August 05, 2021
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How to revolutionize real estate 101

In their pursuit of establishing an unconventional tradition of building homes, T&T Group have in turn established themselves as the new face of real estate in Delhi-NCR. Ever since they introduced T-Homes, Indian real estate’s first venture into digital living, they have had a journey packed with outstanding achievements, and there’s nothing holding them back. We talked to Mr. Ankush Tyagi, CEO, T&T Group, about his plan of action and his future ambitions.

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How to revolutionize real estate 101
How to revolutionize real estate 101

 1.      What did your ambitious first venture, T-Homes, change for you, and how far have you come with it?

Well, in a nutshell, it changed everything! We’ve had quite a journey. We had to go through everything that a “new kid on the block” goes through. There was an obvious sentiment of skepticism towards us and we had to prove ourselves to everyone who was supposed to invest, or put their faith, in us. Eventually, after months of exceptional efforts by our team, a vast proportion of homebuyers started to associate with us and have now aligned themselves with our vision so well. More interestingly, this association has been evidently mutual, where the customers have benefitted equally. For instance, capital appreciation for customers who have invested in T-Homes has shown a remarkable growth rate of about 20%. Now, as far as the progress of T-homes is concerned, we are 100% certain of delivering the project by the promised deadline, notwithstanding myriad setbacks we have had to face in the last year. I am convinced that at the time of its delivery it will be a one-of-its-kind social housing project.

2.      How, according to you, the concept of digital living, your brainchild, has changed the very practice of buying homes, and in so doing the face of real estate in Delhi-NCR?

Well, T-Homes was a result of extensive market research, which targeted the aspirations of millennial homebuyers. The research revealed that they wanted to break the monotony that was common in the traditional ways of homebuilding. They prioritized more personalized homes, which thoroughly aligned with their complex lifestyles. I believe that it was due to this empathetic approach that homebuyers welcomed this change with open arms. And I believe that in establishing such a tradition we made a difference. It is a result of our innovative approach that T-Homes has been dubbed “superhit” by analysts, and rightly so. The fact that we have sold 80% of our apartments in a measly 20 months, in a time when the market was otherwise crashing, stands testimony to that claim. I am extremely positive that we will have sold out all the apartments by the end of this festive season.

 3.      Even during a period of substantial retrenchments in the real estate industry across the Country, coupled with consumer sentiment nosediving to an all-time low during Q1 2020, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, you just told us how T&T Group pulled through quite remarkably. Could you please elaborate on that? Besides, please tell us how did you keep the ball rolling? What worked for you that did not for your peers?

According to a recent survey by a research agency, T&T Group has claimed about a 15% share of the total revenue generated by around 260 group housing projects that are presently being developed in Ghaziabad (Jan, 2020 – Sept, 2020).  To put that into perspective, T&T Group generated more revenue than what 5 average group housing projects in Ghaziabad did combined, especially in the testing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that’s huge! Now, coming to your next question, we achieved this feat, along with many others, by keeping in mind our foremost goal of timely delivery and ensured that the construction was carried out at the same pace even during the pandemic. We further focused on strict financial discipline by carefully reviewing our expenditures and focusing only on the bare necessities. Most importantly, we adopted a “zero-payroll-deduction and zero-dismissal” policy, where, unlike many other companies, we did not fire a single employee during the lockdown and ensured that there were no salary-cuts. In return, our workforce outperformed itself and gave exceptional outputs.

4.      Of late a new T&T Group campaign has been generating a lot of hype all across Delhi-NCR for its high curiosity quotient as well as its distinctive visuals. The anticipation is real! What is it about?

Inspired by the success of T-Homes, we decided to take the idea of digital living a step further. We are now planning to develop homes which will be entirely powered by Artificial Intelligence or A.I. That is to say, these homes will have a totally voice-controlled home automation system, and more. Apart from that, while designing these homes, we took into consideration the growing trend among homebuyers of spaciousness and openness. This project will also offer Nature in community living like never before, as, for instance, we have planned to plant more than 1,000 medicinal plants on the premises. Well, the list is very long. So, let me just not kill the anticipation already. It is going to be out very soon! Stay tuned. 

5.      After having delivered a commendable performance this year, what all can home-buyers expect from T&T Group in 2021?

Well, let me just say, 2021 belongs to T&T Group! After having acquired a stunning 15% market share of the Ghaziabad housing industry this year, our target for the next year is at least a 25% market share. Now that we have sold out a vast majority of T-Homes apartments, our entire focus will be on their delivery. In addition to that, we are working our hardest to make our next project, which is yet to be unveiled, a landmark in the Indian real estate scenario, and an even bigger success than T-Homes. And lastly – and I can’t stress this enough – we prioritize consumer experience like no one else, which is why we are making relentless efforts in the direction of understanding exactly what homebuyers need, and how we can improve and expand ourselves to deliver them just that.

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