Thursday, Oct 06, 2022
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Nick Deflorio, Talks Recognition, Brand Establishment & The Sacrifices Needed To Become Successful

Nick's passion for trading peaked at 17 years old when he bought his first bitcoin and invested very early in the crypto market.

Nick Deflorio

Everyone craves freedom due to the peace of mind that comes along. Nick Deflorio, a trader himself, lives the life many newbies dream of but cannot crack the secret behind it. Nick was born in Sydney, Australia. His mom raised him and did her best to balance food on the table and attend to her kids. Her mom's work ethic fuelled her passion for succeeding in life. Immediately after leaving school, he worked in the high-end real estate field.

No one is born a trader, and Nick is not to be exempted. His passion for trading peaked at 17 years old when he bought his first bitcoin and invested very early in the crypto market. Nick Deflorio wanted an online way to make income. He was intrigued by this officemate who made more money during his spare time than his day job. He decided to taste the waters, trading alongside his career.

The curiosity in him wanted to understand the financial market fully. Little did he know that he was signing in for more than two years of researching how to generate a massive harvest. It was not as easy as he thought. Nick Deflorio spent long hours of the day with lots of sleepless nights figuring out how to bring consistent results in such a competitive market. His ambitions were crazy enough for him to afford to resign from his 9-5 corporate job. It was not an easy task but worth it as this was the key to his triumph. Nick knew exactly what he wanted and was down to earth to get it. He channelled all of his energy, time and money to go after his dream life.

Nick's hard work, sacrifice, and dedication paid him off when he quit his job to pursue trading full time. You could never fail to notice his bright glowing face. People started noticing the freedom of trading that Nick Deflorio was experiencing. His family members and friends were eager to learn his ways of trading the markets. How was he supposed to compile more than two years of understanding and deliver it without refuting himself and losing focus on his trading? He sat in his bedroom for weeks, overwhelmed and clueless about where to start.

Nick Deflorio had a call, and he undoubtedly had to respond. After sitting down deep in his thoughts, the best way he could retaliate was by establishing Onyx Forex Trading, a trading accelerator program that eager to start traders can learn trading. No exams, no long lectures, just an online platform where individuals can learn how to analyse the market using Technical Analysis.

Nick's impressive resume, however, was not a fortune that easily crossed his paths. He worked and earned the skills he possesses to this day. He is a millennial living a simple but free life that came from a combination of hard work, persistence, resilience and determination. Nick Deflorio's lucrative life is made of roses with its thorns. He vividly remembers losing over $25k from his first $50k week trading hit in late 2018. Think of going broke twice with only one source of income? Well, Nick has been there; he went through the ups and downs that the market brings. This was when he realised that there was a hurdle to jump and undoubtedly made the jump to take his trading seriously.

Today, Nick Deflorio says he is still a student in the market and never stands from the point that he is perfect. He says there is always something new to learn or something better he can optimise within his trading.

Nick Deflorio is living proof that it is worth chasing your dreams and that success with trading won't be overnight. It isn't a get-rich-quick business, it's going to take hard work and dedication, but it paid off for him. He believes it can pay off for anyone willing to learn and dedicate time to trading.