July 28, 2021
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Macmillan Education India, For 128+ Years Advancing Learning For All

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Macmillan Education India, For 128+ Years  Advancing Learning For All
Macmillan Education India, For 128+ Years Advancing Learning For All

Mention that you work for Macmillan Education and most listeners would say,  ‘Ah, I studied from a Macmillan textbook when I was in school’ or ‘I grew up with Macmillan.’ Accompanied by a nostalgic smile, it takes you back into their childhood.

Reflecting on a rich and fascinating heritage and the foundations established by two entrepreneurial and inspiring brothers, Daniel and Alexander Macmillan, over a hundred and seventy-five years back, Macmillan still celebrates the distinct family feel and personality of the business. Even today, relationships built with customers and partners  are about passion and commitment and these have brought Macmillan Education, where it is today.

Present in over 50 countries, showcasing a long-standing commitment to storytelling, entertaining, sharing ideas and engaging curious minds, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland The Jungle Book and the poetry of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Yeats and Rossetti, to Bridget Jones’ Diary and The Gruffalo, Macmillan companies have published some of the best-loved  books of all time. They have also produced a wealth of globally influential educational, non-fiction, academic and reference texts, including the science journal Nature, Nesfield’s Manual of English Grammar The Statesman’s Yearbook and Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.

In India, Macmillan Education has supported students, teachers and institutions for over 127 years,  providing them with world-class content in relevant and engaging formats. What is most inspiring for the team in India, is what the brand Macmillan means to its customers. When asked about their reasons for trusting Macmillan, educators say ‘I cannot go wrong with Macmillan, I know they will stand by me.’ and ‘I studied from Macmillan and now I feel proud to be teaching with it.’ Brands like Fun with Grammar, New Horizons, Hop Skip and Jump have stood the test of time and customers can trust them for the same experience, again and again.

Recently, Macmillan was awarded the Best Education Brand of 2020, at the 4th Edition of The Economic Times Best Education Brands. Mr Rajesh Pasari, MD, Macmillan Education India said, ‘This prestigious award acknowledges the immense contribution of Macmillan Education India, to the education ecosystem, while taking stock of the way it has evolved to stay abreast of educational advances in these dynamic times.’ The publishing team at Macmillan adopts the latest educational markers like SDGs and STEAM, to deliver not just the most innovative but also inclusive learning solutions. Customer facing teams go the extra mile, hand holding educators on their journey of meeting desired outcomes and enjoying the process. Annually over 2000 sessions on pedagogy, leadership, technology in teaching, assessments and more are conducted to meet professional development needs of educators.

 The ongoing pandemic has spurred a paradigm technological shift in education. During school closure Macmillan Education as catalysts supported the educators’ commitment to ‘learn to teach’ through a comprehensive ‘Back to school programme’ with resources and live sessions on tech enablement for teaching.  To quote a leading school head, Ms Nutan Budhiraja, Principal, Learning Paths, Mohali, ‘The education sector was hit hard by the pandemic and we were clueless. I am happy to acknowledge that Macmillan Education came forward to provide a support system that helped us to face these challenges’. 

To better respond to the evolving needs of schools’ post pandemic, Macmillan conducted a Pluck Survey to capture insights from K-12 educators on their experience of Online Teaching. The survey captured meaningful feedback on virtual classroom tools, student engagement, efficacy of digital resources and the need for professional development.

 Macmillan has harvested the insights of the Pluck Survey to build an innovative  blended learning solution called Altura – Advancing Learning and Teaching using Resources and Assessments recently launched in partnership with FITT , IIT Delhi for young learners in grades 1-5. Altura will make learners love and own learning while they develop 21st century skills of creativity and innovation through project based learning and cross- curricular resources. The initial enthusiastic response to Altura indicates that Macmillan has once again got the pulse of the customers who are appreciating the learning management system and its  apps for seamless communication between teachers, parents and students.


Today Macmillan books, products and services are enjoyed by millions of children and adults, and, its employees around the globe, continue to find  Macmillan a very special place to work.

Macmillan employees are proud of their achievements, but they are most proud of the values that they stand for: inclusivity, empathy and  innovation. The Macmillan Brothers set the standard, generations of people at Macmillan work  hard, to honour that history as they continue to write the Macmillan story.

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