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Know your abroad settlement by date of birth; Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

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Know your abroad settlement by date of birth; Dr. Vinay Bajrangi.

Going abroad for work or studies and settling abroad are a few of the major questions the new generation has. Those who dream of going abroad and settling in a foreign land often become anxious when one of their thoughts or plans boomerangs. Many are left with nothing but only to curse or resign to their fate. To check how heavily abroad settlement depends on fate, the Outlook was in the conversation with the top best astrologer in India, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. Here are the excerpts of the interview, which will enlighten many. 

Q: Can we get foreign settlement predictions by date of birth?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Yes! Through astrology, one able astrologer can surely give predictions for foreign settlement by date of birth. The predictions of settling abroad for career and studies both are possible by reading the abroad settlement Yoga. 

Before the 1950s, travelling abroad for work or resettlement was considered a malefic combination as most did not want to leave their motherland and wander far off in an alien land for work. But with changing times, as the travel became safer and faster and the countries enjoyed better diplomatic ties, the otherwise Dosha (malefic combination) transformed into a Yoga (benefic combination). 

The combinations to travel and settle abroad existed since the advent of astrology, but the perspective to deal with the combination changed with the changing times. Earlier, various remedies were carried to de-strengthen the combination, to prevent the native from travelling abroad. Still, now a day's remedial measures are carried to strengthen the planetary combinations to enable native to travel overseas and settle there. 

Similarly, some combinations reveal the Yoga to travel to a foreign land for studies. Typically people misunderstand the Yoga for travelling abroad for studies to the Yoga for settling abroad. The planets and the houses responsible for study in foreign land and settlement abroad are a shade different. Only those experienced astrologers who are well versed with every postulate of astrology can distinguish these issues separately. 

Q: Will a person go abroad according to date of birth? Can this question be answered astrologically?

DVB: Date, time, and place make the horoscope, and an able astrologer can reply to all the questions relating to travelling abroad from date of birth through the horoscope. As explained in the preceding question, travelling abroad is a very wide term. It includes travelling abroad for leisure, travelling abroad for the company's work, travelling abroad for education, travelling abroad for resettlement, and travelling abroad for business. The planetary combinations for travelling abroad for all the above indications can apparently look similar, but only an experienced hand in astrology can distinguish them. 

I have seen loads of people getting misguided by novice astrologers who proclaim and foretell those things about travelling, which never happens. Therefore, it is in the interest of the native to check for the astrologer's experience and then only allow him to lay his hands on the horoscope. 

Q: Can one get predictions about the timing of foreign travel? 

DVB: Certainly, yes! It is the astrologer's prime duty to appraise the native of the probable time of his migration. The astrologer, first of all, evaluates the strength of the 'Going abroad Yoga.' If this Yoga is existent, he evaluates the time of its fructification. This is done by assessing the Dasha (Period) in tandem with the Gochar (Transit). 

It is essential to understand that a native may have the Yoga to go abroad, but the Yoga may not fructify in the native's lifetime. 

Therefore, it is essential to carefully study the horoscope of significations that are essential to predict timing of foreign travel for the native. 


Q: Which planet is responsible for foreign settlement?

DVB: My followers and novice students often ask this question as they consider that strengthening that planet would increase their chances many-fold. But, the matter is that there is no specific planet that pinpoints towards travelling abroad. It is a combination of planets with specific ownerships that rule over the signification of travelling abroad.

Still, if a planet is to be selected for being the prime planet that gives abroad travel, it is the 'Rahu.' So one can say Rahu is responsible for foreign travels primarily. Rahu is alien and foreign by nature and signification. Rahu, when connected to the ninth house (long-distance travel) or the twelfth house (foreign land), can make the native go abroad. 

Ketu is the other planet responsible for foreign travel. Ketu can make a native leave his home and settle abroad. Ketu, when afflicts the house for staying back in the homeland; the native may travel abroad. 

But these are very generic conclusions; proper studying of the chart(s) is essential to pronounce the Yoga's presence for travelling abroad.    

Q: How can we know about foreign Yoga in horoscope/Kundali?

DVB: Many Yogas make the native migrate from his homeland to a foreign land when they form in a horoscope. I have done a bit of research in the field and can summarise them for you:

  1. Rahu's placement in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and first house can give the native a chance to travel abroad. 
  2. If there is a connection between the ninth house and the eleventh house, the native may travel abroad. 
  3. An arc is formed between Mercury to Sun. The wider the angle, the stronger are the chances of the native travelling abroad. 
  4. Ketu afflicting the second house, fourth house, and the seventh houses also gives a chance to the native to travel abroad. 
  5. If toils in the houses related to a foreign land, Saturn allows the native to travel abroad. 

Apart from these combinations, there are scores of other planetary combinations that can give positive foreign travel. Still, I would say that these combinations are to read-only by an experienced hand. A wrong prediction can ruin the career of the native. 

Q: How to strengthen the Yoga for travelling/settling abroad?

DVB: Before I reveal the answer to this question, let me tell you that prescribing a remedial measure for travelling/settling abroad is the trickiest. Generally, the houses that relate to foreign travel are the Seventh, Ninth, and Eleventh house. But these houses are the Bhadhakas (Obstructions houses) for the Char(Moveable sign), Stir(Fixed sign), and Dwiswbhav(Dual sign) Rashis, respectively. Now, if one tends to offer some remedies to strengthen foreign travel houses, he may inadvertently strengthen the Bhadhaka houses. 

Increasing the strength of Bhadhaka may prove costly as it may:

  1. Diminish the possibility of foreign travel completely.
  2. The native may get engaged in a loss-making foreign journey.
  3. The native may return before starting of the profitable period. 
  4. May get disillusioned and would want to return to the homeland desperately. 
  5. May get involved in some legal issues which necessitate him/her to return back. 

So, before exercising any remedial measure, one has to be doubly sure that he/she is on the right path. For this to happen, one should catch hold of an able astrologer.  


Q: Will one settle abroad this year? Can astrology answer these types of questions? 

DVB: The abroad settling down questions can be very aptly answered through astrology. Astrology offers the most reliable and authentic answers to these questions if handled by an able astrologer. Actually people who intend to buy property, marry, change jobs, study abroad and the likes in foreign land need answers to such questions. 

I have in my career helped many to whom answers to these questions mattered a lot. They profitably planned their life following the answers I gave. 

Q: Can we get predictions about studying abroad?

DVB: Yes! Predictions for studying abroad can be given. For this Yoga to study abroad can be seen through the horoscope. The mother of a young girl who had just completed her class twelfth came to me for a reading of her daughter. He had travelling abroad Yoga, higher education at a distance place yoga and the fructification of both were running. I pronounced that she may travel abroad to complete her undergraduate. Her mother was taken aback as no one in the family had dreamt of that. 

As fate would have been, she took the SAT and won a scholarship in a reputed college in the US while studying in her first year in India. She flew to complete her remaining two years in the US. 

Q: Can astrology help one to start a business in a foreign country?

DVD: Definitely, yes! Astrology can help if person wants to do business in foreign land. An able astrologer can interpolate the business Yoga with the gains from foreign land Yoga and proclaim whether or not this Yoga exists in the horoscope. The right kind of reading can help businesses to flourish. A native seldom loses if he takes a reading with an experienced astrologer.

These were the excerpts of chat on will I go abroad according to my date of birth; that Outlook India had with a leading astrologer in India, Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, a famous chart reader in India who does chart reading in all domains of human life, including evaluating the abroad travelling Yoga. Dr.Bajrangi can be contacted at or 9278665588 or 9278555588.