Thursday, May 19, 2022

What Does Numerology Say About Your Life Path Number?

There are a number of websites, which help you understand the significance of life path numbers. One of these is SunSigns.Org.

What Does Numerology Say About Your Life Path Number?

Has anyone ever told you to make a wish when the clock reads 11:11? If you have, then you are already familiar with the power of synchronized numbers, in other words, numerology. And if you haven’t, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Numerology is not just a mere study of numbers, as we know. It is also an analytical attempt to understand the mystical meaning behind those numbers. The analysis begins with the common belief that all numbers have unique vibrations associated with them. Thus, each number plays a very specific part in our lives. There is a particular number that can really bring change to your life, known as the Life Path Number. But before that, how ‘about some context!

Numerology vis-à-vis Astrology

Just like astrology, numerology is a divine art with mystical outcomes. It is highly personalized because each person’s birth information, including the date, place, and time of birth, is unique. Similarly, the life path number, calculated based on the birthday, is also unique to each human being on this planet. According to great numerologist Tai Soleil – “Life path numbers help us understand the physical world and where we are going in life.” So, if you are feeling dejected, discouraged or distracted in life, you might need an anchor in the form of your life path number.

Life Path Number

Presently, there are a number of websites, which help you understand the significance of life path numbers. One of these is SunSigns.Org. According to this website, the starting point of calculating a life path number is your birth date. Just like you have zodiac signs in astrology, you have these numbers in numerology. Your life path number indicates your qualities, strengths and weaknesses, but that is not all. It also holds inside a deeper meaning and purpose for your life. To know your life path number is to find your purpose in life and align your efforts with the same. To quote Soleil again, “Lifepath numbers help us on our personal hero’s journey, guiding us through stages towards completion.” You can be forgiven for believing that you might be as good as lost on the long journey called life without the life path number.

Finding Your Life Path Number

You need just your date of birth, including the year, to calculate your life path number. Websites like SunSigns.Org offer free services like life path number calculator online so that you calculate it yourself. For example, take number 24! It is considered to be a universal lucky number by a lot of experienced numerologists. The reason being it is the best octave on number 6, which is ruled by Venus and is believed to bring prosperity, health, happiness and wealth to the person. So, whatever your job, this number will bring you good luck.

On the other hand, as per astrology, the horoscope of a June 24th individual will place them as an individual with basic curiosity coupled with intelligence. A person born under the Cancerian sign will be a proficient communicator because they respect every living being. Being sensitive and appreciative of others’ feelings makes such persons popular among people around them and, as a result, respect by everyone. Those, you would agree, are the traits essential for a person to be successful in their job.

Some of the noted personalities born on June 24 are Azim Premji, Jennifer Lopez, and Robert Downey Sr.

So, for example, if your birthday is June 24, 1977, your birthdate would be 24/06/1977. The three parts indicate the day, month and year on which you were born. The numbers that we need to work with our 24, 6 and 1977. In the next step, you will reduce these three different numbers into one number by means of simple addition. You will add 24 + 6 + 1977, which equals to 9, after all the calculations. This number 9 is your life path number. Every double-digit number that you get thus has to be reduced down to a single-digit number, except in the case of “Master Numbers” or “Angel Number”, which are 11, 22 or 33. These three double-digit numbers are the most influential in numerology.

Your life path number denotes the course you have to take in life, whether with regard to your relationships, career, education, business or generally. The number not only tells you about your personality traits but also about your past life karma as well as what the future holds in store for you. In every case, you need to consult an experienced numerologist so that they can guide you through and help you find answers.