July 14, 2020
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Some Cool Accessories To Trick Out Your Honda CB300R

Customers can purchase these accessories as individual parts or as kits

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Some Cool Accessories To Trick Out Your Honda CB300R
Some Cool Accessories To Trick Out Your Honda CB300R

Honda has launched official accessories for its naked performance bike, the CB300R. Though the bike looks stunning as it is, these parts will allow customers to personalise their bikes as they please. Buyers have the liberty to choose between individual parts or kits, based on their requirements. Notable accessories include a headlight guard, bash plate, paddock stand, a tail tidy kit, a radiator cover among others. On a side note, according to Honda dealerships, none of these accessories are covered under any sort of warranty. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the list.

Aesthetics Upgrades -

Tail Tidy Kit (Short Rear Fender): Rs 7,112
Most enthusiasts love a bike with a clean looking rear end, rather than the massive stock rear fender. And until now, the only way of getting your hands on a tail tidy kit was searching for parts from third-party vendors. Fortunately for us, Honda is offering a neat-looking tail tidy kit as part of the accessory list which will most likely last you for decades.

Handlebar Clamp: Rs 3,168
No, this won’t make your handlebar assembly any sturdier than it already is. It’s purely a cosmetic upgrade. The silver finish on the clamp not only complements the other silver finished components, but also contrasts well with the black handlebar.

Understandably, the above mentioned parts are on the pricier side since they’re silver anodised bits. And if you’re on a budget, you could opt for smaller, but effective cosmetic changes like the following:

Anodised Brake Reservoir Cap (Front - Rs 1,824 & Rear - Rs 1,780):
While this doesn’t improve performance in any way, it adds to the bike’s design details. Small and affordable parts like these can really enhance the overall look of your bike.

Fuel Lid Cover: Rs 1,980
You could even opt for a fuel lid cover which protects your fuel cap from scratches and scuffs.

Air Valve Cap: Rs 341
The benefits of these silver-finished valve caps are two-fold - it prevents air leakage from the valve and adds a bit of bling to your bike too.

Protective Accessories -

Bash Plate or Sump Guard: Rs 13,431
While frame sliders protect the bike and fragile body parts from damage, a sump guard protects the underside of your engine from rocks, debris and tall speed breakers. Although a very crucial component taking into account Indian roads, it is quite expensive.

Headlight Guard: Rs 7,898
Considering the headlight on the Honda CB300R is a full-LED unit and an expensive piece of equipment, it would require some protection in case of an impact. The headlight guard would be a perfect choice in this case which should be good enough to absorb small impacts.

Radiator Cover: Rs 5,137
Bikes’ radiators are quite delicate and flying debris could damage the fins which in turn would affect the cooling. A cover here not only protects your radiator from unwanted debris, but also adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Things Honda Missed Out On -

Performance Exhaust and Air Filter:

This is for those enthusiasts looking for a bit more oomph from the CB300R. An aftermarket exhaust improves performance and also adds a different exhaust note to the mix that’ll help you stand apart from others. A performance air filter, on the other hand, would complement the free-flowing exhaust by pulling in more air into the engine.

Third party air filters: K&N or BMC.

Aftermarket exhaust: Akrapovic.

ECU Upgrade:
More airflow in the engine would require a remapped ECU which alters the air-fuel mixture for better performance.

Adjustable Brake Levers:

People are of different shapes and sizes and it wouldn’t hurt to have some adjustability on the levers to suit the rider.

Frame Sliders or Crash Bobbins:

One of the most crucial protection components one could ask for, these guards protect the chassis and fragile bodywork of your bike in case of a fall.

A USB Charger:

Everyone in today’s day and age carries a smartphone along with them which tends to run out of battery sooner or later. The option of a handy USB charger would have worked wonders here.

Accessories Pricing:

Accessories Kit Pricing:

As for the bike itself, expect deliveries for the Honda CB300R to commence from July or August depending on the colour option. We would suggest booking the bike's accessories along with your CB300R which saves fitment time.

Source: zigwheels.com

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