wireless

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

  • Driver Unit: 12mm

  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours

  • Quick Charge: 10 mins for 60 mins playback

  • Weight: Lightweight at 21g

  • Features: Magnetic buds, in-built mic, Google Assistant

Pros Cons
Comfortable lightweight design Connection becomes unstable sometimes
Powerful 12mm driver ensures clear sound Not good enough for making calls
Quick charging for on-the-go use
Great audio performance
Well defined and doesn't overpower
15 hours battery backup

User’s Review: Great choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly wireless earbuds with a balanced sound and a long battery life. They have a neckband design that is comfortable and secure, and magnetic earbuds that prevent tangling.

Why it's worth buying: With an impressive 4.1-star rating from over 50,000 Amazon reviews, this pair delivers a winning combination of powerful sound, long-lasting battery life, and user satisfaction. 


The boAt Rockerz 255 Max Bluetooth Earphones in Space Blue offer an impressive 60-hour playtime at 60% volume with Type C interface. Elevate your audio experience with three EQ modes – Signature, Balanced, and Pop. Power on/off seamlessly with magnetic earbuds, and enjoy crystal-clear calls with ENx technology. The low-latency BEAST Mode enhances gaming and binge-watching. ASAP Charge provides 10 hours in just 10 minutes. With a textured finish and ergonomic design, these earphones blend style and comfort effortlessly. Connect seamlessly with Bluetooth v5.3 and boAt Fast Pair technology.


  • Price: 14,99 (MRP 3,990 62% Off)

  • Brand: Boat

  • Playtime: Up to 60 hours

  • EQ Modes: Signature, Balanced, Pop

  • Power: Magnetic On/Off

  • Voice Calls: Crystal Clear with ENx

  • Latency: Low Latency BEAST Mode

  • Charging: ASAP Charge (10 mins = 10 hrs)

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3, Fast Pair

Pros Cons
Long-lasting playtime May not fit securely during intense activities
Versatile EQ modes Fast battery drainage on high volume
Convenient magnetic earbuds
Clear voice calls
Rapid charging with ASAP Charge
Low latency for gaming

User’s Review: The product is simply great & price worthy. My experience is too good with the product usage. The noise reduction is excellent, even if we use the same in a very heavy traffic also, the caller can't recognize that you are in a traffic mess as the noise reduction is very good.

Why it's worth buying: With over 1,82,000+ Amazon ratings, this earphone stands as a trusted choice, reflecting its widespread popularity and recognition as an Amazon Choice product, ensuring quality and value.


The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC features superior audio quality. Boasting a 45dB Hybrid ANC, its FeedForward and FeedBack microphones reduce noise up to 45dB. Enjoy a heightened sound experience through a 12.4mm dynamic driver and titanium coating dome. The 3-mic AI Call Noise Cancellation ensures crystal-clear calls, and with a 28-hour battery life, it's your all-weather audio companion. Quick Switch between devices and Bluetooth 5.2 with low-latency dual transmission technology offer a seamless, stable, and immersive listening or gaming experience. 


  • ANC Technology: 45dB Hybrid ANC

  • Driver Size: 12.4mm dynamic driver

  • Call Noise Cancellation: 3-mic AI

  • Battery Life: Up to 28 hours

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, low-latency dual transmission

  • Quick Switch: Between two paired devices

Pros Cons
Exceptional ANC performance Prolonged usage cause ear pain
Sound quality is absolutely top-notch
Design and build quality are sturdy
Battery life is impressive
Elegant and quite decent looking
Great value for money

User’s Review: Overall, I'm satisfied with what i bought, this product is worth buying if you're an office worker or something then go for it. You can enjoy the high quality sound and stable connection.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for exceptional ANC, powerful sound, and AI call clarity. Over 10K recent purchases on amazon attest to its popularity and performance.


Immerse yourself in the JBL Tune 215BT, delivering a balanced sound experience without artificial bass enhancements. With 16 hours of playtime and quick charging, these Bluetooth earphones offer optimum comfort with ergonomically designed 12.5mm dynamic drivers. Enjoy seamless multi-point connectivity, hands-free calling, and voice assistant support, all wrapped in a durable, tangle-free flat cable.


  • Price: 1,499 (MRP 2,999 50% Off)

  • Brand: JBL

  • Sound: Balanced, crystal clear audio

  • Drivers: 12.5mm dynamic drivers

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 

  • Battery: 16 hours playtime, quick charge

  • Controls: 3-button remote

  • Design: Ergonomic fit, flat cable

Pros Cons
Pure bass, no distortion Average noise isolation
Quick charge feature Bulky earbud design
Hands-free calling
Multi-point connectivity
Durable tangle-free flat cable design

User’s Review: Having used these JBL Bluetooth earphones for a year, I can confidently say they've elevated my audio experience. The sound quality is exceptional, delivering crisp highs and deep bass. The wireless connectivity is seamless, and the battery life is impressive. 

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its balanced sound, comfort, and quick charge feature, backed by the trust of over 30,000+ ratings on Amazon, affirming its reliable quality.


