May 14, 2021
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Recode Reinvents Itself, Enters The World Of E-Cosmetics

The dynamic and optimistic founders of the brand decided to go online and launched their official website.

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Recode Reinvents Itself, Enters The World Of E-Cosmetics
Recode Reinvents Itself, Enters The World Of E-Cosmetics

With the outbreak of Covid-19 since January 2020, the market of global cosmetic products has shown declining results in the growth rate. Because of the lockdown in different parts of the globe, cosmetic manufacturers had to shut down their production units as a result of labor shortage. Additionally, numerous cosmetic stores were also shut down as the result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has been a tough time for each and every business out there but Recode Studios didn't allow the setback to set them back. The dynamic and optimistic founders of the brand make it a point to see good in every situation and during the lockdown period they decided to go online and launched their official website. This was not enough, they knew that the target audience is not in the market but in front of their phones. So they entered the world of influencer marketing and today, there is not even a single Indian make-up artiste who does not recommend their products on Instagram and their buyers love their new launches and vibrant collection for which their Instagram handle has now been renamed as Love Recode (formerly known as Recode U.S.A ) to give a shout out for the love and overwhelming response they have received from their Instagram family.

With the huge audience captured by various effective promotional activities, they are now established to an extent where they have started inviting other cosmetic brands to sell their products on the official website of Recode Studios.

''Setbacks and challenges are not meant to destroy you but to motivate, grow and strengthen you for a bigger success,'' Neetu Bansal , the co-founder of Recode Studios shared her belief about how to stay motivated during tough times in a press release. With this belief, they've now stepped into the world of e-commerce by releasing their application "Recode Studios" for both IOS and Android users to make the in-app purchases more convenient.

Recode is now expanding to become the nation’s largest portal to sell beauty and skincare products from different brands by making their application a one stop portal for all their makeup and skincare needs. Collections from KleenOwipe, Atul Chauhan, Zobha, London Pride Cosmetics, Richa Dave and many more are already available at Recode Studios’s official website and the brand aims to get over 100 brands on board by the year end to sell their products via their portal in 2021.

"The app has numerous categories for different types of products with the aim of increasing ease of finding items. The app also features beauty tips and information to enhance customers’ shopping experience and will set up customer care services for the app users which will be handled by a team located at Recode Studios. App users will be able to contact the Recode Studios team directly and share feedback and suggestions to improve the app in future." Neetu Bansal, the co-founder of Recode, enumerated the application benefits of Recode for its users.

The brand prioritizes the needs of its customers and offers to be available via different channels, including social media, WhatsApp and toll-free numbers. Since the beginning the founding members had their target set on capturing both the online and offline markets. To date, the brand has been able to cover north and central India, and going forward it plans to make a niche for itself in the southern parts of the nation through their online presence with their application of Recode Studios to capture the complete domestic market of cosmetics and lead the cosmetic industry! Recode has proved to become a warrior brand with its boundless caliber which has been born to create a legacy.

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