May 07, 2021
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LosJovenesClinilogic An Indian Startup: Developing Smart, Technology-Driven Skincare Products

Dr Lita Mohapatra, who founded iStemDermaceutical, a trademark under LosjovenesClinilogic, a start-up based in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha is trying to address the problem of ‘hyperpigmentation’.

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LosJovenesClinilogic An Indian Startup: Developing Smart, Technology-Driven Skincare Products
LosJovenesClinilogic An Indian Startup: Developing Smart, Technology-Driven Skincare Products

Troubled with hyperpigmentation? What if we told you that you can get rid of it at affordable costs? Dr Lita Mohapatra, the founder of iStemDermaceuticals, has made that possible. Supported by BIRAC, and StartupOdisha, it is currently incubating at KIIT TBI, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This is quite a good start to address the problem which 80 per cent of Indians go through --- “hyperpigmentation”. 

Dr Lita Mohapatra is an MBBS, double masters in medicine (Australia) and also a fellow in Aesthetic Medicine. This young, charismatic and dynamic personality is very innovative with her ideas and has managed to bag many awards in a very short period.  She has been awarded the Indian Achievers Award in 2020, Times Health Icon in 2019 and many more.

Dr Mohapatra, founder of LosJovenesClinilogic states, “Being a clinician, aesthetic medicine practitioner and a women entrepreneur, I foresee that there is still a huge gap between the availability of skincare products which is effective, has minimal side effects and technology-driven.” She further states that “what we are developing is intelligent technology-driven Phytodermaceutical for skincare”.

iStemDermaceutical is a trademark under LosjovenesClinilogic, a start-up based in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. iStemDermaceuticals provides a dermatologically tested and technology-driven phytopharmaceutical product in the form of skin serums. This product not only helps with skin resurfacing but also with sagging skin, dark circles and wrinkles. Initially, this is just for the Indian Market, but Dr Mohapatra sees a possibility of extending its functioning globally. Even though the company is still incubation under KIIT TBI Bhubaneswar it is thriving with a robust R&D laboratory and maintaining its standards according to the regulations.

With the mission of “We care for your trillion skin cells”, iStemdermaceuticals implies transforming the skin and developing more products in the same niche. The organisation strongly believes in utilizing exotic plant sources, stem cells to be precise and develop more skincare and hair care products to help people deal with problems in these areas at an affordable rate.

Through the course of her entrepreneurship journey, Dr Mohapatra wants to thank Dr Mrutyunjay Suar, CEO of KIIT TBI, as her mentor and guide, Mr Prashant Biswal former Evangelist Odisha StartUp and Odisha Startup for funding support and Government of India (BIRAC-Research and Innovation Grant) for supporting her in this novel cause and approach to solving the problem of hyperpigmentation.

At present, the organisation is going to launch a few products this year and after BIRAC’s Biotech Ignition Grant they plan more scale-ups and product launch. The initial target of the product is the Southeast Asian market which is in constant need of skincare products as it is a hub skin colouration problem. “In the next 3 years, we want to expand into global markets. Moreover, we are looking to develop our product pipeline further to strengthen our customer portfolio,” says Dr Lita while telling us about her future plans with the organisation.

With this approach, vision and mission we wish Dr Lita Mohapatra gets all the advantages of the geographical location and industrial collaboration so that the organisation give the skincare niche, revolutionary products. We wish her all the best!


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