Enhance your audio experience with the Realme Buds Wireless 3. Featuring a groundbreaking 13.6mm dynamic bass driver, enjoy immersive sound with crystal-clear mid and high frequencies. Dive into pure bliss with 30dB Active Noise Cancellation, 360° Spatial Audio, and up to 40 hours of playback. Stay stylish with the lightweight neckband, and effortlessly switch between two devices with dual-device connection. With 45ms ultra-low latency for gaming and IP55 water resistance, these earphones redefine comfort, style, and performance in Vitality White.


  • Brand: 1,699 (MRP 2,999 43% Off)
  • Driver: 13.6mm Dynamic Bass Driver
  • ANC: 30dB Active Noise Cancellation
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours
  • Fast Charging: 10 min for 25 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3, Dual Device
  • Latency: 45ms for Gaming
  • Resistance: IP55 Dust and Water Resistance
Pros Cons
Immersive spatial audio ANC effectiveness varies in loud environments
Lightweight and stylish neckband design May not fit all ear sizes which may cause discomfort
Dual-device connection enhances flexibility
Ultra-low latency provides smooth gaming
Dust and water resistant
Great build quality
Good performance
Decent battery life

User’s Review: First impressions are just amazing. I noticed it connects with my iPhone 14 pro more quickly than my Bullets Z2. ANC works quite well. Only con I experienced that these are longer in length than the Bullets Z2. So initially I found it somewhat uncomfortable but it’s not a big issue. Overall great package in this price bracket.. Go for it!!

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its immersive audio and a stellar 4-star rating from over 62,000 Amazon users making it a trusted choice for exceptional performance.


Experience crystal-clear calls with Boult Audio ZCharge Wireless Earphones featuring Dual Mics and Environmental Noise Cancellation. Enjoy a remarkable 40-hour playback time, with just 10 minutes of fast charging giving you 15 hours of playtime. The Bluetooth 5.2 technology ensures fast pairing, and the soft silicon neckband with in-line controls provides all-day comfort. Stay worry-free with IPX5 water resistance, perfect for outdoor activities.


  • Price: 1,199 (MRP 4,999 76% Off)
  • Brand: Boult 
  • Driver Size: 14.2mm Dynamic Drivers
  • ANC Technology: Dual Mic ENC
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Battery Life: 40 Hours Playback
  • Fast Charging: 10 Mins = 15 Hours
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Controls: In-line controls on band
Pros Cons
Premium material quality Loses connectivity automatically
Audio quality is impressive Not best for calling
Good battery life
Comfortable soft silicon neckband
Fast charging in just 10 minutes
Comfortable to wear for short period

User’s Review: The enc is not that efficient but does the work. Other than that, the sound quality is amazing, excellent bass, latency is good enough, fast charging is amazing, superb battery life, fits perfectly in ears. Overall a pretty excellent product.

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for exceptional features, including 76% off on Amazon, ensuring a high-quality audio experience at an unbeatable price.


Beats Flex Wireless Earphones deliver a seamless audio experience with Auto-Play/Pause magnetic earbuds. The Flex-Form cable ensures all-day comfort, offering four eartip options for a personalised fit. Powered by the Apple W1 chip, enjoy Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity for extended range. With Audio Sharing, wirelessly share audio with compatible devices. The 12-hour battery life, on-device controls, and built-in microphone make these earphones a versatile choice for Apple and Android users alike.


  • Price: 6.899 
  • Brand: Apple
  • Design: In-ear, Flex-Form cable, magnetic earbuds
  • Connectivity: Apple W1 chip, Class 1 Bluetooth
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours, Fast Fuel charging
  • Controls: On-device controls for music, calls
  • Features: Audio Sharing, four eartip options
  • Compatibility: Works with Apple and Android
Pros Cons
Comfortable Flex-Form cable design Not completely waterproof
Seamless connectivity
Build quality is impressive
Great great battery life
Fast Fuel charging

User’s Review: Apple never disappoints. Connection with iPhone and MacBook is seamless. Recommended for using with apple products

Why it's worth buying: With all-day comfort, advanced features, and the reliability of Apple technology, Beats Flex stands out as a stylish and high-performing wireless earphone choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average battery life of Bluetooth earphones?

  • Battery life varies, but many models offer 6-12 hours of playback on a single charge.

How can I ensure a comfortable fit with Bluetooth earphones?

  • Choose the right ear tips, ensure a snug fit, and explore different ear tip sizes for optimal comfort.

Do Bluetooth earphones support voice assistants?

  • Yes, many Bluetooth earphones have built-in support for voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

Can I use Bluetooth earphones for sports and workouts?

  • Yes, look for sweat proof or waterproof models with secure fits designed for sports and active lifestyles.

How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues with Bluetooth earphones?

  • Restart the earphones, ensure they are charged, clear paired device lists, and check for interference in the surroundings.

In Conclusion 

Choosing from our curated list ensures access to top-rated Bluetooth earphones with impressive battery life, seamless connectivity, and robust features. These earphones, offering a comfortable fit and high-quality sound, are perfect for various activities, from workouts to commuting. Upgrade your listening with our recommendations today – your gateway to enhanced music and listening experiences.

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