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Can Horoscope Matching Software Help You: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Can Horoscope Matching Software Help You: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Every day, we see some or the other new Software for different application in human life, and it is still counting. Interestingly the trend and utility of such Software increasing also in the right direction. In the same way, we find horoscope matching software on many astrology websites and other portals. Then comes the question: Can we depend on these software programs for taking a lifetime decision like Marriage and, if yes, how to make the best usage of online horoscope matching software. So, we spoke to Dr Vinay Bajrangi , an astrologer himself, to know how far can we rely on online horoscope matching through Software. He gave full weightage and value to the chart matching software and explained how to use them & to what extent we can rely on such Software? He said that we should understand how any horoscope matching software gives results and how to evaluate and then finally implement these results for a final marriage-making decision. The main excerpts are given below:

Q – What is the right way to use online horoscope matching software?

DVB – You see, any software comes after immense human efforts, and computer technology, therefore, has to be good. The only piece of advice here is that one should respect the logic behind any software and how far we can rely on any software. That is as far as Software for most of the applications are concerned. The same way, there is nothing wrong with using the online horoscope matching software or many astrology calculators, which are developed with a lot of efforts. Even I have placed some astrology calculators on my website using Software. Any such astrology software or calculators on a good source are good but with some riders on its usage. If a person can follow these guidelines, one can optimise the use of such applications.

Q- Are online horoscope matching software good?

DVB - Yes, online horoscope matching software is good to the extent of checking the mathematical Gun Milan score. You see, a lot of computer skills are amalgamated with the basic principles of Vedic Astrology for making Software for Kundli matching. So it is not the right point to debate if the Software is good or bad; however, its effectiveness depends on how well you know to make good use of it. It depends on your own skills to get the best utility from this Software. Take a straightforward example: people use Google Map to find the best direction to reach a destination. But can you reach the destination without applying human skills? No! It can only give you a direction/ a broad guideline that out of many routes, which is the best way one should choose. You would have noticed even a single error in interpreting what the Google Map says; you can move in a totally wrong direction. Then you start introspective as to where did you go wrong, so don't take such chances in your marriage decisions. 

You see, any chart matching software can offer you some broader guideline that if you have three proposals for Marriage (like three routes to choose from) which one is good, better and the best. Here Gun Matching is the direction that you get from such Software. But then, you have to apply the skills of someone who knows how to check the overall compatibility for Marriage. So online chart matching software is good provided you know the limitations within which you have to use it.

Q - Are online horoscope matching software accurate?

DVB – Any Software will be accurate as it is developed with some basic methods of computer skills. And before offering it for use, a lot of tests and cross-checking is done. Same way, Software for horoscope matching will be accurate. More so because such Software is developed for a particular object i.e. matching the horoscope, which is based on certain uniform principles of Vedic astrology. The purpose of such Software is unique: to match the horoscope, unlike other Software that can have multiple purposes and usage. There are some set rules of Vedic Astrology embedded in such Software with the expert's knowledge. THEREFORE, it is inevitable to say that such Software would be and is accurate. But its accuracy does not restrict or warrant you to blame it if you have not followed the other fundamental principle of matching horoscope for Marriage. 

Q – Then should we rely on horoscope matching software?

DVB - Yes, we can rely on chart matching software provided we know to what extent and up to what level, one has to rely on the results coming from such Software. It should be confined only to check the Gun Matching. Say we get many proposals for Marriage so we can check the initial Gun Milan. If you ask me how to go about any marriage matching, what I explain can be a little long, but you will find it as the PERFECT WAY of saying Yes or No to any matching. And I feel no harm in brushing your mind with some simple steps.

To start with, when you get any proposal for Marriage, whatever way, you should try to check the elementary background of that person as close as possible. Your choice of 10 may get reduced to 7 or 8. Then use the online horoscope matching software to check the score of basic Gun Milan. Maybe, your search narrows down to 4 or 5. Once you have done this, go for the final step of horoscope matching, i.e. check essential marriage compatibility factors. Please read the right way to check horoscope matching with date of birth on my website. You will understand a marriage will seldom fail if these factors are checked before Marriage. There are many things that no marriage matching software can check like: 

  • Longevity factor in Marriage
  • Mental & psychological health factor
  • Number of Marriage in both the horoscopes.
  • Element of extramarital affair/infidelity post marriage
  • Kutumb Sthana
  • Sukh Sthana
  • Kalatra bhav
  • Shaiya Sukh Sthana
  • Trishamsa check, checking of D 30.
  • Connection of 7th house to the 10th house. This is something which I have been advising all that a person's married life has a strong connection and impact on Career. So I very minutely check this point in any chart matching so that you have a spouse to boost your Career. A very few astrologers know this, and a horoscope matching software can never figure it out.

So, one should follow these simple steps & use the software results only as an indicator. Use the results of matching software as the starting point but not to base your final decision on Marriage unless you got the above points examined.

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi on what is the right way to use online horoscope matching software & how to make the best use of horoscope matching software. One can read more on his website www.vinaybajrangi.com or contact his office on 09278 66 5588/09278 5555 88