August 02, 2021
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Smart Health Monitor Review

Dozee Is The Comprehensive Health Guide

Dozee is transforming patient-care at hospital and at home through contact-less vitals monitoring.

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Dozee Is The Comprehensive  Health Guide
Dozee device
Dozee Is The Comprehensive Health Guide

Dozee is India’s first contactless remote vitals monitoring device. Exclusively designed and Made in India, Dozee tracks key vitals of the human body such as Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Sleep Stages, Stress-Recovery and more with a medical-grade 98.4% accuracy. The contactless sensor, placed under the mattress captures real-time body vitals without using any external wires or touching the user’s body. The sensor captures micro-vibrations produced by the body every time the heart pumps blood, during inhalation, exhalation, muscle twitches, tremors and body movements. An AI-powered, Early Warning System then converts these signals into biomarkers and uses the data to present an analysis of the patient's health.

Dozee continuously monitors a patient’s cardiac and respiratory cycles, and notifies the care team of any abnormalities that may be detected before it becomes critical. Doctors & healthcare teams can monitor the heart and respiratory health of their patients in a single screen on Dozee’s remote patient monitoring platform called Sens. The doctor can optimize and focus on critical patients and set personalized and custom alerts to detect any abnormality in the vital parameters.

The potential for at-home remote monitoring devices in India is huge. According to the most recent data, 500 million Indians are at risk of stroke, hypertension, age-related conditions, cardiovascular diseases and COPD, which can be managed through continuous monitoring. Dozee is being used by patients with chronic illnesses and post-surgical care patients for regular vitals monitoring at-home. There is increasing demand from elderly patients who are at risk of heart ailments but are unable to visit the hospital for daily tests. In many cases, it is their children who have bought the devices for their aged parents so that they can also keep a check on their vital signs remotely. Those already suffering from heart problems or are currently at-risk use the device so that they can report any minor deviations from the normal reading to their doctor and get ahead of it early. Dozee’s customers are also hospitals where the device is being used as a step-down ICU to monitor patients continuously. The contactless and remote abilities of Dozee reduces the exposure of infection for doctors and nurses and allows them to effectively manage their time.

Dozee works on a technology called Ballistocardiography (BCG), a non-invasive method that tracks vibrations from every heartbeat, respiration & smallest of body movements. Dozee has built a proprietary Advanced Health Intelligence System that extracts biomarkers and vital parameters from the noisy vibration data captured by the sensors. The AI system helps is identifying health deterioration through abnormalities across all vital parameters Dozee measures. In many cases, the AI system has successfully predicted early health deterioration in conditions ranging from fever to heart failure, even before the patient could see the symptoms. The start-up has also filed several patents on detecting and predicting respiratory, cardiac & neurological patterns & providing in-depth analysis of vital signals for early warning of health deterioration.

Dozee, the brainchild of IIT graduates Mudit Dandwate and Gaurav Parchani has been productized after five years of deep research conducted in partnership with leading hospitals, notably NIMHANS and Sri Jayadeva Institute in Bengaluru. Over 30 healthcare institutes are already using Dozee; including Kauvery Hospital, IGMC Nagpur, ILS Kolkata, Chengalpattu Medical College, Kingsway Hospital, and Ministry of Ayush.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, over 1200 Dozees have been deployed in over 20 quarantine centres across eight states. Dozee has so far monitored over 4000 COVID-19 patients in institutional settings, saving more than 6000 nursing hours.


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