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Top Ten Indian Authors Who Have Instilled A Passion For Reading Among The Youth By Their Brilliant Writing

Top Ten Indian Authors Who Have Instilled A Passion For Reading Among The Youth By Their Brilliant Writing


An inspiring story, in true slumdog millionaire style, of a young man who first started as a waiter and street vendor and eventually to the corporate board; he's one of the rising thought leaderships from India to have been appreciated by top names including Chris Gardner, Dr Kiran Bedi, Mallence Bart-Williams, Shiv Khera, Dr Venkaiah Naidu, Khuloud Omian.

The Roaring Lambs, published by HarperCollins, has become a national bestseller that was also prerelease endorsed by TOI, Dr. Deepak Chopra & Mark Victor Hansen. Moment of Signal unveiled and launched in the World Trade Center, USA received appreciation from both the industry and leadership across the world.

He is currently focusing on strategy and leadership both in the companies and governments through BMR Innovations, a name inspired by his mentor and elder brother Murali(BMR).


Sneha Narayanan's debut poetry book, Bloom, an Amazon Bestseller, has been creating waves in the literary world. She is collaborating with her brother Kartik Narayanan for her next book Self-Love Fairytales. Her art of storytelling through poems is absolutely phenomenal and empowering.

Army family member Sneha quit her corporate job to chase her passion for writing. Her blog went on to win an award under the Best Personal Development category. Sneha published a poetry ebook that was an Amazon bestseller and motivated her to continue her writing journey. Her articles and poems have inspired many, especially young girls with self-esteem issues.


Richa Kumari, aka Richa Kashyap from Noida, is an Award-Winning Author of  Those Fallen Breadcrumbs. An Engineer from Birla-Institute-of-Technology-Mesra, she is Best Public Speaker (Toastmasters-International), Pageant winner (Mrs-Asia-Universe-2020), Masters(MBA-IIM Raipur), Robotics Champion (represented India at NASA-Kennedy-Space-Florida) and a social worker at International-Inner-Wheel. Co-Author of over 5 Anthologies, Richa is a Product Manager by profession at a London-based multinational and painter by passion. She always wondered to chase her dreams & uplift her writing skills in the World of Literature.


Anu Lal from Kerala started his literary career in 2012 with Wall of Colours and Other Stories. Known for penning down thought-provoking stories rich in symbolism and philosophical underpinnings, he depicts the lives of characters who endure existential crises. A phenomenal writer, his works often trace the metaphysical questions and inspire his readers to embark on a quest for meaning. 

His short stories are published in national and international journals. He is also an educator with a Masters Degree in English Literature. His works include The Mythology of Love (Novel), several anthologies, Life after Floods, and upcoming non-fiction book, novellas and ebook series The Southern Chronicles.


Eddyee Siingh is a fervent and devoted entrepreneur, outstanding Mind coach, inspiring motivational speaker, and NLP practitioner. He is one of the best authors in India. Little me in everyone marks the start of his exciting journey of writing down thoughts and sharing his stories with the world.

As a distinguished hypnotherapist, he has supported many people in finding underlying potential in them and regaining command over unpredictable areas of life. He is also a champion racer and has made priceless contributions to the Indian Motorsports industry.


Jagjit is a professional automobile designer having dual Masters degrees in Design (IIT Delhi) and Management (SIMS Pune) with a background in mechanical engineering. Married for 18 years, he has two sons. Being interested in reading has always cherished the dream to write. What better topic to write about rather than to jot the experiences of life. A Father's Outlook is just that. Experiences and way of thinking. The phenomenal journey of parenthood has been a roller coaster, and the same has been depicted. Sometimes we are right, and sometimes we know what is right.


Contemporary Indian poet, Guinness-Book-of-World-Record-Holder, a proud single mom and winner of several author awards, Shivi Goyal, is challenging the norms in society and spreading the love by her blockbuster books, Words Unsaid and LoveVsWeed, apart from 5 anthologies. Through AuthorOnTravel and, she is taking travel enthusiasts to unknown places.

Shivi inspires by taking a life through her meditative lens and writings. She romances with her poems and short stories that lead us to think and question widespread societal taboos. Mystopedia Creations can be supported by ordering artwork.


Software engineer Sailee Tiwari is the author of outstanding novels' Extra Ordinary', 'Eternal Trudges' and 'The Crooning Wishes. She is active on various writing applications and has contributed to more than 12 anthology novels, and currently compiling 'Peace and Panacea'. Besides writing, she adores art like photography, jewellery making, handicrafts and travelling.


Anagha Ratish is thirteen years old, and she loves all things books. Her debut fantasy novel Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water was published when she was twelve. It started as a short story, and now, over 50,000 words later, she is halfway through the second book in the trilogy. Anagha has always been intrigued by the idea of good and evil, and poems in A World of Intricacies are about ambiguous morality. Anagha likes to sing, listen to music, and review books. She loves Horror, fantasy, and historical fiction.


Pragya Gogoi is one of the most talented, upcoming authors in contemporary Indian literature who has already carved a niche for herself through her brilliant work. Hailing from Northeastern India, she debuted with her record-holding bestseller "Whispers of a Nyctophile" and has co-authored 11 other volumes of poetry besides being a regular contributor to many magazines and literary journals. Winner of multiple awards, Pragya recently made it to 100-Inspiring-authors-of-India-2021. Pragya's poetry shows an incredible understanding of poetic literature and explores deeper meanings of human emotions and the world. A versatile writer since childhood, she is soon gifting us her next volume of poems and a spine-chilling romantic thriller.