January 19, 2021
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Cheer To Those Who Care

In these of times of despair RR Solution is propagating a gesture of care. RR Solution is uniquely spreading unadulterated happiness in a novel way that has never seen before in the industry and it is there for all to experience.

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Cheer To Those Who Care
Mukul Vashisht, Proprietor
Cheer To Those Who Care

We have all had moments of despair, when we’ve felt low –that feeling of loneliness even when around people or the gloom of boredom and lack of social interaction. It is in times such as these that, as anyone who has stared into the abyss of isolation can validate, the unexpected arrival of a gift, a gesture of care or a trinket of affection, makes this agonizing ennui fizzle away in a jiffy. At RR Solution, we believe in spreading this magic of surprise, unadulterated happiness by becoming a medium for you to bring joy to those you care for, with an impressive range of products you can gift to your loved ones, colleagues and compatriots.

At a time when we are all collectively enduring the misery brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing lockdown, RR Solution can help you bring cheer to the lives of those you care for. RR Solution offers a vast array of corporate gift items that you can choose from to send to your co-workers, employees, clients and prospective clients so that they know how valuable they are to you.

Yes, selecting a gift can in itself be a tedious affair. It can go horribly wrong if its meaning is lost on the person you wish to send it to. For a corporate, choosing gifts is made all the more dreary because you simply can’t go wrong with the message you wish to send across – the gift must stand for your brand whilst also showing how much its receiver means to the company. At RR Solution we cut through this otherwise painstaking exercise by helping you customize your gifts so that your message rings out loud and clear. From clocks to coasters, clothing to travel accessories, wellness products to household appliances – we have something for everyone and lucrative offers to match the deal.

Customised Clocks:

Each clock can be customdesigned with quotes, designs and your brand’s emblem. A perfect gift item to adorn the walls or shelves of the receiver and a reminder of how valued he or she is.

Customised Pendrives

Your employee can now make a statement with this tiny piece of data storage. These innovatively crafted pendrives will reflect the company’s personality and they come in a whole range of colours, shapes and designs.

Apparels and accessories

You can choose from T-Shirts to travel bags and other accessories. Each of these can be personalized with logos and quirky quotes.

Stationary products

RR Solution also offers a wide range of stationary items, be it notebooks and diaries or stylish pens and pen stands. These are perfect gift items that can jazz up the workstation.

Affordable, yet classy

The products are available in a variety of budgets ranging from just below Rs. 100 to above Rs. 1000 but without any compromise on the quality of the product or its appearance. We have a team of expert professionals who can help you choose that perfect gift and alsopersonalize it to fit your requirements. Our designs experts are available seven days a week to help you along the process – right from choosing the gift to designing it and guaranteeing its dispatch – all within a deadline of your choosing.

So why wait any longer.  Call Our Expert Sales

Support Team @ 8527399075 or 9818867921. Happy shopping!

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