May 18, 2021
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“Business Sustainability Through Digital Transformation”

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“Business Sustainability Through Digital Transformation”
Vinay Barigidad, Managing Director
“Business Sustainability Through Digital Transformation”

What encouraged you to start your own enterprise?

I worked in India in the 90’s when technology enhancements had just begun. A job opportunity led me to shift to the US where I continued to work for around 8 years. In 2005, I moved back to India and took up a job. During this transition, I was constantly observing the technology void faced by businesses and realised that there were gaps which could be filled with an innovative tech model.

That’s when the idea and motivation of starting on my own came to my mind. A seamless transformation for businesses was the need of the hour and the industry was at the nascent stage. The mission of my business is to solve challenging business scenarios and think ahead of time. This wasn’t easy. Thanks to Sean Yalamanchi, who believed in my dream and co-founded InfoVision Labs (IVL) in Sept 2014. We had a humble beginning with a 5-member team working from the dining room in my house. Currently, we are witnessing an exponential growth, servicing clients from the US, Canada, the UK, Middle East and other parts of the world. We have a 800+ member team and are registering a 60% YoY growth. We are glad to be known amongst the peers and clients as the most trusted digital transformation partner. One of our client looking at our growth trajectory commented, "We are the Apple of India".We are continually striving to improve, prioritise, and diversify our offerings. IVL’s vision is to be a curator of sustained-impact-business transformation solutions. I strongly believe that innovation and quality should be a never-ending process.

How did you identify the niche opportunity in the market?

Having worked both in India and the US, I felt we could create inestimable solutions that will focus on business problems and help bridge the gap between producing a software for the quality assurance team to producing the software for the production. The translation of this opportunity to realty was not easy. It took me a while to decide how this company needs to function. The decision to run a company which encourages infinite engineering and science-based solutions, but does not believe in a hierarchy and instead relies on merit, skill, talent, decision making, thinks about innovation and automation in every aspect of business, was not an easy task. Changing the cultural mindset and removing the barriers of traditional thinking is a tough job and I continue to work on implementing these beliefs at work. The year 2020 has created a need for companies across the globe to invest in digital footprint and digitization. One may feel like you are in a holding pattern today, but if you have invested in transformation, it will allow you to scale as you grow when you look to re-energize your approach over the next few years. It will prove to be a critical differentiator. We at IVL help businesses accelerate digital innovation securely and efficiently.

Who have been your inspiration in business development models?

I am fond of individuals who embrace the challenges, who think about solutions, who are ready to experiment and those who are ready to fail fast and rise. While it is not possible to choose one idol or one inspiration, I follow Elon Musk and in awe with Steve Jobs.

I admired Steve Jobs for his innovation, his ability to think about the future, his keen focus on the user experience, his undivided attention to making technology simple for a common man and challenging the status quo, constantly.

Elon Musk’s engineering marvels and his ability to take risks and create something new, has left me speechless. He is an engineer at heart and then an entrepreneur. The way science and engineering are applied in his world is beyond imagination. The engineering solutions are “purpose driven” and are curated to save the humanity, build sustenance, create multi-planetary species and more. These are just mind boggling and practical implementation of science and engineering.

What are the biggest risks you have taken to achieve your goals?

I traveled to the US with just $80 (part of it was borrowed money). This probably was a big risk, but I was confident about my abilities. My work experience in this country helped me in understanding the technology implementations and about business sustainability models. I made few new friends and my outlook towards life changed too.

The second biggest risk I took was to believe in “entrepreneurship” and to be a change maker. My friends and peers warned me of the risk of leaving a comfortable job. Yet after spending 22 years working in the industry, I decided to take the plunge and started IVL. Today’s exponential growth is a testimony of a good decision as I believe “one should follow the dictates of your heart”.

What makes you unique as a person?

I believe, I can get the big picture very quickly, can foresee what is coming and how that might change the course of a business and our lives. I am patient, intuitive, responsive and always on the lookout for those nuggets which would help me build upon next-gen solutions and bring sustainability in businesses.

I hold a Certificate in Global Business Leadership from U21Global & Harvard Business School Publishing and have learnt the finest nuances of managing the business and exposed to the learning of thought leaders across the globe. I feel my inquisitiveness and keenness to learn makes me unique. People say I am an excellent communicator, approachable and someone who they can bank on. I agree to them when they say I am action-oriented person who loves to be in the driver's seat.

Could you pleases share some details of  your childhood, schooling, higher education, etc.

I have been a rank holder throughout the school and secured 14th Rank in Karnataka in my 10th exam. I did my B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from Karnataka University, Dharwad. I am a proud alumnus of Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology. I later decided to pursue my Masters in Business Administration at UTD, Dallas, Texas, while parallelly working in the USA. Unfortunately,  I was not able to complete the course, as I decided to shift back to India in 2005 and distance learning and managing the transition from India to USA was getting challenging.

About InfoVision Labs-

IVL have the expertise to provide IT services and solutions to companies from various domains.

We have worked in collaboration with various leading companies from different sectors like Telecom, Retail E-commerce, Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing domains. The company has successfully delivered 100+ projects for numerous clients across the globe.


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