December 06, 2020
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Shame In Chhatisgarh

The Transcript

Virender Pandey is Chhatisgarh state BJP vice-president. 'Khunte' referred to in the conversation is the BJP MP who had defected to the Congress before the elections. Now of course he claims that he was under pressure.

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The Transcript

Ajit Jogi: Hello

Virender Pandey: Jogiji, tell me...

Ajit Jogi: Pandeyji I had sent you a message.

Virender Pandey: I received it but some things need to be clarified.

Ajit Jogi: Tell me.

Virender Pandey: First the numbers. You have 37, right?

Ajit Jogi: Take it as 39, two from BSP

Virender Pandey: Have you spoken to them?

Ajit Jogi: Yes

Virender Pandey: So we need to arrange seven more to achieve the figure of 7

Ajit Jogi: The speaker is our man. He will not disqualify them.

Virender Pandey: So they have joined you. Now you'll have to go to the Governor, it is better if the whole thing is done this evening

Ajit Jogi: True

Virender Pandey: But there is a slight problem. Balli Ram has a great stature in the party, in fact, Bal Thackeray had even called him an uncut diamond. He has such an ability to pull people. So if he leaves, he will be putting his life's reputation at stake.

Ajit Jogi: That shouldn't be a problem

Virender Pandey: The other thing we need is a guarantee that they will not withdraw support for five years. So your party should make an announcement that these people are joining us against communal forces, and then they should say which is why we shall not withdraw support. Then we can work out a common minimum programme.

Ajit Jogi: That can be easily done.

Virender Pandey: It's important because we all know what happened with the Chandrashekhar Government.

Ajit Jogi: Chandrashekhar is a different story, I am Jogi and I shall do what I say.

Virender Pandey: I got a call from Khunte and I spoke to him and told him to think about who are the people who can leave. In his Lok Sabha constituency there are four people - his son, Bedu Ram Kashyap, Lachchu Kashyap, Mahesh Baghel. These four-five names are doing the rounds, but for the other names we will need cash, without that nothing happens now days.

Ajit Jogi: That will be arranged.

Virender Pandey: We will have to pay them some money in advance, 2 to 4 lakhs right now, today, the rest can be settled later.

Ajit Jogi: That'll be done.

Virender Pandey: So send 15 - 20 lakhs to me through Khunte, then I shall talk to Balli Ram and then get back but send the money in the next two hours

Ajit Jogi: I shall call Khunte right away. How much? About 15 - 20 ?

Virender Pandey: Yes about 20 - 25 is enough.

Ajit Jogi: I shall send it, but only if the deal is done.

Virender Pandey: Definitely, only if it comes through, otherwise the money will come back to you.

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