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Wordscloud Has Pulled Off An Impossible Feat And Won Accolades For Achieving This Triumph

Meet the masterminds behind these marvellous achievements and discover the art of

Wordscloud Has Pulled Off An Impossible Feat And Won Accolades For Achieving This Triumph

Management and planning

"The art of painting a canvas with the power of words is a powerful tool that one can have.” The niche of content writing has the power to change the perceptions that one has about a particular topic or an object. The words spin together to revolutionize the minds of the people who read them.

With the shift from traditional marketing strategies to modern and digitized techniques, many companies have started to embrace content writing to shift the spotlight towards their product and services.

While many new content writing agencies have taken form in the industry, one particular company has stood out by fulfilling a magnificent order of 50 lakh words over a span of about 17 days. September 25th was a golden day in the history of Wordscloud since its inception in the year 2017.

This major accomplishment has been praised, and this is why Wordscloud has been awarded as the Best Emerging Content Creation Company all over India - 2021. The increasing demand for content has certainly benefited content writing agencies; however, there are many obstacles in their pathway to success.

Publishing and supplying high-quality works at a large scale within the stipulated deadlines is the most prominent challenge for any content writing agency. With content being viewed as currency, the expectations of the clients are pretty high. Content makes the first impression on clients, which is why a slight variation in the quality gets rejected.

From juggling short deadlines to tackling the time taken to create high-quality content, every agency has experienced setbacks. Besides, there are many prerequisites such as content optimization and plagiarism-free content that make it strenuous for content writing agencies to stay consistent.

“We have received such orders before, but the challenge here was 17 Days, which made us transform our whole approach towards the content creation process.”, says Vinayak Gupta, the Founder, and Business Head, in an interview.

With a pool of 500+ writers, creating content is not a significant challenge, as per his insights. “The biggest challenges lie in verifying the facts, ensuring the quality standards, performing reworks, and, most importantly, meeting the deadlines,” observes Vinayak Gupta.

These challenges inspired Vinayak and Monica, the Head of Operations, to reverse engineer the process and devised a fool-proof layout. They started by creating extremely detailed guidelines for both writings as well as editing works. This plan was divided into three phases and later communicated to his team via screen recordings to simplify the communication process.

Each of these phases was handled and managed by a team. Team 1 was in charge of harnessing and extracting data from credible sources to eliminate the inaccuracy factor in the content drafted later. The second team encompassed the content creators who were assigned the task of drafting the content. The strategic involvement of team 1 ensured that team two did not have to spend a vast amount of time verifying sources and research.

The final phase comprised editors and proofreaders who diligently cross-checked the entire articles and edited the work if needed. All this strategic planning ensured that the content was delivered on time without compromising on the deadlines.

Managing a project is quite similar to juggling three balls. Each ball represents time, cost, and quality, respectively. All three balls need to be juggled with expertise and dexterity, and even if one of the balls falls out of tandem, the other two will also collapse. Balance is key in any project. However, it is a universally acknowledged fact that challenges play a pivotal role in growth. They inspire us to think about the perils, improve and improvise depending on the circumstances.

Delivering 50 lakh words in 17 days won them laurels and accolades, but it also levelled up their game and earned them recognition in the market. They aspire to grow and supply 10 lakh words a day. Meanwhile, their team is continually dedicated to improving and optimizing systems.

Wordscloud has seen a whopping 200% rise in its revenue, and now the Wordscloud team has also bagged a grand project of 130 website contents with an estimate of 19,50,000 as the total word count.

Wordscloud has acquired a great deal of experience by working with 50+ Clients from Tier 1 Countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada. In India, they have worked with 6 Figure Affiliate Marketers and many big giants like Shiksha, Simplilearn, Apollo Pharmacy etc. It proudly boasts of its reach and network as it has acquired associations with the top labels and brands worldwide solely based on their diligence and efficiency.

So, it is time to level up your marketing game and collaborate with Wordscloud to avail of premium quality content.