Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022
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Film Director Pranjal Singh Ready To Launch OCP Academy

Talking about his fields of interest, he possesses a pentamethyl personality. He's already explored skills like production, photographer, Singer, Actor, Editor, Script Writer, Screenplay Writer, Television Channel Consultant, Educator and Professor.

Mr Pranjal Singh, Film Director, Entrepreneur

"It's only our dedication towards our passion that distinguishes a champion from the crowd."

 With these inspirational words, I would like to introduce our protagonist, "Mr Pranjal Singh", Film Director by profession and an entrepreneur by heart. I was born in a middle-class family in Patna, Bihar. Pranjal knew from the very beginning that a strong aspiration to achieve multiple milestones and a will of fire to accomplish them would guide him to create wonders in life.

Success is not an activity. It's a process. With this vision, Pranjal never stopped himself in just an exclusive profession. In spite, he developed an active learning personality and persuaded every field of his interest. He currently owns three graduation degrees, four post-graduation degrees, a PhD, multiple diplomas and certification courses.

 A leader believes in sharing his learnings to develop as a unit; Pranjal is an honourable professor at several renowned colleges and universities. For instance, Delhi University, Mumbai University, Jamia Islamia, MICA, Jain, Atharva College, Mithibai College, Symbiosis, Patna University, and many more.

 Let's move ahead with his professional achievements; Pranjal began his career with his love for photography. In 2008-2010 he persuaded his passion for photography, gained some valuable experience, learned the technicalities, and trained multiple students.

 Later in 2013, he debuted in the motion pictures industry through his first project, 'A Musical Album - In Memory of My Love', then 'Tum Mere Ho' and 'Laut Aao Na'. These musical shenanigans were just the beginning. After that, he made several documentary films and worked in many blockbuster Bollywood films such as Bullet Raja, Dabangg 1 and 2, Tanu weds Manu(Associate Director), PK, Dangal, bypass road, and many more.

 Talking about his fields of interest, he possesses a pentamethyl personality. He's already explored skills like production, photographer, Singer, Actor, Editor, Script Writer, Screenplay Writer, Television Channel Consultant, Educator and Professor.

 The list doesn't end here. Pranjal is an amazing, enthusiastic and emerging entrepreneur. He doesn't settle for mere achievements. A visionary never focuses on his achievements. He always dreams about his ultimate accomplishment. Pranjal is a philanthropist person. He believes that imparting education to the needy is the best social work someone can ever do.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, No doubt! Pranjal teaches poor children and supports them financially. He wants to teach the art of media among various youngsters to acknowledge the beauty of acting and the essence of portraying.

 Let's talk about his vision. Pranjal mindset is to remove the term Freshers and introduce an "Industry-ready person". He explains that there are no fresher's and everyone is an industry-ready person, which certainly means that the person is ready to get hired and work exponentially.

 His dream project will be launched very soon; It's "OCP Academy" under the shed of the OCP Foundation. Pranjal is launching a new online platform called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). Exclusive for marketing related course

 OCP Academy is an Education Technology platform, consisting of faculties from various top universities, institutions and foundations across the globe. Several industry specialists, MNC's CEO, CMO and experts from numerous fields. The studies will highly focus on Premium Marketing Techniques, future-oriented and Fun-learning. People from class 7 to corporates can join their development courses and upskill themselves.

 The parameter to qualify for the academy will be an aptitude test. Following the process, OCP will nourish their students by a Full-fledged competitive ecosystem. Let's go through that thoroughly.

 OCP Academy Eco-System:

 1)  Learning

Students will be provided with Pre-recorded and live lectures to make this effective –

A pop-up question will show up on the screen to test their attention.

 2)  Development

 In this, the student will put up in an ambience to develop his capability by Case Studies, Assignments, Webinars, Seminars, Mentorship, etc.

 3)  Practice

As the student, learns and develops themselves they consistently need to practice that. These configurations will be done through Digital Marketing techniques, With simulators of more than 50+. They'll be taught about Google AdWords, Facebook ads, social media campaigns, and lots more to provide more authenticity.

 4)  Internship

To grab the industry-ready skills, one must get hold of the industrial flow. To make OCP's future students qualified for all opportunities, we'll offer them a variety of internships ranging from 72 hours of training to 11 Months of competitive programs. These internship programs will be highly focused on fun learning, instructiveness and innovative approach. These programs will be offered by our top institutions, popular organizations and Industrial head-MNC's.

 5)  Competition

 To become a full-fledged corporate, one must require the respective presentation skills. OCP will help them to enrich that. We will be helping them by making them go through the various process. To elaborate, presentation skills, interview skills, competitive ready and help them to boost their personality. We ensure that our students are 360-degree industry defined. To do that, these steps will be conducted by top recruiters.

 6)  Placement

 The last part of their ecosystem is the best. They ensure that no one terms their students as a freshie. Instead, they must be known as an expert. Expert in whichever field they like. They also ensure top placements for dedicated and passionate students.

 With this, we want to conclude and ensure that OCP Academy will be the evolutionary initiative for tomorrow's leaders. The essence of practical learning, energetic development, targeting practices, innovative internships, motivating competition and assured placement. OCP Academy is all set to rule out the educational sector.

 All thanks to enthusiastic entrepreneur, Film Director Pranjal Singh. All it takes is the vision "to create a learning ecosystem and enabling youth towards employability" and a dedicated mission "to democratize industry-based skills for everyone"

Now, let's congratulate Mr. Pranjal Singh for his incredible achievements and wish him our best wishes for future endeavours.